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  1. I recently came out to one of my friends about three weeks ago while we were on our way to Universal one day, and he was totally cool with it, he had the typical questions that I expected, and he didn't expect me to be gay at all be other than that he was pretty chill. He asked me why I haven't told any of my other friends, well, recently (and I mean about two days ago) I went over there, and they end up making gay jokes all the time. I was told (in a joking way) that if I ever came out to my friend, our friendship would falter a bit, now I know I shouldn't be hanging out with people like that, but for the time being he is one of my greatest friends, and until I find another group of people to replace a few of my current friendships then I'm not coming out to them for a while. Also, I tried coming out to my mom a while back, needless to say, it didn't really work, and I had to weasel my way back into the closet because of how "ashamed, and sick" she was at me. So I made up some stupid story about not having a good enough relationship with my father, talking to him in the week and settling things out and figuring out I wasn't gay, and she bought it, I swear some really ignorant religious people will believe anything you throw at them. (not bashing religion here, just my mother in general.) This was all back around the time I was later 16/early 17 and knew I still had to live with my mom for another year at least, so my plan is tell her the day I move out, if she has a problem with it, I could care less, I'm just going to live my life. - Oreo
  2. The Incredible Hulk Coaster - The only B&M with an uphill launch. (to my knowledge.) Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey - The only KukaBura arm ride to utilize screens and sets. Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons) - The only dueling B&M inverts.
  3. The atheists clearly rigged the poll this year. Oh gosh, I just gave one of the most awkward laugh/chortle I've ever heard come out of my mouth. Also I'm really glad to see that Thunderhead at Dollywood is holding strong in the polls.
  4. I could have sworn that the mini golf was supposed to be in doors. Also as for a few things stated before, I personally think the villians look great for Spiderman, as long as they don't change the story or effects majorly I'll always love that ride. I also agree they need to fix the screens on Forbidden Journey they are way too blurry, almost like I should be wearing 3D glasses, and the wind thing I agree to that as well, it would greatly reduce the nausea of the ride.
  5. From the Universal Orlando Resort facebook. "It’s our first 2012 SNEAK PEEK… And Spidey fans should get excited! Check out what Hobgoblin will look like in the completely re-animated Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man! Yeah, we’re pretty stoked... How about you?" __________________ I'm personally excited for the re-animation and updates, that ride is one of my favorite rides I've been on. I'm really excited to see the graphical updates to his pumpkins, he has one of my favorite scenes on the ride. "Trick or treat, smell my feet, time to blow you off the street!"
  6. I got my email all settled out, sorry about all the fuss, user errors are the best. =P
  7. I definitely like this ride, not to keen on the ending, but it is quite unique, I'm a fan of the immelman into the barrel roll element I haven't seen many people use that before. Also, I'm a sucker for Sherlock Holmes music so I enjoyed the video. =P
  8. Version 7 looks quite solid, I do like the fact that you have both feeds from facebook, and twitter on there. I don't really have any criticism for it as I can't find anything to nitpick at, it looks great!
  9. The Incredible Hulk, going from that tunnel into the rain is such an awesome feeling.
  10. I love roller coasters, but I have a fear of heights, I can do it strapped in on a ride, but when I feel unsafe, I can't stand it. Whenever I walk up to Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit's station I have to stand on the left side of the stairs and stare directly at the floor or else I get dizzy.
  11. I agree, if you could split the prize 50/50 and do that, I think you'd have one kick butt homepage.
  12. ILoveRides is definitely my favorite entry, it looks very sleek and modern and I think it fits the design of this website well, I'm also thinking about using that on a tablet, and think it'd look amazing!
  13. This one is for Elissa just to give her an idea on what a facebook feed might look like on the site, as you can tell my design isn't done yet, but I'm getting there. (scrapped my old one.)
  14. ^ I really like yours Aidan, how are you guys making these so awesome looking? I'd love to see Aidan's on a tablet, I think it'd look sexy.
  15. Okay so I'm going extremely slow with this, question, what do you think of an update box that scrolls through the updates. I hope this translates my idea. I know the text in there for "A final look" looks absolutely horrid, I'd fix it later, I'm not really entering at the moment, just throwing out ideas for you. The arrow thing is what I'm curious if you'd like.
  16. What I have so far, ignore the roughness and how the colors are blended badly, I'm not using gradients and such, I'm trying to stick to as close to home right now as you guys have it, just with some updated text and moving a few things around. EDIT: Didn't mean to post such a large picture, the black space is my canvas for the rest of it, I have a few ideas I'm just trying to show for perspective reasons. EDIT #2: It'll be larger than that, I was zoomed in in photoshop, I didnt realize how small it was. =P
  17. I think it'd be quite cool if you could implement a facebook feed on the front page, just my two cents. Also as someone asked above, is it coding as well, or just the design?
  18. In Universal Studios Orlando, the adobe hut building by kids zone isn't just useless scenery, inside is a classroom with registers to train for sales and merchandise.
  19. I'm a huge portal fan and while I don't post often in the games section, I'm def. going to follow this!
  20. I was eating Oreos and gaming on Steam one day, and jokingly changed my name to doublestufforeo, its stuck ever since.
  21. I love Piers' humour, I was laughing the entire time. I cannot wait for the rest of the updates, I hope he did a 30 second challenge as well.
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