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Ride Bucket List

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My park bucket list


1. MarineLand in Niagra Falls Canada

2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

4. Canada's Wonderland

5. Six Flags Great Advneture

6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

8. Six Flags over Texas

9. Kings Island

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Random bucket list-rides and parks I must ride before I die!

In no order... but Journey is my most wanted!

My "most wanted" is Journey to the Center of the Earth/Visiting Tokyo Disney Sea

For some reason I am OBSESSED with Big Boom in Japan

Any of the Intamin Plug N Plays. They must be awesome cause every time the Alvey's ride one it beats the others. Like on FB it says El Torro #1 coaster, but last year Balder was #1, and T Express was #1 when they rode. Point being they sound like GREAT coasters.

Any Intamin plug n play and or the awesome Intamin mini hyper Goliath @ Walabi.

Expedition Geforce

I would love to ride a truly awesome wooden coaster since we don't have many on the west coast. I was lucky enough to ride GR opening year... but as we all know it's gone downhill and I was just a kid, so I don't really remember.

Would love to visit all the Disney parks

A lot of "charming" parks like Holiday World and Knoebels aka parks not owned by a major park company.


Lastly even though I can't rate it yet and thios park is not on the list... the Eurofighter and Fuji Q looks pretty damn wicked!

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Coasters (and full parks) that come to mind are:

-Formula Rossa

-Steel Dragon 2000

-The Beast

-Intimidator 305

-Phantom's Revenge

- any Premier Mad Cobra model

- Blue Fire

- Nemesis

-Black Mamba

- Colossus (Heide Park)

- Expedition Geforce

- Any Intamin Megalite

- Hades


I'm sure that there are more that I'm missing, but that's all for now!

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There's a LOT of coasters I haven't ridden yet that I'd really want to... but for the sake of brevity I'll say this:


Kingda Ka (or one in the future that's taller): just to say I've ridden the tallest coaster in the world

Formula Rossa (or one in the future that's faster): just to say I've ridden the fastest coaster in the world


Also, I want to ride other record-breakers as they crop up, and the coasters voted "best in the world" as they crop up.


There's no official Bucket List, it's more of an ongoing thing.

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-Whatever the current, at that time, tallest/fastest coaster is. I have already ridden Kingda Ka, so only FR is left in this category, but if ever a coaster faster was built, then that takes precidence.


-Expedition GeForce

-Eagle's Fortress



-A Megalite or two.



-Bizarro (SFNE)

-New Texas Giant



-Mindbender (Edmonton)



Things I have already done, but would like to do again:

-Stratosphere rides

-SFMM (namely X2)

-El Toro, KK, Nitro, & GAdv

-I305 (planning a trip for September hopefully)

-The Beast at night. I have ridden the Beast tons of times, but only once at night in pitch black.

-Voyage...Honestly, this is the wildest coaster I have ever been on, and the first and so far only one that had me completely and utterly exhausted after riding. I would like to try at night too.

-Busch Gardens Tampa

-Universal and IOA

-Disney World (I was last there when I was 8 or so...don't remember much.)

-Dorney Park

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There are some water slides and parks on this list as well!



The Bullet(If it ever runs again)

Every intamin woody I haven't been on

Bizzaro (Intamin)

Tokyo Disney Sea

The Mega Lites

One of those White Water "Flume inside a flume" things

Both Mind Benders

Expedition G-Force

Atlantis (Dubai)

Every Gravity Group woody I haven't been on

Europa Park and Blue Fire

A Proslide Bowling Alley

Holiday World

Indiana Beach (Dang place was closed when we went!)

Dolly Wood

Pretty much every park in Japan

The Great Wolf Lodge's

Every Busch park

Alton Towers



Man, the list could go on and on and on!

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Ride all of the Schwarzkopf coasters in one year


That would be a year to remember - but I guess you've got to win the lottery as the rides are now spread worldwide. From Canada to Brasil to South Africa to Japan. Adding the obvious visit to Munich's Oktoberfest to get the portables.


Even more when you add the rides were Mr. Schwarzkopf was acting as consultant - mostly sweden for Lisebergbanan (Zierer) and Jetline (also Zierer) - but also Olympia Looping (Zierer and BHS).


If you add those were eningeers who worked with Schwarzkopf KG and started their own companies or were hired by other companies you can add any coaster that is not Arrow- or Zyklon-based.

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Quite a few I can't think of but these come to mind first - in no particular order:


El Toro (didn't get to ride it during my first trip to GrAdv because of a thunderstorm)

Millennium Force

The Beast


Top Thrill Dragster



Any Giant Inverted Boomerang (rumor has it that one is coming to SFNE for next season)

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My whole Theme Park Related Bucket List

Not in any order:



1.Iron Wolf (I'd like to ride the first B&M, so I hope its just being moved!)

2.Millenium Force



5.Superman Escape from Kyrpton

6. X2

7.Superman/Bizzaro @ SFNE

8.Space Mountain (Disneyland)

9.Space Mountain Mission 2

10.Atlantis Adventure

11.Green Lantern First Flight or Insane

12.Any ride with Timberliners

13.Mr.Freeze (Either one)


15.Coney Island Cyclone



1.Journey to the Center of the Earth

2.Carsland-Radiator Springs Racers

3.Pooh's Hunny Hunt (Thats how its spelled)

4.Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland and Disneyland Paris versions)



1.World of Color

2.Fantasmic (Tokyo Disney Sea)

3. Remember Dreams come True (Seasonal Fireworks at Disneyland)

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^Olympia Looping usually comes with a beer tent for extra bonus points, we had a lively day at the fair last year.


Things still to do that I care about:


Intimidator 305

Expedition GeForce




Now I'm past 500 credits, there are few worlds left to conquer.

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I've got four separate lists. Everything listed is in alphabetical order, not priority order since a lot of things share the same level of priority.


The Park List:


Beech Bend

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Dutch Wonderland



Farup Sommerland

Grona Lund


Idlewild & SoakZone

Kemah Boardwalk


Kings Island

Knoebels Amusement Resort

Little Amerricka

Magic Kingdom

Morey's Piers

Nickelodeon Universe

Pleasure Beach Blackpool

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld San Antonio

Silver Dollar City

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Tokyo DisneySea

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal's Islands of Adventure


The Waterpark List:


Blizzard Beach

Discovery Cove

Kalahari Resort

Noah's Ark


Schlitterbahn Galveston Island

Splash Landings

Typhoon Lagoon

World Waterpark


The Coaster List (only for coasters at parks not on the park list):


Balder at Liseberg

Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland

Coaster at Playland at the PNE

Colossos at Heide Park

Cornball Express at Indiana Beach

Cyclone at Coney Island

Cyclone at Lakeside Park

Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park

Georgia Cyclone, Goliath & Mindbender at Six Flags Over Georgia

Goliath at Walibi World

Hades at Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Hellcat at Timber Falls

Katun & Ispeed at Mirabilandia

Kumba, Montu & SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Mamba & Prowler at Worlds of Fun

Megafobia at Oakwood Leisure Park

Mindbender at Galaxyland

Nemesis at Alton Towers

New Texas Giant & Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas

Raging Bull & Viper at Six Flags Great America

Rampage at Alabama Adventure

Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer

Renegade at Valleyfair

Ride of Steel at Darien Lake

Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure

Steel Force at Dorney Park

Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags America

T Express at Everland

Thunderbird at PowerPark

Timber Terror & Tremors at Silverwood

Tonnerre de Zeus at Parc Asterix

Troy at Toverland


The Non-Coaster Ride List (same as coaster list but for non-coaster rides):


Frankenstein's Castle at Indiana Beach

Hotel Gasten at Liseberg

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In no particular order:


-Millenium Force

-Intimidator 305






-New Texas Giant

-El Toro

-Eagle's Fortress



-The Raven

-Apollo's Chariot

-The Voyage

-Expedition GeForce

-Storm Runner


If only there was something to do in Ohio besides Cedar Point, then maybe I'd find an excuse to go.

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