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  1. Elissa I'll happily get your family in for free, I have Winter Blast tickets (Christmas bonus pretty much) that need to be used from Dec. 3rd - 17th, and I have no one here to use them.
  2. We should do a trip to Universal with the Orlando group and take over a boat to commemorate the ride.
  3. It's official, Jaws is closing! From Universal Orlando Resort facebook: Link: http://www.facebook.com/UniversalOrlandoResort
  4. It is only a rumor, but I wouldn't be surprised or sad to see it go, then again I'm not one of those people screaming TAER IT DOWN either. I have mixed feelings on that ride, on a leisurely day I'll enjoy it, but when I'm with my family and we're all being uptight and they're all screaming "how do we get here" at me, well, we end up skipping it. Also if they were to replace it with anything, I'd assume they'd just gut the entire amity section.
  5. ^ I've heard this through the grapevine of employees I work with, everyone said it was going to happen sometime soon after HHN.
  6. I'd totally be in, but I'm moving the 23rd, and I wouldnt know which address to put it on, and I don't have a P.O. Box anymore.
  7. Maybe theyll add WWOHP to Hollywood, and then neglect the rest of their park, it really is a great business strategy.
  8. I love my teams name, it makes our team sound so, together. =P "Coupon and five others." Just give me a PM coupon and let me know what you need me to do.
  9. "When a mother, can tuck her baby in at night, from halfway around the planet."
  10. I did like the concept, and I liked watching the water for Popeye's other than that, the camera moving kind of killed it for me, also I find stop motion to be slower I know we're dealing with fast moving objects but I think it'd be cool to see Hulk in slo-mo or something with closer pictures.
  11. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Wet N' Wild Hoping to get in a SeaWorld trip before the end of 2011.
  12. I live in Clermont which is 30 minutes away from Orlando, and I work at IoA so I'm pretty sure I can make it, I get into the SeaWorld and Gardens for free as well as Universal. If you ever want discounts on anything in the parks, (i.e. tickets, passes, etc. let me know) I get 50% off Universal merch right now until Jan 2nd. as long as its not Harry Potter stuff. Yay!
  13. Sorry whats that? I can't hear you over the sound of the roller coasters still operating in Florida.
  14. Yes, going after big corporations is a really bold move, but to make it a smart move, it has to be something that millions of people would be willing to back them up for. I highly doubt that the world is interested in jumping aboard PETA's band wagon since the new issues surfacing are ones that nobody really cares about or thinks about. Whales are slaves? Video game characters promote animal skin wearing? It literally sounds like something I would have written in a third grade free-write assignment. Showing themselves off as crazy isn't exactly smart, but hasn't that pretty much been PETA's stand point from the beginning? I don't think they care about all the members, just all the publicity from these "stupid" lawsuits against big name corporations.
  15. I wish I could've gone to IAAPA, do you have to be anyone in specific to get in or can you just pay and go check it out?
  16. You guys think this is really stupid, but it's pretty smart on their part, go after big corporations with lawsuits and get yourself some publicity, judging by the reaction in this thread it seems like its working so far.
  17. I'd like to see EPCOT get a renovation like the Sea Turtle Experience with there dome show(s?) I know there is the Japan one but I'm not sure if there are more off the top of my head, but if they revamped them to 3D and followed in SeaWorld's footsteps I think that'd be pretty cool. Also on the project for the penguin place, I'm glad to see that getting updated it seemed a bit outdated the last time I went there, glad to see they're keeping things new and updated!
  18. I love any updates that have to relate with Piers being drunk especially when there is pictures/videos of it.
  19. I love how gorgeous Dollywood is, if there is one place I want to go in the world it's Dollywood.
  20. ^ Considering right now we're dead in the parks I'd guess that could be a factor. Also as to the plexiglass idea wouldn't the item just bounce back with that much momentum into the person or people after them on the ride?
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