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  1. Your burning my family.... Hehe, I love oreos, that looks DELICIOUS!
  2. ^ I really like the layout to Bandit, especially the opening sequence of hills in that little ravine. I can't wait to see how that station comes out as well!
  3. Deadmau5 - Raise your weapon. Also, I find Rihanna's S&M to be strangely addicting....and I'm not to big into pop.
  4. I can't eat out much due to stomach issues, but on the occasion that I feel good enough to do it and can afford it, I love to eat at Chipotle, which mexican is probably the worst thing to eat when you have stomach problems, but I skip all the spicy bits, and ask them to put on extra rice and sour cream to die down the little spices in the chicken. There is one good thing that has come out of these stomach problems, is it really made me realize how crappy fast food made me feel when I ate it, and how much better a home cooked meal really is, and to this day I have lost 50 pounds, and plan on losing 30 more to reach my desired weight. Doublestuff "And when I lose that weight I can eat more oreos!" Oreo
  5. This makes me want to whip out my camera and start cooking, and see what terrible edible disasters I can come up with...
  6. I went to go see "Did you hear about the Morgans?" in theaters, and I couldn't get over her horse face...
  7. Uploaded one so far tonight, I'll upload others later, going to bed for now.
  8. Time to come out of my proverbial RCT2 shell, and start uploading everything I have. Free DVD here I come!
  9. When life gives you douchebags you make the Jersey Shore.
  10. Quoted for truth, plus the example made me chuckle. This sums up the entire thread, right here.
  11. I quite enjoy Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando's tunnel, theres a nice pop of floater air before you go in, and a corkscrew right as you exit, plus it always smells like seawater in there, and I love the smell of seawater.
  12. Everything on this page above me, I'd screencap it and post it, but that'd be redundant.
  13. The Ghost and Doublestufforeo proudly present.... Dreadwood! Official entry download: Dreadwood Micropark.SV6
  14. I can't really comment much on this because there isn't a single ride in Florida that I can think of off the top of my head that didn't have excellent theming, and comparing the ones that are less theming (i.e. Gwazi as opposed to Dueling Dragons or The Hulk) are still insanely well done rides. Granted, on another note, log flumes (comparing Stanley Falls to Dudley Do Right) kind of don't do it for me, unless they have something to attract me along the way to the drops, otherwise it's just a boring boat ride to me. - Oreo
  15. I REALLY like Pursuit's station, it looks amazing! And that rapids ride under the B&M a while back was really cool looking too. Definitely going to be following this project. - Oreo
  16. I just sent my file in for The Ghost to review, if he accepts it this is what we will be turning in. Behold Dreadwood! SCR42.BMP
  17. ^ Is that supposed to be like a Hollywood Dream or something?
  18. Would you mind posting that up for a download, I'd love to use that scenery type, and to see what your doing to make those buildings!
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