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  1. "The @TODAYshow has #FuryFever! Check out the exclusive story tomorrow morning during the 9 a.m. hour! pic.twitter.com/ySQCOl8N2d"
  2. I always wear a strap, even at water parks, and I've never had an issue with them coming loose. I do sometimes encounter rides where they want me to remove my glasses, but when I tell/show them I have a strap, they're fine. It's rare to find a ride that they won't let you ride even with a strap (mostly just the occasional water slide).
  3. I am a zoo/animal person, and the last time I was at Animal Kingdom, I spent basically the entire time marathoning Everest (somewhere in the 25-28 ride count).
  4. I also imagine the passholder preview night is going to entice a lot of a) enthusiasts to show up who may not have otherwise made the trip this weekend (like I'm probably going to do) and/or b) GP to buy a season pass so they can be one of the first to ride Fury. And then I suspect a lot of those people may come back on Saturday as well for the official opening day. My gut says that Fury will land in the 2ish hour wait range on Saturday. How long were the waits for i305 and Leviathan on their opening days?
  5. Line for Fury will be 20-40 minutes, it won't even approach an hour. Intimidator never gets above 30 minutes either. Nighthawk is one of those rides you MUST ride early in the day as lines approach 1-2 hours at midday. The rest are fairly tame lines as well, as Carowinds is never really THAT crowded. Afterburn is a stud though, make sure you don't forget it. From the amount of national buzz Fury's getting, I was expecting something more like: Do you not think that'll be the case?
  6. Thinking of making the trip for passholder preview night on the 27th, all day on the 28th, and then the morning of the 29th. I assume it'll be crowded, with Fury 325 significantly so. But what order of magnitude of crowdedness should I expect? I figure most of the crowds will be flocking to Fury 325, leaving the other rides less crowded (particularly on the 27th), but I'm budgeting for the FLP for Saturday (which I figure I need to buy soon so it doesn't sell out) so I can get more than just a ride or two in. Thoughts?
  7. Are they still doing any of the mandatory test seat checks for NTaG or other silliness they introduced last year?
  8. If everything was open or you hadn't been before, three days would be ideal, but given the current circumstances I'd probably stick with two. The benefit of Magic Morning will be limited as only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open, so unless you want several rides on Space Mountain and/or Star Tours I wouldn't worry about that too much. To avoid the parking fee, stay at a hotel on Harbor Boulevard that's within walking distance of the park. I see the logic in not needing the third day for sure, but I figured it was worth an ask. I do have another option, however: my boss told me today that I could stay an extra day on the back end (Wed 4/1) if i wanted to. How much better/worse would that be from a crowd standpoint than the preceding weekend? http://www.rmhtravel.com/disneyland-365-crowd-calendar.html shows that Wed actually being worse than the previous Fri-Sun, but I'd love a 2nd (or 3rd) opinion. Friday, March 27, 2015 8 out of 10 8 7 SL Saturday, March 28, 2015 8 out of 10 8 8 SL SC DX Sunday, March 29, 2015 9 out of 10 10 8 SL SC DX Monday, March 30, 2015 10 out of 10 10 10 SL SC Tuesday, March 31, 2015 10 out of 10 10 10 SL SC Wednesday, April 1, 2015 10 out of 10 10 10 SL SC
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. What about if I flew out earlier (on Thursday night) and got to spend all day Friday, all day Saturday, and maybe till 7PMish on Sunday at Disney? A 3-day pass would also let me have the Magic Morning Hour on Saturday at Disneyland. This should let me take a much more leisurely pace, but I don't know that I really *need* 3 days at the parks. Also, is there anything that can be done to not have to pay $17/day each day for parking?
  10. X2 requires an upcharge and is only available on Gold or Platinum. YOLOcoaster and Superman do not require an upcharge, but you must get Platinum in order to use Flash Pass on them and you may only use it once per ride. My guess is that Twisted Colossus will have the same restrictions as YOLOcoaster and Superman for the first year or so (that's what Goliath used at SFGAm), then it will become unrestricted once lines shrink to a manageable level. It's possible the park could have no Flash Pass at all for the first couple months (I believe they did this on YOLOcoaster), but as capacity should be reasonable for Twisted Colossus and that ride would be the main reason to purchase Platinum over Gold I'd be a little surprised if they did that. It's also possible they could charge extra for Twisted Colossus, but I'm guessing they'd end up making more money by not upcharging the ride. Yes, in this thread, a few pages back. Here's a clear breakdown of the rides that are not "normal" flash pass use: X2: Unchanged, still an upcharge, requires Gold or Platinum. YOLOCoaster: No longer an upcharge, but requires Platinum. Superman: No longer a normal Flash Pass, now requires Platinum, but no upcharge. Twisted Colossus: If they follow the same pattern as they did when adding YOLO, and Lex Luthor, it will be a $15 upcharge reservation with Platinum required. What I'm not sure of and haven't seen confirmed is how exactly theyre doing the "one per day" restriction that I've heard there is with YOLO and Superman. Ideally they just program your QBot device to allow one use, but they might be using boarding passes, reservations, or just marking off your wristband in some way. This is really disappointing, IMHO. I'll be out in LA for work in a couple weeks (3/28-29), and I was thinking of hitting up SFMM, but I don't really want to shell out $110 for a flash pass that's only going to get me on Superman once (my favorite ride at SFMM to ride over and over). And I don't terribly relish the thought of saving the money and waiting in lines all afternoon for re-rides. The thought had crossed my mind to hit up Disneyland instead, but I am unsure about that, especially given the current ride closures and expected crowd levels.
  11. So I haven't been to Disneyland/DCA since 2012 (pre-Cars Land), and I'll be out in LA in a couple weeks for work. I have the option to fly out early and spend the weekend there, and while I had originally been thinking of visiting SFMM, I'm now tossing around the idea of doing Disney instead. My concerns are 1) crowd levels, particularly since it'd be on a Saturday (or Sat/Sun) during Spring Break Season (3/28-29) and 2) that they have a number of attractions closed for refurbishment (Matterhorn Bobsleds being a notable credit I lack), so I don't know if I want to shell out the cash to visit now and not get to ride that (or Splash Mountain, or see World of Color). Matterhorn was closed when I was there in 2012, and World of Color had technical difficulties for the show I was at, so I didn't get to see it then. But on the flip side, Cars Land wasn't opened yet, so that's something new I could experience for sure. There were also a few attractions I skipped on the previous trip (1 day parkhopper around this time of year, albeit on a Thursday) either due to time limitations or not knowing they existed. I don't know if I want to try to only do a 1-day and still spend Sunday at SFMM, or if I'd be better off springing for the 2-day pass at Disney and leaving SFMM for a later trip. One caveat is that I'd likely have to pick up my coworker from the airport (John Wayne/Orange County, not LAX) sometime on Sunday (hopefully later), so that may affect my ability to get a full day of theme parking on Sunday. Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? Words of warning?
  12. Has this been confirmed at the park? I'm still holding out hope that it's a poor wording on their website because Superman was the one ride that made SFMM's Flash Pass actually worth buying to me. I'm down with the no riding twice in a row thing, but once per visit? For a ride that's nearing 20 years old?? That's insane. And the Platinum is $110!! For that much money, I'd be better off spending the day at Disneyland. I'm really do hope that what they're trying to say is that both rides are actually available now on all flash pass levels, just with the restriction that you can't ride twice on Platinum. (One can hope, right?) But then again, Six Flags is known for doing silly, unreasonable things all the time, so it's probably the worst-case scenario.
  13. Even on a busy Saturday, you should be able to get in multiple rides in on everything (Cheetah Hunt will be the biggest challenge). Things should be a bit better on a Thursday, but most of this will still hold true. Everybody runs straight to Cheetah Hunt first thing in the morning. You want to be on the front end of that group. This means getting to the parking lot 30min before the park opens so you're there and through the entrance before the rope drop. If you hustle to Cheetah Hunt, you can ride once on one of the first 2 trains, get off and back in line, and ride again within 10-15min. After that 2nd ride, the line could be anywhere from 25-50min as the rest of the crowd gets there. This is the perfect time to head over to Montu. It will basically be a walk-on for the first hour or so, and you can get multiple rides in quickly. If there's nobody waiting in your row when you get back to the station, you can ask and they will oftentimes let you ride a 2nd time (after that, they make you walk back around, though). The back half of the park doesn't open till 30 mins after the front, and depending on how long it took with CH/Montu, you have a couple of options. If you're right at that 30min mark, you can take the skyride back to the back of the park and hit SheiKra several times quickly with minimal wait (it'll take you longer to get from the exit back around to the station platform than you'll wait in line). Then you should be able to pop up to Kumba for a ride or two or three before the wait gets long. After that, you'll have to deal with decent lines for Scorpion, Sand Serpent, and Falcon's Fury, but I wouldn't stress too much because you will have already ridden the headliner coasters. The good news is that the line for Falcon's Fury hasn't been too bad, and if you're a single rider, you can often skip huge chunks of it (depending on how efficient the grouper wants to be). Scorpion, however, is one of the most painfully frustrating lines to wait in because it looks so deceptively short but the single-train keeps the pace moving slowly. Sand Serpent, IMHO, isn't the best wild mouse coaster out there, and I usually don't re-ride if I ride at all, so don't feel bad if you need to skip it. After this, enjoy a late lunch, catch a show or two, and go around to see all the animals plus any re-rides you may want to do. Near closing, the lines generally get pretty short on everything except Cheetah Hunt, so there's an opportunity to get multiple re-rides in during that last hour. I'd recommend picking one ride to really hit hard at the end of the night and sticking with it so you don't eat up a ton of that time walking between them. If you don't mind leaving late, though, you could always hustle over to Cheetah Hunt and get in line right before closing. A lot of people do this, so it could be a decent wait, but it's a way to end the night on a fun ride (and be near the front of the park). Your other option is to wait till the end of the night for multiple re-rides on SheiKra, when the lines are really short. If you decide to do that and skip SheiKra in the morning, you should easily be able to get several rides in on Falcon's Fury, Scorpion, and Sand Serpent before the crowds really get up there, and then head up to Kumba. Kumba's line doesn't start stacking up till around midday, but it can be 60 min or it could be 5, depending on how the crowd's flowing that day. After that, check out some animals, eat some food, and get some re-rides in before circling back to SheiKra an hour or so before closing. The walk back from SheiKra to the front isn't the most fun thing after closing, but they will hold the train in the Stanleyville station for a few minutes to take people around to the station in the middle of the park. It definitely takes a lot longer than just walking (and you still have to walk a bit once you get off), but sitting down feels good after a long day of running around, so I don't generally mind. If you can do it, I highly recommend the Serengeti Safari (I think feeding giraffes is pretty cool, personally). They've also got a bird area where you can feed lorikeets for like $5 (they'll come land on your hand and eat the nectar out of the cup). The last time I was there, I was walking through Jambo Junction, and got to help feed flamingos (for free). I always love the tiger exhibt, and if you're into kangaroos, you can pay a few bucks to feed those too. Don't miss the gorillas (the trail is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it), and make sure to walk along the Edge of Africa too (they have meerkats now). The elephant interaction wall can be pretty cool as well. If you can, it's really awesome to see the cheetah lure run, but they do it at different times every day, so it's hard to know when it'll be unless you go to the first cheetah presentation. And for that matter, all the trainer presentations are really well done and informative. They may also have procedures going on in the Animal Care Center, but visit with caution (the last time I went in, they had to put an animal down because it was too far gone to save). Now as for Quick Queue, I find them to be useful in certain circumstances only as most of the time you can get plenty of rides in without it (see above). It does let you skip a bunch of the line, but you still have basically a station wait for everything. Cheetah Hunt can still be 20+mins (more for the front row), but that's much better than the 60-90 that the standby line will be. For everything else, you may wait a train or two (3 on a super busy day) unless you're going for the front row. The basic Quick Queue, I'll only really get if I want to get more than a couple of rides in on Cheetah Hunt (if you don't want to do one of the rides like the log flume, they'll let you use that ride's slot for another; I'll often use it for a number of Cheetah Hunt rides and a couple of SheiKras), since that's generally the only ride with a substantial wait when I loop around the park the way I do. I've only ever gotten the Unlimited once; that was the weekend after Christmas, and it was packed. I got my money's worth that day (40 rides, including a crap-ton of Falcon's Fury), but I think it's only really worth it when you're skipping substantial lines on more than just Cheetah Hunt; they will also sell out, so be forewarned. You can buy the basic QQ at kiosks all throughout the park (I haven't seen the basic one sell out), but you can only get QQU at the entrance.
  14. So I finally figured out why Montu has that little sluggish bit in the 2nd half (between the 2nd vertical loop and the flatspin): The train. The reason the turn after that loop has to go so high (causing the speed of the train to drop and thus affecting the pacing of the ride) is because it has to have enough clearance above the train tracks. I don't know why I never noticed this before, but I'm not sure what else they really could have done given the needed clearance. I only really see two things that maybe could have been done: 1) A slow inline twist after the upwards curve, taking the place of the little dip before the turn into the flatspin. I don't know how much this would have really helped the pacing, and the only such twist I can think of is the one on Banshee, so I don't know that that would have been an option back when Montu was built. 2) Replace that whole upwards curve with another inversion, either an Immelmann plus a turn or a Sidewinder. Advantages would be that since the riders would be above the track, the track itself could be lower, leading to less of a loss of speed; plus inversions are awesome. Downsides would be that this would basically be a repeat of the first two inversions (loop, Immelmann) back to back; if they did a Sidewinder, then it's basically just the 2nd half of the Batwing again. I'm not trying to advocate that they change anything now (or that they should have changed anything to begin with). Heck, Montu is my favorite invert. I had just always wondered why the pace lagged right there, and it took me until recently to figure out why they designed it that way.
  15. So the favorite coaster by first letter thread (http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=69908), (and the memory of the favorite coaster by decade thread), plus the fact that I can never give people a straight answer when they ask me what my favorite coaster is, inspired me to ask the question: What is your favorite coaster by type (wooden, sitting, standing, launching, flying, etc.)? I've broken down some suggested categories below with my top several in each. I'm also thinking that if a coaster fits into multiple categories, we should keep it in the most specific one (e.g. Maverick would fit into the "Multi-Launched Coaster" category over just a standard "Sitting Coaster" category). I'm really curious to how you all rank your coasters, and if you can think of some cool other categories I haven't thought of. I invite discussion of the categories, and even on how some of my choices do/don't fit how you might think they should. I'm also certain I have intentionally (El Toro) or unintentionally snubbed a coaster you love, so please make sure to rank it where you feel it deserves to be! Out-And-Back/Figure-8 Wooden Coaster: 1. Phoenix (Knoebels) 2. Comet (Great Escape) 3. Wild One (SFA) 4. Racer (KI) Wooden Twister/Cyclone Coaster: 1. Georgia Cyclone, magic seat (SFOG) 2. All the good GCI's (Thunderhead, American Thunder, Kentucky Rumbler, Renegade, even Apocalypse?) 3. Twister (Knoebels) Wooden Terrain Coaster: 1. Beast (KI) 2. Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce) 3. Legend (HW) 4. Raven (HW) 5. Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer) 6. Prowler (WoF) Modern Wooden Coaster: (this is where Intamin woodies like El Toro & RMC's like Outlaw Run should go, imho) [haven't ridden OR, and I really didn't enjoy El Toro, so...] Wood/Steel Hybrid Coaster: 1. New Texas Giant (SFOT) 2. Gemini (CP) [haven't yet ridden any of the other RMC conversions] Single-Launched Coaster: 1. Top Thrill Dragster (CP) 2. Powder Keg (SDC) 3. Sky Rocket (Kennywood) 4. Xcelerator (KBF) 5. Superman: EFK (SFMM) 6. Poltergeist (SFFT) Multi-Launched Coaster: 1. Maverick (CP) 2. Cheetah Hunt (BGT) 3. Full Throttle (SFMM) 4. Wicked Twister (CP) 5. Verbolten (BGW) 6. Manta (SWSD) Giga Coaster: 1. i305 (KD) 2. Millennium Force (CP) 3. Leviathan (CW) Hyper Coaster: 1. Diamondback (KI) 2. Goliath (SFOG) 3. The Rest of the B&M Hypers in Some Order 4. The Morgan Hypers in Some Order (including Phantom's Revenge) 5. Magnum XL-200 (CP) 6: S:ROS/ROS (SFA/DL) Flying Coaster: 1. Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFOG) 2. Manta (SWO) 3. S:UF (both others) 4. Tatsu (SFMM) 5. Firehawk (KI) Suspended Coaster: 1. Vortex (CW) 2. The Bat (KI) 3. Ninja (SFMM) Inverted Coaster: 1. Montu (BGT) 2. Afterburn (Carowinds) 3. BTR (Various) 4. Banshee (KI) Stand-Up Coaster: 1. Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) 2. Georgia Scorcher (SFOG) 3. Apocalypse (SFA) Wing Coaster: 1. Wild Eagle (Dollywood) 2. Gatekeeper (CP) 3. X-Flight (SFGAm) 4D Coaster: 1. X2 (SFMM) [Green Lantern was unpleasant] Dive Coaster: 1. SheiKra (BGT) 2. Griffon (BGW) Classic Looping Coaster (including Schwarzkopf/Arrow/Vekoma): 1. Mindbender (SFOG) 2. Tennessee Tornado (Dollywood) 3. Whizzer (SFGAm) B&M Sit-Down/Floorless Coaster: 1. Wildfire (SDC) 2. Kraken (SWO) 3. Bizarro (SFGAdv) 4. Kumba (BGT) <50ft tall Coaster (including kiddie coasters): 1. Manta (SWSD) [i know I included this in the multi-launch, but it's quite a coaster for only being 30ft tall; are there any other notable coasters that would fall in this category??] Themed Coaster: 1. Expedition Everest (DAK) 2. Revenge of the Mummy (USO) 3. Scream! (SFMM) [i kid, I kid.] Small-Capacity Coasters (6 or fewer per car, including spinning/wild mouse/El Loco/Eurofighter/etc.): [none of these are really jumping out at me at first glance, but I'm interested in what you all think!] Again, this is just a starting point. Feel free to combine/split up categories as it makes sense for you. I'm excited to see the discussions from this!
  16. A- Afterburn (Carowinds); HM for American Thunder (SFStL), Apollo's Chariot (BGW) B- Beast (KI); HM for Batman: the Ride (Various) C- Cheetah Hunt (BGT) D- Diamondback (KI) E- Expedition Everest (DAK) F- Flight Deck (CW) G- Goliath (SFOG) H- Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (USO) I- i305 (KD); HM for Intimidator (Carowinds) J- Joker's Jinx (SFA) K- Kentucky Rumbler (Beech Bend); HM for Kraken (SWO) L- Leviathan (CW); HM for Lightning Racer (Hersheypark) M- Maverick (CP); HM for Millennium Force (CP), Montu (BGT), Mindbender (SFOG), N- New Texas Giant (SFOT); HM for Ninja (SFMM) O- *Outlaw (Adventureland) P- Phoenix (Knoebels); HM for Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood), Powder Keg (SDC) Q- *Quicksilver Express (Gilroy Gardens) R- Revenge of the Mummy (USO); HM for Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer), Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) S- SheiKra (BGT); HM for Superman: Escape froM Krypton (SFMM) T- Top Thrill Dragster (CP) U- *Undertow (SCBB) V- Verbolten (BGW) W- Wild One (SFA); HM for White Lightning (FSA), Wildfire (SDC), Wicked Twister (CP), Wild Eagle (DW) X- X2 (SFMM); HM for Xcelerator (KBF) Y- **Yolocoaster (SFMM) Z- *Zeus (Mt. Olympus) (HM's are Honorable Mentions; * are coasters that won by default; ** is a little bit of cheating because I didn't have any Y's)
  17. Banshee was #300 for me...but then I rode Lightning Run 2 days later.
  18. I really really really hope they don't Iron Horse GA Cyclone. It went from being one of my least favorite coasters ever to one I thoroughly enjoy, especially in the 2nd to last row. All they need to do is maintain it and continue to topper track bits here and there as needed. I would much rather the park did something to GASM. It has to be one of the least interesting wooden coasters ever built. It has no significant positive or negative G's in any seat, doesn't have good pacing, and isn't rickety in that good 'out-of-control' kind of way that some older woodies are. And then the obnoxious abrupt stop at the end is just brutal. Iron Horsing it wouldn't really be all that interesting unless they added a bunch to it, but then it wouldn't really be anything remotely resembling the original anymore. If they just tore it down and built a new RMC woodie back there, there would be plenty of room to make it epic. Heck, have you seen the plot of land that GASM takes up?? If there were no height restrictions, they could fit a whole giga coaster back there, no problem!
  19. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread's title.
  20. I was at the park on Dec. 21st, and I didn't think Apocolypse was at all bad. In fact, it was one of my favorite rides of the day. And I don't tolerate rough woodies very well. It certainly rattled around and shuffled a bit, but compared to Gwazi, it rode like butter.
  21. Go on a day that's either threatening rain, is raining, or has just had a storm pass through. People clear out in the rain. I've been three times in July and all three times it was less crowded than the times I have been in the dry month of January. If you can't go on a day like this, just get there early and ride Cheetah Hunt first. Chances are it will rain at some point during the day even if its just a small passing storm so wait it out until then and enjoy a cleared-out park afterwards. Ok, thanks. I hope we get a rainy day If all else fails, get Quick Queue Unlimited. It drops everything to a station wait or better. Cheetah Hunt is still 10-25 mins, depending on whether you're doing the front row and how full the station is, but that's infinitely better than 60-90+. Montu is 1-2 trains at worst except for the front and sometimes the back. SheiKra is 1-2 trains. Kumba is 1-3 trains except for the front. Scorpion is maybe 1 train. Sand Serpent is <5min. Flume is ~5min. Falcon's Fury is a 1-3 drop wait (the Sunday after Christmas I was on every other drop for a while). That day I managed a total of 40 rides on the day thanks to QQU.
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