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  1. It’s open, trains are different now, smaller zero car.
  2. Twisted Cyclone is giving me strange feelings in various parts of my body.
  3. https://rcdb.com/14554.htm Fun Spot is always the right answer Amen, and Amen!!! I sometimes wonder how the bigger parks haven't managed to "strangle" the Fun Spots out of existence... But I sure am glad they haven't.
  4. A bit of a "dumb GP" moment for myself: When I was at BGT earlier this year, I spent about 5 minutes looking for Rhino Rally because I forgot they closed it.
  5. I would gleefully kill all these puppies for Lightning Rod to open.
  6. Blue Hawk was the worst option. I would have been fine with either of the other two, although my personal favorite was Air Commander.
  7. You fail to realize Flying Turns is currently open... #It''llopeneventually
  8. I believe it's called Turbo. Other than that, I'm as lost as you are.
  9. Just got out of the park. Fury is awesome, as are the Fury bug plushes.
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