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  1. Great updates - I really like the atompshere to the park! I really like the ideas set for the second park and I can't wait to see more!
  2. Amazing park! It has a very realistic atomosphere and some of the rides are really well done. I'm looking forward to seeing more !
  3. Nice looking park! Some of the buildings are done well with the facades although a few do look too box-like. Is there any way we can see inside some of the buildings?
  4. Nice looking park! Some of the rides and buildings look really neat and I cna tell that a lot of thought has been put into your work.
  5. Coupon - That coaster looks really well done. It clips into the terrain and looks like a really fun ride.
  6. Right, I have good news and bad news. The good news - I have re-done many buildings in the park The bad news - I may no longer have a park The game keep crashing on me so it's now looking too good for the park. I'll see what I can do but it's not looking good. In the mean time, is there any chance this thread can be deleted? Thanks, RC98
  7. Yeah, I need to work on the colors in the park... Thanks! -Update- Today was Kingdom of Adventure's opening day. The number of guests that visited weren't quite at the figure which we expected them to be but that will hopefully soon change. We have some major plans coming in the near future to increase the overall guest happiness that the park gives. Re-vamps and new areas are to be expected. Guests started to arrive at about 9 and at opening at 10, we had a good few hundred at the park. One of the changes that has happened since I last posted here has bee
  8. Thanks for the comments! I've changed the color of the monorail and some of the planters have been modified -Update- Hello again, A lot has been done since I last posted here. Our team here at Kingdom of Adventure have worked non-stop to get ready for opening day and...well, I'll let this picture do the talking: Yep, the park is now almost complete with only a few finishing touches to be added to pathways, buildings and scenery. Main Street Our entry way is now just about complete. A monorail station has been added to make a complete circuit with more than o
  9. Thanks for all the comments! The base color for frog hopper has changed and the paths are being thought upon... -Update- It's been a while hasn't it? Well, Atlantic Avenue has been voted the winner and is currently under construction. I do however, have a little teaser pick for you to guess at: More soon!
  10. Thank you for all the comments. I've tried to add some color to the main plaza but the next area has a green theme. More color will be brought in in the next couple of updates though. ---------------- Update It's been a few weeks since I last updated you all but I'm glad I put it off as I can now show you Kingdom Of Adventures second land - Kiddie Kingdom. There's also a little game for you all to vote for at the bottom. After comments about more color the park has re-painted the monorail with a lighter scheme of blue. Expect more color changes soon. In the fo
  11. Kingdom Of Adventure - England ---------------- After my previous RCT2 project finished, I decided to make a new and fresh park to spread my skills at the game. Kingdom of Adventure was born and I hope you will enjoy! ---------------- Welcome to Kingdom of Adventure! The new park being built that will have rides and attractions for all the family. With construction already a few months in, the main plaza has been completed and other lands are being planned. This blog has been set up by yours truly to show you in-depth of the happenings in the park. Onto the pictures:
  12. Hello SFAR followers, AR12/RC98 here to tell you all that the resort is now available for download at Shyguys World/downloads. After a year of hard work I have decided to move onto a new park to stretch my RCT2 abilities. Look out for a new park soon. So, feel free to download and enjoy! The park has all lands up to date including the water park, hotel, mine mountain and gotham city backlot. These are the areas that really turned the park around for me. ( Please see various sites for more pictures including TPR's test topic. ) Thanks for following the park, AR12/RC98
  13. Thanks for the comments! Also, these posts were created about 3 months ago when it was first update over at Atari. Because of this, you may not see any changes that you suggest until we get to newer posts. Also, this will mean that these were posted when I was new to the online forum world. ( These were first posed in March/April. ) Just thought i'd clear a few things up! --Update-- This is the area that is going to be renovated. The hotel is the main subject with planned expansion and a better atmosphere. Both areas have been blocked off by the public f
  14. Thankd for all the comments! The par kdoes lose the title of six flags eventualy. This is the re-post of an entire thread so it may be a whie until it does... --Update-- -Greenview pass- Greenveiw Pass - a mixture of thrills and tranquillity. HOrbiter-A spiral coaster around some rolling hills. Garden Wheel-View the entrance square from your cabin up high Lazy Lift-Chairlift transportation to a new land coming soon. -Safari Lookout- Trek into the unknown wilderness to find ancient civilizations and rare species. Nature 3D-Surround-sound 3D adven
  15. The last time I saw this was at atari and the park consisted of a ferris wheel on a hill. This is definitely turning into one of your greats!
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