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  1. Greets, members and guests of Theme Park Review. Initially, I am quite new to this website, but have viewed many interesting topical entries, trip advisories/reports, and a plethora of projects in store, and publicly introduced. As of September 01, 2011, I've produced the upkeep of a recreation of my hometown, and thus favorite of the franchise/chain, Six Flags over Georgia (my first park beyond any forum). Then took a timeline of a hiatus, out of interest, of now back with a comeback. Since I have introduced this project beyond other forum/community sites, such as ShyGuysWorld, and RCTLounge, I have yet to bestow the project, here. As I have plans of doing an ACTUAL recreation, keeping it orderly precise, and accurate. In due time, having plans of a storyline, but as of now, just constant updates of progress. I present amongst you all, Six Flags over Georgia: GOAL: Creating a full-time Six Flags experience for members and guests _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To begin, we have currently Interstate 20, the main highway segment of Austell, Georgia Next, arriving, we have currently the grand entrance, quite generic, yet detailed, and powerful among the eye. Thus, some change in weather (Ignore the side Six Flags signs, of which are now deleted) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Soon GO BIG, GO Six Flags over Georgia, -Mac
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