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  1. Why does this website do this to people's posts. I'd actually like to know what was meant to be said. I don't find it funny. I find it immature. I have a sense of humor for things that are actually funny. But fluffy fluffy bunnies and goo are the same things as potty humor. You grow out of that in junior high... Or you should have....
  2. Give me Silver Bullet any day over Batman. 100% agreed. I actually avoid batman and its clones. Hate that ride. It's just a big no for me. I don't enjoy it or have fun on it
  3. It's so funny that I literally came on the site tonight to post about Mean Streak getting an RMC makeover and the last post before this one was also about wicked twister getting an RMC makeover. From what I understand, six flags and RMC are in a 5 year contract? In my opinion, one coaster that could not only use an RMC makeover, but would be absolutely incredible, is Mean Streak. It is a good coaster, it just is so rough its almost hard to enjoy. I remember one of my last rides on it, a woman a few rows ahead of us had a seizure during the ride. When we returned to the station, she was still seizing. Luckily my buddy was a medic and helped them out until the workers on duty showed up. It is just too rough of a ride. RMC I know would work wonders on that coaster, and Cedar Point has such an incredible coaster line up, I doubt they would pass up an opportunity from this new company to transform one of their classics are market it once again as a new and amazing ride!
  4. It does look cool. I do miss the days of the dragon and scorpion though. It was nice to finally have somewhere to buy a working model you could customize. Glad you guys are still around and making coaster models
  5. I definitely love a good Intamin. And I second what some are saying about skipping over batman clones lol. I do have to say though, I love Banshee. Absolutely love it. It was one of the best coasters I've been on, period. I think B&M hit the nail on the head with that one. I'd like to see more coasters like that from them in the future.
  6. Every time I've been during these cheer competitions it's not only obnoxious with the groups of kids, but the park is really crowded.
  7. Think they will continue the tradition during Halloween of turning colossus backwards? How cool would that be! Iron Colossus backwards.
  8. I have plans to move to central Florida eventually to be near those parks.... But at the same time, so cal has some great parks and rides, too. I guess it just depends. For example, when Diagonal Alley opened I wanted to get down there, but now that twisted colossus is coming, I want to go there. My choice really just depends on the experience I'm looking to have at that time. There really isn't one destination I would ultimately choose over another.
  9. My honest guess is the flashback on-ride photo building. I believe that's exactly what it was.
  10. Sorry to jump off topic for a second, but I wascurious if anyone who has gone to Halloweekends knows about the fright lane and fast lane? Is there a combo available for rides and haunts? And does the platinum pass get you into Halloweekends or do even pass holders have to buy tickets for Halloweekends?
  11. Ok, So I just saw this thread finally and when I saw the first photo was of the Frank Lloyd Wright house, I got really excited! I live an hour from there. Just went for my first time on Thursday! It is a very cool place. I guess it is in the Smithsonian's list of one of the top 28 places to visit before you die? It's number 27. Well worth it. You've done a really great job constructing something that completely follows the essence of his architecture. Really great job!
  12. If you are with AT&T you should be upgrade eligible now with AT&T next. Next is honestly a much much cheaper way to get your phone and it allows you to upgrade every year of every 18 months. If you can avoid signing a two year contract, I would highly recommend not doing that. Two year contracts are such scams. You end up paying out the @$$ for your phone and service.
  13. If you go to any store that sells the Galaxy Note 3, that's the size of the 6 Plus
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