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  1. I voted for 1 because you can see more of the updates below the slider. But i can do without the twitterfeed. I do use twitter, but I already follow TPR so i've already seen the twitter updates. As far as the slider goes. I think it is better with the full width, but I understand the aspect ratio side of things. There are 2 things that I can find on the screen that aren't right. They are not really a big errors, but since i'm studying webdeveloper right know they do stand out to me. First thing is that the site wrapper/screen doesn't center on my big screen (1920x1080). Weird thing is that it does center on my smaller screen (1440x900). The other thing is that some elements don't align with the grid. The elements I found were the Search button (it's higher than the searchbar), the slider/twitterbox that doesn't allign with the update header below. And the second update column doesn't start at 50% of the page (the images do, but the top border starts before 50%. You can compare it against the border between the update headers) I attached a picture so you can see what I mean. all in all a good job! I think it suits TPR way better then the static front page TPR has right now. picture of the site:
  2. I don't have errors with the Demo, but still figuring out how to use the editor xD
  3. For the demo go to : http://www.nolimitscoaster.com/020NoLimits2/download.php EDIT: new link: http://www.nolimitscoaster.com/download.php Its 300mb and took me about 2 minutes to download! I'm really hoping my PC can handle this, since I don't have the money to buy a new PC haha
  4. Looks really awesome!! I can only suggest John 123's Rocks to make it even more cool
  5. Like the dinasour area, never used anything related to dinasours because I don't know what to do with it, but this is a good way to use that theming. Maybe add some more trees/bushes to make it not look like an open space?? Curious to see whats going to happen
  6. Super Looper looks great! but i'm not really a fan of the SS shooting up trough the helix of Viper. I do think it is awesome that you used the generic Atlantis theming as supports of the coaster! I would never have thought of that
  7. I really like your coasterlayouts, especially the spinning coaster. As you can see with your mine train, adding a lot of trees instantly improves everything haha For your screenshots, they look like you have taken pictures with your smartphone or something. You can press F10 to let the game make screenshots (they will be saved in My Pictures/RCT3)
  8. same here haha. I have to say its really dark and i'm really curious to see this ride in daylight. But then again, most of the atmosphere comes from being dark. I like it!
  9. Looks good! I used the CS-packs that you use in this park a lot, always loved them Also good to see that the suspended swinging coaster is still being used! Could we get an overview/lay-out shot?
  10. Thats a shame Then I don't know whats wrong, its not a Windows 7 problem, at least not one of the problems I encountered with Windows 7
  11. You could also try to put the .dat file in Documents\RCT3\Start New Scenarios and in RCT3 go to Tools -> Scenario Editor and then load the park in there. Hope it works
  12. @gavt1976: Thank you but I'm sorry, but this is the last thing i'll do with RCT. I played this game for over 7 years and I'm done with it. This park is my tribute to the game, and will be the last park I'll build. Enjoy this last nighttime update and have fun with the park when you download it! Staida: The wait is over my friend. This nighttime update will conclude this park, and my time building parks with RCT3. You can find the download button at the end of this update! BLKDMNDS: Thank you very much! I hope you like the nighttime update Update 8: This is it. This update will be the last update I will post. I want to thank everyone who ever looked at one of my projects that I posted in the last 6 years that I have been active here on TPR. For now my time building parks with RCT is done, but perhaps I will be back with the new Theme Park game. The last update is a nighttime update of the park and ofcourse you can download it. The best thing about this download is that you do not have to download anything else, since the park only uses generic scenery and rides! Only requirement is that you have the Soaked and Wild! expansion packs. I don't know if it will work without them. You can find the download link at the end of the update. Thank you all and enjoy this park! I don't know why, but parking lots always looks so relaxed One last look at the entrance The western theme was one of the first themes I really liked, I never used it as much as I used the Mine Theme at RCT2, but it still looks good The biggest train station I have ever build in Rollercoaster Tycoon A park isn't a park without a ferris wheel Being Dutch, I'm always proud when dutch stuff is added to great games The atlantis pack and the big water ride go so well together The Top Spin, placed in every single park since RCT1 The last overview shot of Poortania Adventure and the best thing of this update: DOWNLOAD. Again thank you! and i'll see you all soon on the forums
  13. It has been a while since this thread got some love, so I wanted to give you all some updates on De Magische Vallei (The Magic Valley). The new part of Toverland is turning out to be awesome! I really think Toverland is creating a great atmosphere in this area, and I even think that if Toverland continues to build like this the park will become a serious rival of De Efteling or Phantasialand. For now the park is too small to be considered a big threat to those major parks. But I really think Toverland is heading in a great direction. While you watch the photo's, I recommend listening to this music: click It will be the music for one of the 8 different musical area's in The Magic Valley. Below you can find a youtube video of the Orchestra playing some music (amazing!) Toverland also build a website for The Magic Valley (clickie click), with a lot of photos. But lets move on to some awesome pictures! Concept of the Rapids Ride (source: hclt.nl) Another concept of the ride (hclt.nl) How it looked like in October 2012 (hclt.nl) This shot is a screen from the live webcam, which you can find on magischevallei.nl .. This shot was taken in November 2012 (themepark.nl) It can be snowy in Sevenum The green coaster in the lower left corner is the Boosterbike (themepark.nl) The first rocks are being placed in December of 2012 (Toverland Facebook Page) This is a restaurant (Toverland Facebook page) the restaurant in all its construction glory (magischevallei.nl) Here you can see they are working on the landscaping to make it feel like a real Valley, and of course the playground in the back (magischevallei.nl) This is some artwork and building progress of the theming of the watercarrousel (Toverland facebook page) This shot was posted on twitter in January, it shows the station of the rapids in the back. The height difference will be around 8 meters in some parts of the valley (Toverland Facebook Page, january) They are making some progress (Toverland Facebook Page, January) It has been (and still is) a snowy winter here in the Netherlands, but work on the rapids ride are still going on (magischevallei.nl, january) a nice shot made by themepark.nl with the spinning coaster in the back This webcam pictures was taken 2 weeks ago, you can see a lot of differences with the first shots.. and you'll probably notice that the qeue of Boosterbike is being demolished (themepark.nl) The Magic Valley is set to open in the spring of 2013. They still have a lot to do before the opening, but it looks really promosing! This is a bird that will be placed in de Valtoren (toverland Facebook Page) the watercaroussel is almost finished. This pictures was posted today (twitter Paul Oomen)
  14. @coasterdude: Thank you! Its true that its white, but the whole dutch scenery pack is white (or ugly greenish). With this park I wanted to show everyone what you can do with every scenery pack. So without using other scenery stuff, that bit is going to be white. Which I actually kind of like @narkitty: thank you verry much! as CorkscrewFoley mentions: Keep on building, you'll improve yourself! Sometimes I find some pics from older parks I've build.. they contained a lot of ugly buildings haha. @Corkscrewfoley: Then I really hope you like this update! Update 7: All the Way This will be the last update. I was planning on making 3 seperate updates, but i'm really busy with my study. Therefor I decided to put the rest of the park in this update. I will post a nighttime update later this week, and I'll upload the park to the Exchange so you all can enjoy it! here we go: After leaving the Dutch part of the park we'll head into "Atlantis" This big splash ride is called Poseidon, not a unique name.. but still a cool one The "atlantis" part contains several flat rides and some high flying stuff This flat ride just has to be in this area This one is for the people who want to go upside down There is also a creepy castle in the park on one side you'll find a scary ghost ride and on the other side there's a train station The last ride of this park is HawkEye Which is a suspended coaster that will have you flying trough the air before you go flying trough the trees. I can't really get good pictures of this ride, but I really think it is awesome. So i suggest you'll download the park in the coming update and enjoy the ride This is it! Poortania Adventureland is done. And with that, my time building parks on TPR is over. I really hope you all enjoyed this park, and all the other stuff I shared with you all! Here are some extra pics, I tried to make it look like Tilt Shift Photo's The car park Kiddies Coaster The swing at the entrance Log ride @ Dutch Valley Power Tower Poortania Adventureland Grand Central Station Creepy Castle And the last one: Poseidon
  15. @Bryce: put some hills around it with some trees and mist and you're done! looks good
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