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  1. Does KD have a haunt this year? Their park website is showing that they are closed after Labor Day this year. I can't believe they wouldn't do it here but it's odd that almost every other park has their hours for the whole year on lock and they don't. I definitely hope it's a glitch on the website rather than an early close to the season....
  2. While FunTV does endorse meal plans and platinum passes, I really actually think it's done tastefully. You aren't getting slapped in the faces with the advertisements and I see nothing wrong with self promotion. I don't see it in a way like Six Flags who will promote almost anything to make a buck. After working at the park this season and being next to a FunTV for many hours already, it really is a majority of trivia, fun facts and music videos, with a Cedar Fair promotion working itself in there during that cycle.
  3. Cedar Point completely renovates an extremely dated midway and offers more family rides and food option... But lets talk about this elevator which is just part of the queue.
  4. For anyone that noticed Rupaul's Drag Race released their season 6 queens this week! And one of the contestants is Miss Darienne Lake, that is right based off of the amusement park. This might be the best thing to happen to Darien Lake since RoS.
  5. I understand your point, but for instance all of the additions you mention rides installed before 2000 with a very different leadership team for Cedar Fair and without all of the former Paramount Parks acquired. For instance, Shivering Timbers was built before Cedar Fair even bought Michigan's Adventure. The same goes for Hercules at Dorney, it was built before Cedar Fair took over the park. Dorney, Valleyfair, and WoF all got a package deal with the Morgan hyper coasters and were a much bigger part of the Cedar Fair chain before the Paramount parks were bought. You can tell by the additions to the park since 2007 what parks are receiving the big ticket rides. For instance Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Carowinds, and Canadas Wonderland have all received 20million dollar plus rides since they were acquired because those are the top visited parks. Knott's might not be included but it is, I believe at least the highest attended park in the chain. I mean WoF did receive Patriot which is a larger investment, but that was before the Paramount parks were acquired. But for a park to support a giga coaster of that size when the park doesn't hit a million visitors a year (according to 2011) is pretty unrealistic in my opinion. Bottom line is that they could always get one, but chances are we won't see it because an investment of that size in the Cedar Fair chain could be much better spent at another park business wise. And if they ever did, it would probably be a long ways off if they are still part of the chain. But I mean this report shows the distribution pretty well : http://cf.wddnsweb2.wddonline.net/_upload/pressreleases/final%20funforward%20presentation%20-%20with%20ebitda%20reconciliation.pdf
  6. The chances of WoF ever getting a giga coaster are slim to none. The park is far too small to receive a giga coaster, Cedar Fair won't invest a capital investment of that size into a park that small in the chain. WoF can still get some amazing rides, but I highly doubt you'll ever see a giga coaster at any of Cedar Fair's smaller parks. (WoF, Valleyfair, Michigan's Adventure, Dorney Park and Great America)
  7. I think it'll be revolving around a bird of some sort. Particularly maybe the owl, I know they are obvious clues, but scarecrows scare away birds and there are owls in the trees around there.
  8. I love the Intamin rides at Cedar Point but I'm just so heavily disappointed in Shoot The Rapids. While I understand it fills as a replacement for White Water Landing back when it closed for Maverick but the ride has been a technical nightmare. It has gone so far incredibly over budget, and it's not even popular in the park at this point and most days I have been there as a regular goer it has shorter lines than Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon. Not to mention that it takes up a huge amount of real estate in the park. I know it's not going anywhere, but after this accident I'm even more disappointed with the ride.
  9. Mind Eraser will not be leaving Darien Lake anytime soon. It has a high ridership and unlike Skull Mountain at SFA, it is not a technical nightmare. It is one of the major attractions at that park and as much as it pains me to say, Viper is the ride if any that has the highest chance to get the axe. Even though Darien Lake needs all of their rides at this point.
  10. Looks amazing for NCSO! My only tip though is to try to add some more color to some of your screens, some of them just seem very white in my opinion.
  11. I completely agree! It's more fun with someone who knows how to have a good time and who you can just relax with, without constantly worrying about looks. Even though I will say a well dressed man always get me.
  12. Absolutely amazing work, I cannot even comprehend how many hours you have put into this park, the effort truly shows!
  13. Thank you for the comments guys! I have another update, it is not as big as the last one but its pretty sizable however! I have been in the midst of college work and papers, so without further ado, enjoy! These screens are about 85-90% finished with a few details still needed in each one. It looks like Superman is still dominating the skyline of Six Flags Nashville Hills! Superman now has some company down at its turnaround. I present to you Southern Thunder. Southern Thunder is built by GCI in 2007. It replaced the Tennessee Mines Mine Ride, built by Arrow Dynamics in 1970. Here is the Magnum-esque turnaround. Southern Thunder has a top speed of 50mph and a length of 2,776fft. Southern Thunder is now known as the older sister of the Prowler at Worlds of Fun, both relying on quick directions changes, fast speeds, and airtime hills! Joining Southern Thunder in this section of the park is Dare Devil Dive! This Intamin ZacSpin coaster opened in 2012! Dare Devil Dive will have you flipping in every direction possible. This unique ZacSpin even features an airtime hill with a vertical drop into a misty control tower! Hard to picture, but nestled between these two major thrill coasters is Country Lane Drivers. Much like the name says, you will be receiving some of the most beautiful angles of the park while driving through it, great for younger ones There is also a Wave Swinger rides named Whirlwind and a hidden train station. Please comment! =]
  14. Looks great! I love the interaction with the Wingrider (assumed) and the main midway, my only comment is that I don't know how well the scrambler colors look, but besides that fantastic!
  15. That was my main inspiration for this area of the park, I wanted to make it seem like Six Flags Mexico wasn't the only odd-ball out of the Six Flags chain and make a sister park.
  16. Welcome to Six Flags Nashville Hills! This is my first park that I have ever posted on here, so I really would love to hear any tips and comments you have for me! FIrst off, I would like to say I am not big on CSO, so if I post more parks here they will most likely by NCSO. I also know I need to use the tool to get rid of the blue sidings, and I will do that for future posts! I would have liked to done this as a timeline park but I just started building and expanded from there so hopefully any future parks are going to be in the timeline format but unfortunately not this one. Without further ado, here is Six Flags Nashville Hills! Welcome to Six Flags Nashville Hills! This is the DC comics area of the park. Here is a pretty good overview! Here is the marquee attraction for this area. Superman : Ride Of Steel is a Morgan hyper coaster created in 1999. Even though the ride is akin to Mamba and Steel Force, Six Flags was talking to Morgan for this park as well as Six Flags Mexico and the ride fits well in the park serving as the symbolic coaster. Here you can see the 209ft Superman looming over the park. In the foreground you can see Lex Luthor's Mean Machine, similar to Six Flags St. Louis' Excalibur. And in the background the 2004 Zamperla twister coaster, known as Joker's Revenge. Here is a closer look at Joker's Revenge and it's immaculate theming. (Note : I built this ride before the Joker at Six Flags Mexico was announced.) My favorite part of this ride is finding that skull in the spooky scenery and placing it so it overlooks the ride. The ride has a funhouse placed in the line to make the line on this low capacity coaster go by quicker. Here is Batman : The Ride. A Vekoma SLC model that rates just as well as any others. It was built in 1997 and was the first coaster in the DC area. Another view of Batman with Poison Ivy's Twisted Tangle and Lex Luthor's Mean Machine in the background. One of the other flats known as Batwing. There is one more that cannot be seen called the Krypton Kruisers, a air powered bumper UFO styled ride.
  17. I hope it works here, but after going to Cedar Point all season, this looks a bit cheaper and it has not worked masterfully at Cedar Point either so I do not know how successful it will be. The Facebook comments of the announcement are hilarious, specifically one saying Marriott is turning over in his grave.
  18. I agree with the Waldameer, if you leave Cedar Point early, and drive 2.5hrs and get to Waldameer at open and ride Ravine Flyer 2, then drive to Kennywood you should be fine on time, and if you were worried Kennywood's fast pass is very very cheap!
  19. Any chance there will be a Cedar Point type bash for us who cannot afford a TPR trip next year?
  20. Finally that thing is gone! It really was just a waste of space and the layout was not that great of a layout and it would be very hard to modify. I'm having my fingers crossed that a B&M invert will replace it.
  21. In all seriousness, Cedar Point and Cedar Fair hardly recycle names. The only name I can think of off the top of my head is Thunderhawk, Dominator, Flight Deck, Boomerang, and Planet and Camp Snoopy rides. Cedar Fair has not recycled names for brand new attractions lately and I don't think they will start any time soon. If anything Six Flags is the name recycler with at least 4 recycled names for 2012 rides including X-Flight, Superman Ultimate Flight, Apocalypse and Deja Vu.
  22. I honestly think Cedar Point will not install a wooden coaster there because I really do not think the GP wants one. A lot of people in the area constantly complain about how rough wooden coasters are in general and whenever I discuss wanting to build one in the park with my friends, I get told how horrible of an idea that would be. The people around here love their steel coasters and it shows for the past 21 years.
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