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  1. Thanks! I'm really trying to stretch myself with this project in terms of the architecture and layout. Thanks! Posting on NE is something I've been thinking about, but I want to make sure that I intend to complete this as a realistic looking park (Instead of a space to throw in my random ideas) before I really look into it further. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't done all that much since I last posted, though, based on coasterbill's comment, I've gone back and looked at how I could change some of the earlier sections since I fully agreed that the change in build style was quite noticeable. In the end, I've ended up redoing the main entrance plaza, moved and upgraded the monorail station and updated a few things on the main street to try to pick it all up in quality. The new main plaza is MUCH bigger, and I've ditched the road idea that's visible in the top right of the last picture I showed. The monorail station also now looks like what it's supposed to be. The new entrance to the park, which imo looks a lot cleaner than before. I haven't really added much to this side of the main street, but I realized I never showed it last time so thought I would now. Thanks for viewing!~
  2. Hey guys, It's been just under 2 years since I last posted here. During most of that time, I've hardly played RCT2 at all but have recently started to get back into it again, since I find that the game has a real nostalgic feel about it. I've been playing more and more, especially on a file I first started all that time ago, which I've built up to a stage that I want to share some images of it to see what you guys think. Despite such a large time gap, I still feel like I'm heavily inspired by the people I was 2 years ago, such as Folf with his incredible Echinema parks. On that note, I'm also still strictly using NCS only, since I feel that you can still create great parks without an overload of small scenery pieces. Not sure how often I will update the park, or how far it will go, but it's definitely a lot of fun playing again, and I can't wait to see where this goes! ------------------------------------------------ The entrance plaza, also consisting of one of three monorail stations which link the park to other hotel areas of the resort. Some general main street views, showing the facades lining both sides as well as the main park plaza. The area has two attractions; a cinema, and a carousel. Something I've been working on recently. Premise is a pirate themed land, and I like how it's coming along. (I also know how intrigued all of you will be that Lana K is walking at the time the picture was taken) Overview so far The park doesn't have a name yet, but I'll probably come up with one to suit it soon. Thanks for viewing!~
  3. Looking good Coupon and Ghost! I look forward to seeing more from both projects. As for me, I'm thinking of bringing back an old NCSO park of mine..
  4. the ghost : I'm looking forward to seeing more of this project. It seems like it will turn out good! imawesome1124 : That looks like a really good start. You've mixed sets around well. Looking forward to seeing more! I know I've posted in here a lot lately but I'm really looking forward to sharing this project and seeing it grow. It's the closest I've ever felt to a project in RCT2 before
  5. Twitch : I saw this on SGW. Great work! Thelegendarymatthew : Putting realism away, it's certainly an interesting layout. Looking forward for more! The new bar and grill waits for it's first customers.
  6. Amazon Bay Theme Park launches next week. As my first non-facade park I have had a lot of fun starting this and I'm sure it will continue this way.
  7. Started to work with RCT3. I'm liking where this is heading...
  8. Just something that I've been working on... Matador Amazon Bay Theme Park
  9. I'm not sure what to think of this area... I feel the facades and layout may be letting it down a little.
  10. How does this look? The coaster will dominate the entrance to a new 'sub' land in Puerto Espana and it has to be one of the most themed rides I have ever done.
  11. Thanks - I'm glad you like it! Neither can I...Neither can I Thanks! I find the colours I use suit the parks I make and, while I do try to vary them in some lands, they have become almost an official park colour. This resort will probably have a lot more blues though... Thanks for the comment! {[( Update - Mediterrania )]} Next we move anti-clockwise around the lake to the neighboring land of Puerto Espana, Mediterrania. The land is basically one huge attraction, all within a show-building, and uses three different 'ride' types to create an exciting and lengthy attraction that the whole family can enjoy. It includes three pre-show and walk through areas, a multi-action car ride and a Vekoma madhouse.The result has been a major ride at the park and is prepared to get lengthy queues for park opening. Firstly, a view of the entrance and progression on the other side of Spain. This image shows the sheer size of the building in which Mediterrania calls home. The building does expand beyond the areas shown for some of the car ride scenes. The right hand side row of buildings that make up the shopping and dining location in the land. You can also see the separate stand-by and fastrack entrances which this park is to introduce. The left hand side row of building is basically the outdoor section of the queue and nothing else. ( Apart from an all important toilet block ) The lake view from Mediterrania. Each land is to have it's own mini island surrounding the larger, central island. None of the islands are yet expected to be built on, but will provide expansion space if needed in the future. And to finish, an overview of the completed right side of Puerto Espana and the beginnings of Port Roma. More soon, CoasterRider245
  12. Not sure about this row of buildings... What do you all think?
  13. {[(Adventure Kingdom Resort - Spain)]} Project Aqua is finally revealed as Adventure Kingdom Inc. presents it's newest location to it's Theme Park chain. The new resort is being constructed in the south of Spain, and while being smaller, will have just as many adventures and experiences to be had compared in it's French sister resort. ( Here ) The resort will hold one park, two hotels and, due to the slightly warmer weather, an outdoor waterpark. Adventure Kingdom will remain the name of the Theme Park despite earlier arguments that it should have a different one. Anyway, let's begin the construction tour with the Spanish Port of .. well .. Puerto EspaƱa. {[(Puerto Espana)]} What is there not to like about Puerto Espana? The lakeside walks, the lush palm trees, the excellent dining and the evening water show. Of course, we did not forget about rides as the land has two residents or it's own - A small but educational dark ride and a slightly more thrilling log flume. The entrance in Spain is similar to it's French counterpart but is more themed to the overall theme of the park being a 'world voyage'. A small riverbank plaza opens out to the left and right and, as the park spreads out in front of them, guests are straight away placed in another world. Here we see a small row of shops and restaurants that serve an array of Spanish food and merchandise. There is also a small bar and grill on the lake side. Puerto Espana's major attraction - Entrar canal de flujo. The log flume travels through various spanish scenes and backstory rooms before ending in a small, but thrilling drop into the lake. Another view of the flume. Another view of the entry street. And to end, who's up for some Island Hopping? CoasterRider245
  14. ^ {[(Adventure Kingdom Project Aqua)]} {[(Coming to TPR in March)]}
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