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  1. Can I enter for this February? Also, can someone link me to the scenery that blackens the floor, I'm new to the RCT2 community, and don't exactly know where to look for it, thanks!
  2. You get gypsys, tramps, and thieves.... *Inserts a poptart*
  3. That's what happened to me, and then I closed it re-opened it and now it won't connect at all I just get an about:blank page. EDIT: Just connected, I can see my messages.
  4. As a kid my great aunt tried to get me to ride The Incredible Hulk at IOA, I wouldn't because I was scared of the launch and going upside down. Eventually I decided that it'd be better to ride Dueling Dragons, boy was I wrong, I loved it, but then I went on Hulk afterwards and loved it even more! Also, for my friend, he wouldn't ride Hulk because of the launch as well, so we rode Dueling Dragons over and over that day, and finally after all the adrenaline, we ran to Hulk and got a front row ride, and I got him into roller coasters.
  5. This thread has made me cry from laughter, oh please don't stop. TPR is just amazing!
  6. ^^ Needs more saturation, and a few pages back someone mentioned a watermark photoshop contest, there doesn't have to be a prize anything (except the massive LOL's people would get out of it,) but I think that'd be pretty awesome.
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