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  1. From what I remember, Barnstormer actually looks worse. The rest of the area looks good though.
  2. Not bad for your first model! I've always wanted to build a model coaster.
  3. Bing finally updated their aerial images finally giving us a clear picture of the entire park from the air.
  4. This is very sad news. They had one of the best log flumes of all time!
  5. Great pictures! I'm still pissed about the name and tram tour changes. Oh well, guess I should get over it.
  6. Have you ever heard of "The Great Firewall of China" - the term for China's web censorship? Wasn't there another really big mall that failed? Probably because they didn't have the world's tallest indoor coaster.
  7. That looks pretty cool! How much planning and design went into this? Did you create any CAD models prior to building?
  8. So Premier has the Superman coaster and Goliath train projects in the states (and a new Harry Potter coaster?), this indoor coaster and another mystery international project? Good times! The world could use some more Premier coasters.
  9. I wrote a paper for an economics class in college called "Profit Maximizing an Amusement Park: Gate Versus Food Prices." Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Mantis at Cedar Point is pretty loud. The Incredible Hulk is also really loud, I could hear it from inside my hotel room at Royal Pacific. In fact, most Beemers have a mighty roar!
  11. This ride just keeps looking better and better with every piece of steel added.
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