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  1. This thread have been quiet for some time, strange no one have posted the POV from the parks YT-channel.. Strange name though, Pitts special?
  2. I am all for flash pass, during summer season, going first time my self a july weekend.. But the question I have is; Gold or platinum? Just going 1 day, a july weekend.. is the platinum worth it? Or will gold be more then enough?
  3. I have a question.. I'm going to Thorpe july 16th, the park is still open just from 10-17 (low peak?) - how crowded is the park usually the week before longer hours? Should I spend more money on the fasttrack (£90 for unlimited) Thoughts?
  4. A new family-style coaster is now open in the park! I present - Cannyon Runner! It is a traditional Mine Train coaster, with three lift hills, twist and turns and small drops. The station Stalion has a new color, and some more themeing in the queue has been added. What do you think?
  5. Some more progress has happend to the park - and a new area of the park is now in the works. So far, the new area is a few buildings, two new rides and a new roller coaster, Stalion, inspired by Medusa Steel Coaster (the layout is still a work in progress, but it gives you an idea of whats happening. The Whip Stalion's Station - still a work in progress - unsure about the color, but.. yeah.. Restroom building - and more to come! Entrance to the star shape - Generator Hope you like it - feedback is alway welcome!!!
  6. More progress has been done during the last few weeks. Some new rides and shops, and the park is "soft opening" to see how the crowd flows for now.. A monster can be seen from the entrance of the park Its Titan! The Flume Ride The floorless coaster, Revolt Spin Master - modeled after Mauer Spinning SC2000 Last pic for now!
  7. First of all, thank you for reminding me of ctr+shift+g.. so silly of me! But some more work has been done today, not much but better then nothing Is that a coaster i see? Station is still a work in progress.. Layout
  8. So, I've been playing this, a lot, and finally I've decided to make an attempt at making a "realistic" park. Be warned, I'm not the most creative person, and this is just a start and still work in progress. The park is kinda inspired by Busch Gardens Tampa. If you got any feedback /suggestions - please share This is the park entrance, you saw the signs right? The entrance area The parks only ride, so far The park so far
  9. Ah, i see! I was just confused, silly me.. To bad they didn't say anything more about the new coaster though..
  10. They they say in the video "lapbars" for the swingride?!
  11. Tried to make a Vekoma Tornado coaster, and think it look close to the real thing, what do you guys think?
  12. So.. they just posted a new video on their FB.. seems like we'll get a Falcon's fury like thingy in europe now
  13. The way I manage to make a Pretzel loop is like this; Turn on angle snapping!! When on the highest point of you pretzel, make a drop, straigt down (90 degrees), and at the same time, turn it as far to the left/right you can (90 degrees), and make sure your drop is still vertical. Then make a new piece, that you also turn as far left/right as possible, and level out your track piece. (You will now have a half loop, with a twist) Then do it all again but upwards and you'll have a kinda like pretzel loop (but the track its twisted as crazy). Now its time to twist the track so it goes from "flying" to "laying" by twisting the middle section of the "half loops". And then just turn of the angle snapping and start moving the upwards half loop to the left / right so that the track dont hit it self.. And then smooth the ass out of your element
  14. I really love this game. Yes its an alpha, yes there's not really much to do.. BUT There's a lot to do, and see! Animations are just awesome, The rides looks really great!! And making a coaster here is really fun! Cant wait to see what more they will do with this!!
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