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  1. I'm really glad to see SFGadv getting some greatly needed flat rides. Maybe this will cause the lines to decrease on some of their coasters, even if it's only by a few people!
  2. When I first heard that SFMM might be getting a drop tower, I immediately thought that they should attach it to Superman. I remember thinking how awesome it would be if they actually did, now it's going to become a reality!
  3. I've always found the name Millennium Force to be the coolest. It just seems epic to me.
  4. I really hope they re-paint Goliath, I like that Orange/Blue idea a lot. However since this is Six Flags we are talking about, they probably won't do it. It's going to be really strange seeing a giant green coaster in the middle of Crackaxle Canyon.
  5. The best drop I've ever experienced was El Toro in the back row. I can't even begin to describe how intense and awesome it was!!!
  6. Now people will really have deja vu riding "Deja Vu" after riding "Flashback". At least this way it will live up to it's name (If it's kept, probably not). I'll have to head down to SFNE one last time to ride Shipwreck Falls before it closes.
  7. I'll probably be attending a few TPR events for the first time next year. This one would definitely be up there on my list.
  8. What if its a female rider? Are they safe from Leviathans wrath?!
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that it's a medium sized dive coaster.
  10. Am I the only one that kinda liked the parking lot foreplay??? Young kids and their cameras, let them have fun. It's not that bad, better then most of the TR's without any pictures!
  11. Wow, can't believe the chain broke. Hope they have a spare. Definitely a bad year for the ride.
  12. I'm not sure if you've seen actual supports or not (so I could be wrong), but if you're referring to the pictures posted earlier in this thread, I'm pretty sure those are either transfer track supports, or more likely, the supports that stick to the track and hold up the catwalk. So it may not be an all teal coaster just yet. There is the possibility that another support color will be incorporated (Just look at Diamondback), however since there is no evidence of that so far, I'm just assuming that it's an all teal coaster because of the supports on site. Nothing is certain so far.
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