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  1. Don't they have the plastic container in the middle to prevent items from getting wet?
  2. Its not always smiles and sunshine when working in a theme park, but dang, it seems everyone was depressed that day. =P They're only testing the Q Bots for today and tomorrow, off duty employees can pick them up before they go in to play that day to test the system.
  3. The Incredible Hulk, coming out of that tunnel upside down into that drop is amazing, especially on an outside edge seat.
  4. The problem is guests taking off the glasses on the outside portion and throwing them on the track...sadly people are that stupid.
  5. While working today I had someone come up to me, and we struck up a conversation about where we originated, when the guest found out I"ve been a Native Floridian my whole life she touched my elbow and goes "oh my god I finally touched one." Then giggled and walked away after paying. I proceeded to laugh because I just went to the on site doctor today at work who told me I had bronchitis, so I've been coughing into my elbow to keep from spreading germs (as well as taking many other precautions of course) ... so much for that aspect.
  6. ... Twilight is well known, that does not make it good. Also, before the haters go, the books were so much better than the movies, yes I read the books just to see what the big fuss was about and didn't find it that impressive.
  7. Recently started watching Mushi-Shi it's a very nice anime, quite artistic, I enjoy it a lot.
  8. There must have been some serious alcohol consumption in this trip to enjoy it. I'd have to be drunk to buy the tickets, and board the damn thing. I hope you guys are having a blast, and drunk Piers makes every TR worth it.
  9. If the colors on the ride weren't the same as the colors on the pagoda, I think it'd be better, it blends too much. (In my opinion.)
  10. Hospitality Management is a good major if you want to go into business and management.
  11. I don't think they care to give them homes, aren't they against domesticating animals? Don't they just want them to roam free and be truly "wild?"
  12. If you're still taking people for this I'd be happy to join, if not I'll just sit back and watch this park unfold, I think it looks cool.
  13. Montu is one of my favorite rides so seeing a knock-off just makes me happy, if it's anything like Montu it'll be a great ride.
  14. I'd probably get really motion sick considering you'd be going straight up without a reference point to look at.
  15. They should have LEGO sponsor an attraction where families can build hand sized angry birds (with a base model for the body and face,) you then load it into an air cannon (slingshot,) and it launches at a tower of pigs, like a painted banner with some give so they can watch their bird explode.
  16. The only problem I foresee with that golf course is stupid kids trying to hit the balls into passing cars...
  17. Bo Burnham has always been a favorite of mine, watching him on youtube and getting discovered was really cool to see.
  18. Fixed. I would vote for unlimited money in any currency I pleased. Then at that point the question isn't what would I do, it becomes what wouldn't I do.
  19. Why should it be any different? Now you actually have to use common logical sense and plan out your day, boohoo, there are plenty worse things that could happen in life than Disney enforcing their rules.
  20. When my family and I went to Disney for vacation we picked up fastpasses and if we didn't make it back in time or we wanted to do something else withing the time period we'd throw out the passes or give them away. As your common family of four visiting the parks and not even knowing you could return late and still getting everything done, I don't see why anyone is complaining, (and yes we did visit during peak seasons.) Just learn to plan out your trip, whether it means you have to plan a schedule to the park then so be it.
  21. I don't know if it counts but I think Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit has one towards the end of its course, not sure if it is an official inclined loop though.
  22. Is it possible that Florida is finally getting a decent wooden coaster? (not to say that Gwazi isn't it is just too rough, and DBH is SBNO if I remember correctly.)
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