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  1. Thanks so much! I have a good feeling this will be updated soon, but lack of internet for several weeks led to lack of inspiration, although this coming weekend is a personal, non-TPR trip to SFNE, so I'm going to search for inspiration there; I guess it'll be my very first real SF park. Question before my trip: Does it have an actual Gotham area? Or is it just the coaster?
  2. ^That's why I slapped myself when I passed by it to look at RCT2 stuff. I only realized my mistake later.
  3. Written by a friend for me: A witty young man who rode coasters Was one of the world's greatest boasters; He said he rode one That went 'round the Sun So he could cook bread without toasters.
  4. I eat a lot too; fortunately, I'm blessed with a thin, relatively light body as well.
  5. I haven't seen any full layout pics, but I can already tell the stats should be adjusted; it says 205 feet tall, but you shouldn't measure according to the game's units, as they are unrealistic.
  6. Same with me. And I really shouldn't be eating considering how overweight I am. Eating is one of the last things I should be doing this summer. I need to eat more and gain weight, which is not so hard considering all the cashew toffee ice cream my family buys...
  7. Aux quebecois: Passez une bonne fete nationale!
  8. Watching the smile bounce for millenniums. What's worse than a friend chickening out right before getting a seat on a coaster?
  9. If there's one thing wrong with this park, it's the paths; for example, in the first screen, the colors of the path and the building to the left are too similar to look good; I'd suggest either changing the path to tarmac or the same types you have in the second screen.
  10. O Mighty Title Fairy, it is my honor to once again post in your thread, seeking a new title. If you so wish, I will hose off your servants, or make you a vegan chocolate-raspberry cake, or sell you my soul, in exchange for a reminder of your incredible powers (in the form of a custom title). May I, your Honor, request the title "Vive le... NPD" be given to me? I would be forever grateful, your Holy Highness.
  11. DJ: Nice, but I think your RCT2 is better than that LL; I don't think it's wise to do this project (if indeed that's what it is). Dotro: I don't like the brake run section; I think you should replace the low-to-ground turn before it with something more interesting and those corkscrews look too close to the drop to be smooth. Also, reverse the barrel roll's direction.
  12. I think she's a fake... Bowties? Seriously?
  13. If you're not going for realism, I suggest building one that surrounds all three.
  14. Being the entire human centipede. What's worse than an important flight being canceled?
  15. Finding anything else whatsoever full of diapers. What's worse than falling into a half-frozen lake?
  16. Just thought I'd point out some spelling and grammar mistakes in that ad. The coaster looks amazing, though!
  17. The Aqua and Purple 1305-esque coaster has bad proportions; other than that, it looks pretty great!
  18. The fourth screen is my favorite. The others look overpowering and seizure-inducing.
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