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Ride Bucket List

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Well let's see, these ones will be taken care of by the end of the year.



Goliath @Great America

Shivering Timbers


Hopefully In the next few years.


Outlaw Run

The Voyage



Bizzaro (SFNE)

X2 <- I don't care how rough it can be.

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To make this more interesting than just another bucket list thread, I'll interpret it as coasters I most want to ride that I think will also be the most difficult to get, so most of these are on the other side of the planet.


1. Starry Sky Scrapper

2. Gravity Max

3. Dinoconda

4. Expedition GeForce

5. Helix

6. Olympia Looping

7. Stingray (Giant Wheel Park/China)

8. Ultra Twister (Rusutsu Resort, Japan)

9. Leap The Dips (Middle of nowhere Altoona, PA)

10. Belmont Giant Dipper (Also not in a bigger park so I'd have to already just be in San Diego)

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1. T-Express

2. Outlaw Run

3. Helix

4. Expedition GeForce

5. New Texas Giant

6. Wildfire (Kolmarden)

7. Iron Rattler

8. Voyage

9. Goliath (SFGAm)

10. Ravine Flyer II

11. any Mega Lite

12. Nemesis

13. Balder

14. iSpeed

15. Wood Coaster (Knight's Valley)


Basically the only coasters in the US that could upset my top 10 are in the Mid West and Texas.

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I should be ticking a bunch off of my bucketlist this summer: Maverick, El Toro, Boulder Dash, Bizarro, Kingda Ka, Outlaw Run, Millennium Force, Skyrush...


Ones that I don't have plans to ride this year but hopefully some day:

Gravity Max

T Express

Iron Rattler

New Texas Giant

Expedition GeForce


Dauling Dragon


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Storm Runner, Fereinheit, Hydra the Revenge, I305, Annaconda, and the new Lightening Run at KK looks pretty interesting.

These parks are all within about 8 hours of driving and I can't get out there which makes them seem so much higher on the list.



Helix. Anything at 6FMM. T express. Iron Rattler. Great Americas new Goliath. Oziris. and any Intamin Ball coaster... need one of those credits.

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realistic: (somewhat nearby, hoping to get to Hershey & KD sometime this year, maybe Busch Gardens next yr?


Superman: UF (SFGA, only coaster at the park I have not ridden)


Skyrush/Farenheit/Storm Runner/Great Bear

Bizarro (SFNE)

Appollo's Chariot/Alpengeist

Millenium Force/Maverick/Magnum/TTD/Gatekeeper


unrealistic (too far/expensive to get to):


Formule X (Drievliet)


any of the RMC jawns - Iron Rattler/NTAG/Outlaw Run/Goliath

Eagles Fortress

Atlantis Adventure

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Updates list with coasters I will likely do in the upcoming three years...


The Smiler, Alton (June 14)

Nemesis. Alton (June 14)

Air, Alton (June 14)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach woodies (June 14)

Helix, Liseberg - (June 14)

Rutschebanen (restored), Tivoli - (14)

Piraten, Intamin Mega-Light - (14/15)

El Toro, SFGAdv - (15)

Loch Ness Monster, BGW - (15)

Banshee, KI - (15)

Whizzer, SFGAm - (15)

Goliath, SFGAm - (15)

Maverick, CP - (15)

Millenium Force, CP - (15)

Top Thrill Dragster, CP - (15)

SooperDooperLooper, Hershey - (15)

Fahrenheit, Hershey - (15)

Storm Runner, Hershey - (15)

Impulse, Knoebels - (15)

Thunderbolt, Coney - (15)

Cascabel, MX

Montana Infinitum, MX

Medusa, SFMx

Psyke Underground, Walibi Belgium

Wildfire - (16)

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In the US:


Boulder Dash

Bizarro (SFNE)

El Toro

The RMCs (I get to ride Goliath this year, and I am beyond stoked!!)

Coney Island Cyclone


Gold Striker

Rampage (Might ride this one this year if it opens)


Outside the US:

Too many to count haha, but the most notable ones are:


Expedition GeForce

A Megalite

Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris)





Dragon Kahn


Everything at Europa

Fireball (Happy Valley)

Wood Coaster (the mega GCI)

Fjord Flying Dragon (Happy Valley)

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Expedition GeForce

Goliath- Walibi Holland

Outlaw Run

Goliath- SFGAm





Starry Sky Ripper/Sky Scrapper




Cheetah Hunt




The Smiler

Medusa- Steel Coaster

Iron Rattler

New Texas Giant

Bizarro- SFNE

Boulder Dash

The Voyage





Those are the big ones, in no particular order. I didn't include coasters from the parks I know I will be visiting next year, which is Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Carowinds. Thats why no coasters like Maverick or Banshee are on this list.

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Will be filled in this year

Goliath, SFGAm

Montu, BGT

Cheetah Hunt, BGT

Maybe filled in this year

Outlaw Run, SDC

Powder Keg, SDC

Prowler, Worlds of Fun

Won't be filled in in a while

Black Mamba, Phantasialand

El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure

Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom

Nemesis, Alton Towers

Banshee, Kings Island

Beast, Kings Island

Intimadator 305, Kings Dominion

New Texas Giant, SFOT

Iron Rattler, SFFT

Medusa: Steel Coaster, Six Flags Mexico

Manta, SWSD

Manta, SWO

iSpeed, Miribilandia

Helix, Liseberg

Storm, Etnaland

And a bunch of others........

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