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  1. But Ninja was manufactured in 1989, five years before the first SLC.
  2. I took a long break from No Limits. Here's a link to a Vekoma Flying Dutchman I've been sitting on for a while. Comments, reviews, and death threats are welcome. I have two or three other finished rides I haven't gotten around to uploading. I'll get on that eventually. Anyway, here are the stats for "Winged": Vekoma Flying Dutchman Height: 138 feet Drop: 111 feet Length: 2650 feet Speed: 60 mph Inversions: 3 -Lie to Fly (138 feet) -Corkscrew (101 feet) -Immelmann (100 feet) -Fly to Lie (89 feet) Launch: 33 mph Overbank: 120 feet Trains: 2 trains Cars per train: 5 cars Seats per car: 4 seats
  3. ^You shouldn't need transport wheels on brake runs. At blocks once the ride has slowed down, they're fine, but no roller coaster has transport wheels when the trains is flying into immediate brakes. .9 lateral g's is still high, and not only that, but the shape of the Stengel Dive is awkward and would benefit from using more segments. And find me a roller coaster with pieces of track that are very far from each other but are perfectly parallel.
  4. The final break run, the second launch, and many other areas of track are perfectly parallel to each other. I know it's much easier to do that, but it makes the ride look awkward, fake, and it wastes a lot of space. Never use transports on a break run. When a ride flies into the break at 70 mph, there's no reason for there to be transport wheels. Work on your heartlining. Many turns were pumpy, jerky, and had lateral g's that were too high. Particularly at this point: Break track like that up into smaller pieces so that you can control the heartline and make sure it's straight enough. Lastly, your supports were pretty good, but here's a very important tip on making great supports: What you are doing leaves many awkward gaps in the supports. Here's one place where than happens: A simple way to fix it is by doing this: Just keep one of the supports going the close up the gap, giving the supports a much more finished look.
  5. I would have to see it in action, but it looks like it's not as tight as most X-Cars seem to be. It doesn't have the tight curves, the steep bankings, and the dramatic highs and lows I would expect.
  6. I don't want to create a bunch of threads for single projects, since they don't always make it to completion, and the Preview Thread is too RCT heavy to get any No Limits feedback. So, here's a thread where I will dump all of my current projects to advertise them and ask for advice. Right now, I'm working on a large X-Car. Which style of supports should I use on the top hat? The one with the reinforced back or the one without? And here's a preview for the rest of the ride: Which support should I use? Am I headed in the right direction?
  7. Giga X-Car 105 mph launch 360 feet tall 348 foot drop 3800 feet long 0 inversions Any comments on the supports? I've been through three other designs and this style seems to be the least awful of the three.
  8. With your turns, use more segments. It helps you pay more attention to the heart line, which will make the ride smoother. Next, never connect diagonal supports with the same node unless you have a support going through and beyond it. _ .| is what you're doing, and it leaves that gap. It should be more like .| .| Here is the first instance of this problem: Another is right here: In that case, bring the connecting brace down a little. MOD EDIT: Most of your post was, to be polite, contrite and rude. I've edited out the parts that were unnecessary- as the reflected your OPINION on how to make the ride like yours- and not how the author chooses to. Parts of the post are, however, good information, and were kept. R.D.- Games Forum Management Team
  9. Oops. Sorry. Forgot about that. Here it is: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2608
  10. Here's my entry. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2608 Speed: 53 mph Height: 113 feet Drop: 100 feet Length: 2779 feet Inversions: 3 -Dive Loop 84 feet -Corkscrew 66 feet -Corkscrew 53 feet Trains: 3 Cars per Train: 7 Seats per Car: 4
  11. Working on supports right now. 113 feet tall 100 foot drop 2780 feet long 53 mph 3 Inversions: 84 foot Dive Loop 66 foot Corkscrew 53 foot Corkscrew
  12. Huh. Just found out about this. I'm in. I have a rough draft of my track already done.
  13. I'll be starting college this fall at Northwestern. I'm pretty set on majoring in Math and History, though I know things can change.
  14. I would not be able to survive without my Elgar, Rachmaninov, Schumann, Bruch, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Glazunov, and Brahms.
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