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  1. Sorry for bringing back a topic from the dead, but they've done ground breaking on the mini golf course today and cleared away the trees and such next to the Cineplex, it doesn't extend into Valet at all, but it pretty much touches the lot then comes back it pretty much touches the Cineplex for the land they cleared, but was in a totally different spot then I thought it'd be, but it's dead to your right when you get off the last moving walk way. I'd have taken photos but I was in my uniform and I can't pull out my phone when I'm in uniform, I had my work shirt off tonight and walked by to try and snag some photos but it was too dark, so I'll try the next time I'm up there for play, which is pretty often, but if anyone else goes up before I do if you're interested in some pictures of dirt, feel free to take them.
  2. It looks like a lot of fun, I'm still confused about the Harry Potter music though ... =?
  3. Yay for seeing a P:TR of where I work, and quite lovely pictures as well! Glad you enjoyed your day, it makes me extremely happy whenever I see TR's of IoA and read that people enjoyed themselves. - Oreo
  4. ^ I'd put some greenery around the areas outside the border where you can see the squares, but other than that I absolutely love that! Very creative!
  5. Minecraft! Pretty much the best game ever.
  6. The lights look amazing but my question is ... why the Harry Potter music? Does the company have rights to use the music from Warner Bros.? (I'd assume they do, I was just a bit confused when I heard a windseeker and HP music, it just doesn't fit to me...)
  7. I absolutely love this! Can I get a link to CC9's completed scenario as well? I'd like to try my hand at this.
  8. Oh gracious and mighty title fairy, I have come before you today to ask for you to perform your magic upon my title and changing it to, "Sells donkeys at IoA Trading Co." I would be most humbled by you if you would, or just "sells donkeys at IoA," preferably the first one if it's not too long. Many thanks, - Oreo
  9. I didn't know whether to post this in the main forum or not but I was hoping someone could help me out. Next month I am taking my mom for her birthday to the Portofino Bay Hotel and wanted to know a few things. (I'm hoping someone on these boards has stayed there and can answer my questions.) 1. Is it worth getting a bay view room over the garden? It's about 40 dollars more a night, and I don't mind shelling it out, as long as it's worth it, I want everything to be perfect for her birthday. 2. I can't find them on the site and I'll call up and ask the resort if I don't get an answer here, but have any of you done the spa massage(s), if so, do you remember the price, and is it worth it? 3. The water taxi that goes from the hotel to the parks, does that stop after a certain point? 4. How early should I reserve a room there? A week? Two? A month? The only resort I've stayed at is Disney's Contemporary, and we absolutely loved it there, and my mom has been talking about wanting to stay in the Portofino Bay a lot, every time we drive by it to drop me at work, or to play in the parks the conversation comes up. Granted I know I'm going to have to tell her in advance so she can check into the room because I'm not old enough, but atleast that'll get her excited for the vacation. Thanks for all your help. - Oreo P.S. Also, any information I don't get I'll call the resort and ask, I just wanted to hear any personal experiences about the place before I did so.
  10. I like the bench seating that HP has compared to this, just because when I think of the screen section I'd hate to see someone in front of me. Nonetheless this is still insanely impressive! A few questions, is that how HP's screen works it's just one screen? I thought there were two screens for the cars, also does HP's track look like that at curves as well or is it all just flat? I've ridden HP a few times and can tell a few of the technicalities but those are things I'm just curious about. Thanks, and amazing, seriously amazing work! - Oreo
  11. I suggested something along the lines of Intamin's Kanonen, a Maurer-Sohne X Car, or Mystery Mine/Powder Keg Dollywood ride. Though I could see an Expedition Ge Force or a mega-lite working there. EDIT: Just read a page back at Elissa's post, ha, I thought of the same thing (somewhat.) Great minds think alike!
  12. I'm leaving in 10 minutes for IoA and USF to play, then I go back Saturday/Sunday/Wed to work there, Thursday to play next week, and Friday I go to Wet N' Wild! <3
  13. Two birthday cakes? You must be an ACEr. In all seriousness that RCT cake makes me jealous!
  14. They're building a Sky Zone in my town, which is this big place that has trampolines on the floors and walls, and I can't wait! Also, this new UP2U Mentos gum Mandarin Strawberry/Spearmint box is SO good! Especially if you mix the flavors, I'm in heaven right now chewing it. =P
  15. Quick question ... is Rhino Rally still around, or did they completely take it out for Cheetah Hunt? I thought they just removed the water portion but I haven't heard a thing about it, so I've been wondering if they just scrapped it. Also if it is still there, is it any good now that the water bit is gone? Or do people just use it for Cheetah Hunt pictures?
  16. Ugh, soda is disgusting, I haven't had one in about two years (would be three but I had a sip of one because it was literally the last resort and I needed some form of liquid in me.) Long live water!
  17. If there is a BGT event, if we can get access into the parks ourselves and meet up do we still need to pay for the event? (i.e. if you're doing like back tours that cost money or anything.) Also, this looks nothing like Cypress Gardens, (which is a good thing.) =P Yay for Legoland!
  18. Saw a guy in the butterbeer line in the Three Broomsticks today and his little brother asked, "where are the moving pictures?" and the brother responded "this isn't Pirates of The Caribbean." No lie, and the guy was wearing an HP shirt and had a wand, so unless he was just joking around he is one uneducated HP fan, my inner dork was about to scream at him. =/ EDIT: Mind you the older brother was about 16-17.
  19. I sell Universal Express passes all day pretty much and they don't apply to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or Hollywood: Rip, Ride, Rockit because they're both too new still.
  20. You've pretty much described what the ride experience feels like. =P
  21. It needs more saturation and a watermark across it, that's what it's missing. *serious time* I like the front page, the only thing I can think of was maybe a drop down forum button that navigates you to the sections of the forum when you hover over the forum button, I don't know if that's do-able but it'd be nice. That's pretty much the only thing I can think of, I'll come back to this later if I can think of anything else. - Oreo P.S. My suggestion isn't even necessary I'm totally fine with clicking forum and scrolling, just thought it'd look cool. =P
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