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  1. Welcome to: Kukamonda's creations thread Dear TPR'ers, Despite the fact that I haven't much time for RCT3 lately, this does not mean that I am doing nothing in RCT3. On the contrary I am actually very busy. Anyway, I'm going to use this topic to show some random creations. Sometimes you'll see big projects in this topic and sometimes not so big projects. :w00t: The first thing I want to show you is a cathedral, it's not a remake of an existing cathedral, although I have gained inspiration from some existing churches (including Notre Dame in Paris). But enough of my talking, here are some pictures:
  2. Yes that will be a problem... still figuring out how I'm going to do the portals
  3. Trailer is back online : \/ [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=trailert_1080P_ocxr[/coastertube]
  4. Welcome, gentlemen, to Aperture Science. Astronauts, war heroes, Olympians, you're here because we want the best, and you are it. So, Who is ready to make some science? Hello TPR it's definately been a long time since I made something in RCT3. Although as some of you already may know, I am recently working on a new project. I'm not going to tell much about it. So, enjoy the trailer! (trailer will be online soon, didn't know I had to upload my video directly to this site.)
  5. Thanks everyone for there comments!!! Here is a small addition to Magica, a video which which include[/code] some offride footages and also the queue of the dark ride. I also will post some other vid's from my SSD (summer showdown) entries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLAyAGyhAVU
  6. Magica, the book is unleashed (SSD POV) Hello Themeparkreviewers!!! I’m Kukamonda and this is the first time for me that I will post something on this forum. (This ride was meant for the summer showdown at SGW) The story: Hidden in a secret vault, lies a book forgotten by mankind. Once this book will open, the locked magic inside the book will release. Only when you close the book, the magic will stop. But... Will you succeed?! In this topic I will show you the POV, but before that, a few shots from the outside and inside. ~!!!~ Keep in mind that this darkride was made in less in less than two weeks time. Everything could have been so much more, I also know that the story is not too original ... but I had simply to little time to improve this ride ~!!!~ Pic’s: Facade: / \ / \ / \ Facade at night: / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \] Station: / \ / \ Offride images: / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ So that were some of the pictures Now the final POV: I also have some more offride vids, which I will post later. ~:kukamonda:~
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