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  1. There are quite a few movies I'm looking forward to this year -The Dark Knight Rises -Brave -The Amazing Spider-man -The Lorax -The Raven -Snow White and the Huntsman -The Hobbit -The Avengers -The Grey and the movie I'm looking forward to the most, -The Hunger Games!
  2. I have a feeling the wait for the ride will be a whole hell of a lot longer than walking.
  3. I like Jaws, but what made it a hit or miss attraction was the skipper you got, I've had some really amazing ones that are just great at what they do, then I've had (I don't want to say bad because they weren't) but just kind of average skippers. The ride will be missed but I'm even more curious as to what is going to be replacing it.
  4. I'll be in the parks...working. =P I meant the train station, sorry, my mind isn't functioning properly today.
  5. I wonder if they're going to check your tickets when you enter Gringotts at US now so you can get on the train to go to IOA? Or if they're going to merge the prices into one convenient bundle and make you buy a 2 park.
  6. There's enough to argue and speculate about in this thread...please NEVER bring up the space issue again. As we have seen and discussed time and time again, space is NEVER an issue! This cannot be more true. I challenge anyone to do a search on "X park has no more room/space for another big expansion" only to see that shortly afterwards the park has built a huge new expansion! If the park wants to build a train, they will MAKE room. I've seen parks demolish and re-locate backstage facilities time and time again. If they need to, they'll do it. And I'm sure they will. Oh I have no doubt by any stretch of the imagination that they could, it would require extensive work yes, I just meant to state that it'd take some demolition and paths for employees to get around, sorry if I phrased that wrong.
  7. I might just have to type up an essay explaining the story behind FJ, so non-HP fans can understand what is going on. In other news, I think it's an extremely smart move to put Potter in USF as well considering how much revenue it brought in for IoA. The only thing I have a beef about with whats been "leaked" is the train between the two lands, they'd have to do some serious work backstage because we have no space to put a train back there.
  8. It's supposed to be the perspective of the Cheetah while on the hunt, not hunting a cheetah.
  9. I'm not a soda drinker but it makes me happy to see they're switching to Dasani, instead of that Aquafina crap the other company has.
  10. I just updated my email, I'm a little late on the bus I've been moving house this whole past week and I didn't get the first one, could I get a resend?
  11. Today, in fact I'm dog sitting for the next two days. When is the last time you brushed your teeth? (and I hope for hygiene sake it was recent.)
  12. Islands of Adventure: Get rid of Lost Continent and expand more HP so people can stop complaining about how run down LC has gotten.
  13. Whether or not the franchise lives to still be popular in five years it doesn't really matter, just go take a walk around Toon Lagoon and you'll find many things that most of the younger generation won't know about, (I.e. Betty Boop, Marmaduke, Popeye, Dudley Do-Right.) Most of the general population don't really care if something is outdated franchise wise, they go for a specific purpose, whether it be WWoHP or Marvel Super Hero Island, or just for a day of fun and thrills with the family. Life happens, things change, get used to it.
  14. I honestly think it'd be really cool if they did Transformers with the Potter arm technology.
  15. Do a hi-tech water park consisting of Disco H20 and Brain Wash type rides, with a laser/LED lazy river and different color glowing wave-pool. The worlds first rave water park.
  16. Not at all, the rumor is that they'll run whatever the hell the special magical train is called between the two lands. The High in The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride? I'm just glad they're doing something with the Potter money they made, and showing some love back to the parks.
  17. ^^ There is a whole hell of a lot of back lot in the way if you were to connect it. I wonder if they're going to utilize the same ride system as Forbidden Journey has and make it Transformers, I think that'd be a nice twist compared to the spidey version. Whatever they're building I'm assuming it's going to be indoors.
  18. I'd honestly like to see them do an overhaul of Kid's Zone and ET, even if they don't tear it down, at the very least give it some TLC and do something with that Animal Planet theater, heck tear it down and make it a meet and greet for Madagascar characters or something.
  19. I'm legitimately crying from laughing at this, seriously, working at UO, or any theme park really, you understand all this pain.
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