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  1. Sorry didn't see the desc. Well I'll def. join then, just wanted to make sure about that one bit.
  2. On top of the station I'd suggest doing a lounge chair every 2 spaces instead of every space, looks a bit cluttered to me. Also I agree on the idea of the white water being aorund the fountains and bits of land but that being it. Not too big a fan on the canoes either, they all face the same way, and I find it odd there are canoes just floating in the bayou.
  3. Are we allowed to use 8 cars at all? Like if I wanted to make a steep section of track a lift, or track merge for a better looking pretzel loop on a flyer?
  4. From "The Adjustment Bureau" "Sturdy little fucker isn't it." Referring to the scene on the bus.
  5. Did they replace the motion simulators at all? Or are they still using the ones that were there since they opened?
  6. I voted for Revenge of The Mummy just because I have great memories of my best friend and me when we were 12 riding that over and over, so it always has a special place in my mind. Extremely close runner up being Dueling Dragons: Ice, as that was the first coaster I rode with inversions.
  7. Is ToT2 on the same tower that giant drop is? If so that's pretty interesting, and a great way to make use of the tower, do any other parks do that as well?
  8. I've always been a fan of the lines from The Dark Knight where the Joker explains how he got his scars.
  9. I am over at my friends house right now typing this on an iPad it is extremely user friendly. I wish I had one of these the keyboard is so much fun to type on though I have had some issues with the auto spell. This sight is absolutely gorgeous on the iPad by the way.
  10. What are you talking about? Pepsi tastes like that as soon as you open the can. That seriously made me laugh, and it is true.
  11. I still think that red building sticks out like a sore thumb...that's my only criticism, very nice restaurant by the way, reminds me of that Sunny DJ place in Magic Kingdom.
  12. What I like about coke, is that you can open the can, put it in your fridge and come back an hour or two later, and still have it taste the same, Pepsi dies out over time. Then again, I quit drinking soda about a year and a half ago...
  13. Sounds like a dump cake to me what with the recipe how it's like a can of pineapple, a can of cherry, a package of cake mix, butter, and add whatever else you want, (i.e. nuts or other fruits and whatnots.) Awesome TR, I love to watch any cooking, I find it fascinating, and I'm going to have to make one eventually, when I crack open that bake sale book we have, and put that Kitchen Aid to work!
  14. Okay seriously, which one of you sick and twisted people put a hill RIGHT next to the station...I'm going to have an ulcer by the end of this.
  15. Count me in for this! EDIT: After opening the scenario and what not, which one of you sicko's decided to make the death machines not removable ... gah!
  16. ^^ I'd pull the station back by a block so you have just a bit more breathing room to build the station without that curve interrupting it. As for the theming, how 'bout just a regular classic open aired building?
  17. ^ Probably. In other news, that station is pretty sick looking. For ride names, Lakeside Runner Viva! Prowler?
  18. Not too big a fan of the white roof on that red building, kind of sticks out like a sore thumb to me, other than that little nitpick, it looks great!
  19. @ Corkscrewwy, I really like your buildings, there are quite eye pleasing. @ the ghost, It looks really good, especially the Atlantica section, that looks awesome! My only beef with it, is the use of the candy theming (not so much the sticks on the sides of the buildings though I find them rather...err...tacky,) but the chocolate bar for the roof, it looks cheap to me, I get the look you're going for with it, but I just can't get passed the fact that it's a chocolate bar... Hope I'm not too harsh, just my personal opinion... - Oreo
  20. I know it's not good feedback when you just say you love something, and don't really nitpick at it, (or at least some people think that,) but I absolutely love the little details you've put into this place, like the railings around the pathways, and the station to the woodie, it adds a sense of realism, and it's just amazing! I really like the foliage you have going here, I'm not the greatest when it comes to foliage or terrain work, so seeing this kind of inspires me to come onto this level of work. Great job overall, and keep up the awesome work! - Oreo
  21. ^ Maybe the show is going for more ratings by girl on girl action? Who knows... All I know is that cucumber giving you aids thing made me laugh so hard!
  22. Why is there a 4 person limit? I'd love to enter my other micro park as well... Or maybe make it like a 4 person limit with a week's time instead of a months?
  23. Average Reaction Time: 0.2698 Gender: Male Time (Of day) Test Is Taken: 6:30 PM Age (if you don't feel comfortable, post an age bracket): 17 Do you play video games frequently (More than or equal to two times a week): Yes
  24. I like Cyclone 3, just without the colors it has now, I prefer the colors of cyclone 4.
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