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  1. Skyhawk looks awesome! I do believe TPR did post a video of a sky roller a while back. Looks to be a fabulous addition, especially with their Top Scan and their Sledgehammer already there. More incentive to visit! My only beef is that capacity is low for both of these. Wouldn't mind seeing at least the gliders on a larger scale to accommodate more riders. Not sure if that is possible, but one can hope.
  2. Its frustrating that Cedar Fair doesn't publicly release attendance numbers. According to sources, SDC has an average of 2 million visitors per year, which if you take into account the information that following Cedar Fair's acquisition of Worlds of Fun, the early 2000s brought about the first years with attendance below a million a year. If SDC is bringing more than twice what WoF is, Cedar Fair should realize that something went wrong... I whole heartedly agree. I think with the removal of Zinger and OE they really shot themselves in the foot. Granted patriot is great. But I feel like if they kept a few of these, and just added to their arsenal, things would be better. I know these rides have had their issues, mainly OE. But still, theres more than one way to skin a cat. I in know way know what goes on behind the scenes over there and I'm sure they had a reason to fully remove them, but for the sake of the public and for the people paying regularly, I feel like they really lost a lot of a rounded coaster line up. I also think its ironic that they have shirts that say "I LOVE ORIENT EXPRESS" and the like with ZZ in the clothing shops by boomerang.
  3. Frankly I think a SS SS would be awesome at KD, or a Frisbee. Something on the scale of black widows ride cycle. For KD I would want to see something with greater capacity than the swing from Knotts, and I'm sure we're all in agreement there.
  4. Why do you think WOF is a waterpark addition? Also MiA seems to of been really quiet on social media, even more than WOF. For that park I'm hoping for even some kind of thrilling flat ride. Something. A mini thrust tower would be sick, and round out some of the needed flats there. With Chaos gone, the thrilling flats are seriously lacking.
  5. The shows at WOF are horrid. I do agree that WOF is lightyears behind SDC in terms of almost everything minus the rounded rides. Part of me wishes that they would just take a chance and I'm sure that parks realize that sometimes a big investment can pull in the guest they want, but, if attendance is so 'low' from the get-go, I can see why they would be apprehensive. Time will tell, today.
  6. It's probably not likely that they will get a Top Spin since they already have one. A Top Scan would of course be cool, as would an Air Race, a Giant Frisbee or a large Screamin Swing. The park has enough older flats and I'd love to see something modern. Hearing that Cedar Fair was scouring Europe for classic flats, I'm not sure a modern flat ride is in Worlds of Fun's near future. SORRY I mean't to write 'scan'! I do agree that a modern rides don't seem likely, which is why I put them on a 'wishlist.' I do think WOF could benefit greatly from some flats that are bigger and that should help hold off for another rollercoaster, because it seems like we wont be getting one soon as sad as it sounds. Coming from Kings Island being my home park and before that CP and then SFGA, I'm begging for something new. However I understand the circumstances. I guess I wouldn't mind a dive. We don't have a vertical drop. I would love an Inverted Impulse too, with a more modern twist, but alas. I really do wish we had an introductory looper at the park too (thats not as forceful as the V boomerang) I know Patriot in most of our eyes is tame- but I feel we need something for some newcomers to experience before they get on something 'bigger.' Some people cant just hop on a B&M invert for their first looper weather its a nerves thing or a height thing. One of the reasons why I loved the mid size arrow loopers (minus the head banging).
  7. I'd love to see some kind of Mack Launched Coaster if that were to be the case. Or floorless. For flats I'd love love love to see a Giant Frisbee or Top Spin but both are unlikely. An For small scale thrilling flats I'd love to see a spinout or brainsurge but I feel those are mostly fair rides. Family rides, anything. Troika comes to mind. Wishlist?
  8. I know its completely unlikely but I'd laugh a bit too hard if we ended up with Shockwave. *gag*
  9. I was just thinking that Knotts' screaming swing might end up here with some other additions. Wouldn't mind a few other flats, as its needed but theres no way they'll add that much. Maybe.
  10. Rob, any day you go to WOF it will be pretty sparse with crowds. Clearly avoid weekends, but otherwise you're fine. I went yesterday to walk around and got in 5 rides in two hours- after i changed my mind and decided to ride as there were a lot of people. Also good news, I saw Zulu in its early testing phases! After 10pm, walking back from night rides on prowler. Wasn't lifting up, but spinning around without rotation.
  11. Find this interested when you said 'get a new ride/s next year' and now theres a CF search for vintage flats out there in another thread. Also because in theory if we have no marketing team, we could, be... surprised.
  12. ... great. So basically what we can rely on is no teaser for anything, should something happen. Sounds like they need a new team over there, but I could be jumping to conclusions. Either way the Patriot and Prowler line up is fine, but man they could really use a nice mack launched coaster, or something like that IMO to round out the park. Maybe a floorless like what people want with VF or MiADV, but something. Wouldn't mind something a bit more larger scale. I feel theres a pretty big drop off between Mamba and Patriot for large scale attractions.
  13. Anything with Steelhawk or OOF expansion teasers? With coasters in 2000, 04, 06 and 09 they're beyond overdue. We all know that. Still- I was at the park that last two days and found myself trying to notice anything out of place or added somewhere in a parking lot to hint at a new expansion. Nothing.
  14. Just curious. Did WOF make teasers for Patriot or Prowler? Maybe they're just not saying much? I haven't really kept up with this park for years, and now that I just moved here I'm finding myself quite curious. I feel like something is on the horizon, especially with it being so long since Prowler in 2009.
  15. Hey All, Haven't been on here in awhile, but for a masters graduation trip I am headed down to KD and CW for my first vacation (about time) in a few days. I'll be at Carowinds may 9-10 and KD may 8-9 (splitting the morning and evening at carowinds/KD that saturday. Anyone have any input on how the park usually is on sundays down there? Saturdays are going to be a bear, but sundays are usually better anywhere, so theres at least that. Any experience or advice on the park would be awesome! Never been. BEYOND pumped for fury.
  16. CP and KI are always visited almost too many times. KI is just a 20 min drive north.
  17. Park- Mount Olympus. for 2014- Diamondback has been driving me crazy.
  18. I'll second the aero360/meteor comment. Forgot about those.
  19. Zippers, Black Widow at Kennywood and the old Chance Chaos rides were always my favorites.
  20. Always loved them although I would love a bit more leg room haha. Awesome flat. It's crossed my mind as well about an updated version but honestly they're so popular now that although an update would be cool I'm not even sure if it'd be necessary.
  21. Rode with Zach a bit monday. Enough to make my ride count 100 before heading to CP for 2 days. There is a rattle but its not bad. Row 4 is bad and 7 to an extent are the two harshest rows. They do change quite a bit varying on row, as odd as that is.
  22. Not going today but if you have a day tuesday and wednesday I will be there all day should you want to meet up!
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