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  1. It'd be funny if the one millionth post was something completely random, such as donkeys.
  2. I wonder what the count is and who it's going to be, that'd be interesting.
  3. People don't hate it but I've heard a lot of negative about it, but Hollywood: Rip Ride Rockit is one of my favorite rides, I actually place it above The Hulk which used to be like 5 on my list of rides.
  4. I don't have a DS but my cousin does, he's a fan of games like this so I'll definitely pick it up for him on his birthday this summer.
  5. Not a fan of the solid blue tower, but to each his own, it looks great the color being my only nitpick.
  6. Heard this in my orientation for NBC Universal, it's growing on me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVLtP-ucNsQ
  7. I just did training at Universal Studios, and I have never had so much fun in my life, I can't believe I got paid to laugh for 7 hours straight! I learned a lot of information that the average enthusiast wouldn't know and it's really cool seeing the other side of the service.
  8. I quite like Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey's vehicles, the seats are extremely comfortable, and it's cool to look to the side when on the edge, and JUST make out the train coming behind you on the robot arm contraption, it's really neat to see. Also I love Rip Ride Rockit's lap bars, I just didn't like when I got stapled in and every time I get out the seats are at such an angle I always nut tap myself on the way out, (even being very cautious not to, which is kind of hard when theres a rush of people trying to get into the train just as you get off.)
  9. Oh gosh, I had to double take when I read that, then burst out laughing. Donkey from Shrek, he's one of my all time favorite animated characters.
  10. World of Warcraft? *back on topic* Anyways, this show looks pretty awesome, definitely a huge fan of the volcano in the background and the dragon. Anything that has fire is awesome in my book. =P
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I just got back from IoA today, I got a job as a sales associate in the Trading Company, that big souvenir shop when you first walk in. It's nothing special but it's my first job and I"m extremely excited! Training ends May 16th for me, and from there I will be on the floor working!
  12. i set up an interview with Universal Studios Florida tomorrow, and I'm SO excited! I feel like screaming I'm so happy, I REALLY want this job, it may be just above minimum wage, but I'd still have SO much fun with it, GAHH! Someone pinch me!
  13. The story behind Caroline in the retro labs made me sad. Also, POTaTO is the best thing ever! I also was crying from laughing at (SPOILER ALERT) Aristotle vs. mashy spike plate, so hard that I died and forgot to shoot the portal, the same happened in chapter nine: the part where he kills you.(END SPOILER) The ending was amazing and I love the song.
  14. I don't have a job, but I applied to Universal Studios Florida today, in hopes of working there. Wish me luck!
  15. We went Wednesday night to Universal to pick up passes, and have a fun day at the park, the lines were ridiculously long for everything, but me and my sister just went in single rider, and didn't wait more than 30 minutes for anything. We skipped over the Hogsmeade area and literally waited 5 minutes single rider for Forbidden Journey, which was an awesome ride, and I don't get motion sick very easily, but in some spots where you can't tell up from down, the invertigo was a little too much, the second time around however I found placement points to look at to find my directionals made it much better on me. We then proceeded to go back last night and arrive at 7 pm, people were leaving as we were walking in and the park didn't close till' 11 pm. I was the only one riding rides because my mom can't do them (she has back issues.) All the lines were 30 minutes or less (even Forbidden Journey,) and the shops in Hogsmeade weren't as crowded, and there were no shop lines (minus Ollivander's.) So I ended up literally walking on to Spiderman, Dr. Doom, and Hulk through the single rider line, walked into Dr. Seuss did the Trolley in The Sky, and walked over to Harry Potter. We ended up starting at the Castle Tour, and work our way toward the front since the crowd of traffic was moving in the exiting manner it seemed easier to just fight the crowd once, then the entire time we were there. After the castle tour, we ended up right at the single rider line, and I walked on, had an amazing ride and continued off. We picked up a Marauders Map and a wand on the way out of the castle, and found a butter beer cart, if you ever get it, definitely get frozen over normal, it's such a great drink. I've heard so many people say it tastes like butterscotch but to me it was more of a cream soda. My mom and I split the drink while we watched the Hogwarts choir show (which wasn't a WOW factor, but it was a nice break to just leisurely stroll through the area.) After we finished the drink we headed over to Dervish and Banges which connects into Ollivander's wand shop (which is the tiniest little shop I really wish they made this bigger for the crowd it was insane.) Picked up some neat trinkets (a Triwizard Cup and a Time Turner necklace for my sister.) We then proceeded to head over to The Three Broomsticks. We ordered the chicken and rib plate, with a shepherd's pie, to split (which comes with the best corn on the cob ever.) They also have the greatest lemonade my mom's ever had, and I didn't find it all that special, but hey I'm no lemonade connoisseur. The shepherd's pie was blah, and I cared less, I ate it because I was hungry and didn't exactly care for taste, and the chicken and rib plate was a lot better, and worth the money if I may add. We then proceeded to Honeydukes sweet shop, which has overpriced candies you can find anywhere else, (minus the few novelty candies such as Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (which are gross.)) A chocolate frog and all the other special candies you find are literally just solid chocolate or renamed overpriced versions of M&M's and such, just because it says Harry Potter on it. Granted some of the things are worth getting for the jars they come in or the cases, as mementos I figure if you travel all that way you might as well. Zonko's joke shop is connected to Honeydukes, so we proceeded walking into there afterwards. Just like the candy shop it's knock offs of things you can buy anywhere else, (again excluding the novelty specific Harry Potter items.) The store repeats merchandise as well, I figure they stock up for all the people that come in daily. On the way out I got a picture with the Hogwarts conductor in front of the train, and we set off. All in all it was a very fun trip and it's worth having passes just so we can leisurely do what we want without passes, but coming earlier in the day during the heat with all the people, plus the insane wait times just to get INTO the place is not worth it at all. Still the place was worth it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the ride was extremely fun, and the technology is pretty amazing to it. I can't wait to see more of these spring up around the place, as they are pretty awesome. - Doublestufforeo
  16. If I remember correctly there is a hidden mickey on the side of only one test track car, when it rolls through its by the back tire where the circular black and yellow sign is, that is my favorite hidden mickey. Awesome report, I love finding hidden mickeys!
  17. This looks very promising, def. gunna put this on my follow list. Amazing that you did this with all NCS! Swashbuckler looks pretty sick, and I love the use of the tunnels. Keep up the good work, no constructive criticism .... yet. - Oreo
  18. Four dollars and like ten cents was the price per gallon here in Central Florida two days ago. We payed 59.20 to fill up the tank, ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. Why are gas prices sky rocketing at the moment?
  19. Yeah ummm...ditto that....seriously my mouth just gapped open when I saw that image, looks promising!
  20. Thank you to everyone for the advice and support, I really appreciate it. It just goes to show how amazing this site is, and how awesome it's members are! - Oreo
  21. ^ Oh yeah, no I'm definitely true to myself, and I have some really good friends here, but I don't think they'd take it well, and I have a feeling it'd ruin my friendship with them, and someone once told me, "well if they don't accept you for that then they're not really your friends now are they," though it's much more difficult then that. I don't just want to put my friendship up on the line with people, also, I live in a town where no one has ANYTHING to do but to talk about other people's business, and word would get back to my mom one way or another, so...no thanks, I'll pass. But yes I do stay true to myself, I'm no different of a person just because my mother doesn't like it or anything, I'm not really flamboyant so she wouldn't really be able to tell, so for now, my secret's safe with me. =P
  22. I'm gay, not out, still "closeted." I tried coming out about 2 months ago to my mom only, well, she's all super-religious and doesn't see past her own hand a lot of the time, so when she flipped out called me "genocide to the human race," and told me I made her sick to my stomach, I came up with a BS excuse as to coming back into the "closet," and how I miraculously was just confused and figured out I was straight a week later. I've been hidden ever since, and I don't think I'm ever actually going to tell her...unless I move about 20,000 miles away and tell her over the phone once I arrive at my destination, and then never speak to her again...that sounds like a good plan. For now, I'll stay happily closeted. - Oreo
  23. *OFF TOPIC* Arguing with the site admin, not exactly the greatest idea.... *ON TOPIC* I get Universal passes this month after a few years of not having them due to lack of funds, I used to go as a kid ALL the time with my best friend and I have so many amazing memories there, I haven't been since the Simpsons ride got put in so I have a lot to look forward to! I cannot wait to post a P:TR on here, it's going to be so much fun!
  24. On a humid summer day in that tunnel it's hot and smelly, I think the effect is neat, but I wouldn't be sad to see it go.
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