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  1. I don't know if I just got a bad run through but my least favorite house was Dusk Till Dawn. It just wasn't that scary and it felt kind of ... cheap compared to the standards that I'm used to. (What with the curtains and all, I understand it fits the theme, but it just didn't do it for me.) My favorite house so far (setting my bias for the Walking Dead aside as that will always be my number one,) was Halloween. (I've yet to do Dracula but will be very soon.)
  2. When I worked there in 2011-2012 we had surveys going for the Lord Of The Rings and its popularity. I'm surprised they've not done anything with the new Hobbit trilogy out, unless they just can't find it financially stable over the years.
  3. Fixed. Well, you could say that about most people. Fixed.
  4. Were they forced into this as a response due to Blackfish? Or has this been in the works for a while now?
  5. When I worked there in 2011-2012 I remember discussion of this, but if J.K. Rowling won't even allow soda to be sold in the parks, I don't think she will ever permit Halloween Horror Nights to have access to it either. It's all about making her universe. Hell, you have to take a test that was approved by J.K. Rowling just to work in the areas. With Jimmy Neutron being removed, and replaced with Despicable Me, I'm sure they'll hit up right across the street and either renovate Shrek to a more modern version, or completely gut it and overhaul.
  6. The chest tattoo is going to get covered up, it has a lot of meaning for me but it won't match the quality of the rest of my tattoos. (Plus I want a pectoral/half sleeve where it currently resides.) I'm going to get a nautical piece done in its current spot in reference to my raising in Florida. I'm waiting to go to Miami to get it done when I move back to Orlando in September. The floral piece was just done up here in Louisville, KY about a week and a half ago. It's almost completely healed and I need to go back to get it touched up just a tad as my blood is rather thin so its hard to tattoo me, but the artist agreed. I absolutely love it. It set in a little more "dull/gray red" which I absolutely love! (Sorry about the large photos, I don't have photoshop installed yet on this computer to resize it as I just bought this laptop yesterday.)
  7. Now that I'm finally out of the clutches of my family, and completely stress relieved with it, I've been out since Christmas. I originally told my family, (I had a few friends who knew in Florida to support me.) My family doesn't communicate with me anymore, though I knew it was going to happen once it was "official." I prepared myself for it, and went through a little bit of a meltdown for a couple of days. I am now happily self-sufficient living in Louisville, with a steady job, and am enrolled with Sullivan University to go in June for Culinary Arts. I'm happier then I've ever been in my life, and I can't wait to start my adventures in the world.
  8. Honey, the ride was a pile of trash before they tore it down. *snap*
  9. Question, never having been to Cedar Point I'm just curious. Are they moving the main entrance, or is this the same main entrance they've always had, just with the addition of Gatekeeper?
  10. In IoA the area over by Green, Eggs, and Closed, with the benches and tables is quite nice, its only ever occupied by people cutting through Seuss to rush to Potter, other than that, it gives a great few of the Hulk on the water and JP across the way.
  11. Honestly I'd just say its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
  12. I was glued to my seat for TDKR the entire time. I really appreciated the back story given on Bayne and the twists in the end. I was so into that movie! One more thing, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, I've been listening to crap from fan boys for a while now about how they thought they could have casted Catwoman better, and then the film came out and shut them up, absolutely amazing performance!
  13. Still for two E-Ticket attractions it is impressive to have them both up within a year of each other.
  14. Transformers: The Ride going across from Mel's Diner at USF. Opens around the same time as Harry Potter world expansion where Jaws was.
  15. As someone who doesn't play RCT3 but enjoys watching other people build I say bravo! I really enjoy your Batman ride and find it a nice twist on the regular ride. One criticism I have, the THBS area I find the names to the rides quite generic (granted that is Six Flags style...) try naming things differently besides the Skate Park, Skate Shop, Skate Cafe. Maybe use things like skateboarding moves, (i.e. The Kickflip Cafe,) its just a suggestion though. In total so far from what I've seen I really like it, keep it up and I can't see what else you've got coming! -Oreo
  16. I really love Bourne Identity, a lot of people I hang out with don't like it. I think they're insane in the membrane.
  17. I can't remember the name of the scenario, but it had a mine coaster in a ditch, and I think it was Egyptian, or desert themed, that was one of my favorite RCT scenarios, if you could remake that that'd be great. Also really glad to see this first one, another one of my favorites, def. brings back good memories. Excellent work!
  18. Oh dear sweet title fairy, I recently (as of today) finished up my job at IoA, if you could be so kind and revert my title back to the standard donkey messages it'd be much appreciated, many thanks and well wishes! - Oreo
  19. I'll just kindly stick it in my pocket, there is no reason to put it in a locker, unless they really are going to play the "overbearing mother" role with these things, which makes absolutely no sense.
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