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  1. I saw it twice, and I had pretty much the same reaction as you did, first time I left a little disappointed, the second time I went I just watched it to watch it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. *A FEW SPOILERS FROM THE BOOK* I really wish they'd have done a few things differently, such as the beginning in Bill and Fluer's cottage, and the transition into Gringott's felt to rushed for me, I also wanted to see more on the Carrows twins, and the scene where Harry uses the Crucio spell on the brother in the Ravenclaw tower, I do like how they adapted Luna Lovegood to stand up to Harry though and gave her character some love. I'd also have loved to seen a little more in depth of (I can't remember which one I think it's George's) death, not just hey I'm going to walk into the Great Hall and see him lying there dead. I'd love to have seen in Snape's memory Lily and Petunia growing up and showing them split, instead of making Petunia seem cold hearted all her life, it was more "I'm losing a sister." I also wanted to see the Sectumsempra curse on (again can't remember which twin) which was aimed for the wand hand of a death eater and missed. Lastly, I'd loved for the end death to still take place in The Great Hall and have the conversation about remorse with Tom Riddle and Harry Potter, and I'd love to have seen it concluded with Harry fixing his old broken wand with the Elder Wand, instead of just snapping the Elder Wand and throwing it off the bridge. *END SPOILER* Then again that's just me, I think they could have added fifteen more minutes of movie and I'd have been completely content with it. If I want to see those scenes that I feel were omitted I can always just go reread the Deathly Hallows book, it is very descriptive and I can probably imagine it just as well as it'd come up in the movie, so no complaints from me. All in all, I think it was the best movie out of the entire series, just for the fact that you finally get to see all this magic you've always wanted to see. I wonder if in thirty years from now the movies/books will be considered classics, and what people will think of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in IoA.
  2. My first time on Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, I never scream on anything I'm more of a whooper, but man this thing made me scream, I hate spiders.
  3. To be honest, reading your question #2 it sounds like you are asking because you're planning to absue the system. Why else would you ask that question. I have a feeling that's why no one has responded to you yet. As for question #1. Call Guest Relations and ask them. That's what they are there for. Maybe it's a family members card and this person doesn't have a Discover card but maybe a blood relative does? Though I do agree just call up guest relations/services, it's the best way to figure out info about the park is to speak directly to the park itself. (I just laughed imagining someone walking up to the IoA lighthouse tower to speak to it for information... =P)
  4. I just watched The Big Gay Musical on Netflix, it was pretty good. I liked the story behind it, granted it could've been better in my eyes, I didn't like how cheesy or quick some of the story transitioned, but all in all it was a good watch, and with better looking men. =P Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to watch The Sound of Music. EDIT: Oh and my favorite musical of all time is Into the Woods, just to throw that out there.
  5. The ride looks awesome! I'd love to see a POV for us non-NL users. =p Great work, and I love the look of the supports!
  6. Great photos, definitely going to have to check this out, i still haven't seen Shamu Rocks or One Ocean, and I need to get my Manta credit, this definitely makes me want to go do it soon.
  7. When I was 3 years old, I pulled on an iron cord and the thing came tumbling down onto my hand, I still have the scar on my left hand, it's shaped like a fish.
  8. AJ that looks awesome! Twitch I love the look of your buildings, keep it up man!
  9. If you don't mind me asking, I saw you were the producer for the COD series, why'd you stop at 3?
  10. Definitely get a frozen butterbeer in the Harry Potter section of IoA (and Pumpkin Juice if you'd like I haven't had it yet...) but it's the only place in the world you can get it, and it's delicious!
  11. I thought of a La-Z-Boy recliner with insulated heated and cooling systems. =P I do love the ride, but I do agree on the name, if you're going for something meteorology-ish how about Atmosfear? Just a suggestion, great work so far! Keep it up! - Oreo
  12. Lights - Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar Remix)
  13. Sales associate Islands of Adventure, in the IoA Trading Company.
  14. Robb can you speak/read Japanese at all? This place looks seriously awesome, I had someone come in from USJ the other week in my store and asked if he could get his employee discount in IoA, (they do by the way,) but it was just awesome to meet people from there! Maybe one day I'll have enough to go on these trips...one day...
  15. Thanks Wes! I appreciate it. - Oreo
  16. I wish I'd known you were here, I'd have happily met up with you and given you some pretty good tips on where to ride, and just general knowledge of the park most of the public doesn't know (just interesting little facts I've learned working there.) Glad to hear you've enjoyed it, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who places Rockit at #1! - Oreo
  17. Is there going to be a Universal trip at all for ECB? Just curious I'd love to go! - Oreo
  18. Not a roller coaster but I was at Wet N' Wild Orlando the other day, and I waited an hour for The Storm (it wasn't a bad wait and the ride was worth it,) but I have this terrible fear of heights and I had to stare at the back of my cousins shirt the entire way up (which was this spiral staircase with holes in between the steps) and man I had a rough time. I can do roller coasters because I'm strapped in, but stairs + heights + high winds = sheer terror for me. Was totally worth it though!
  19. I hear a lot from fellow employees working there that they are to be expanding it, but again it is still rumor, and I don't like it when guests come up and ask about that and some of the people I work with are just like "yeah, it's totally going to expand." Until it gets officially confirmed by the company I keep my mouth shut, though I do look forward to it happening, but if it doesn't it's going to be an extreme let down to all the people who have heard so, and I can tell you almost everyone where I work assumes so. =/ Doublestuff "Just wait for it to be confirmed officially by the company, otherwise you might as well be getting your info from the dippin' dots guy" Oreo EDIT: Though for those of you interested there is a youtube page for a new J.K. Rowling announcement in six days, and "the owls have started arriving." Whether she's announcing a new book, area for WWOHP, or her "e-books," or just her retirement it's still interesting and could have some impact on the park over at WWOHP. LINK: http://www.youtube.com/jkrowlingannounces/?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=warner_bros&utm_campaign=tease&utm_content=1x1&utm_term=tease-warner_bros-1x1-us
  20. Would it be too much trouble to see the collage with the space mountain sign as the sketch and the building around it as reality? I think that'd look awesome as well.
  21. A B&M is only as good as it's ops, I've seen some slow days on rides I've seen extremely fast days on, it really just depends.
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