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Ride Bucket List

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I've basically only been on the roller coasters in the northeast, so there are a lot elsewhere that I someday want to try. So I'll give some of the most notable ones.


- Any of the RMC coasters

- Balder

- Expedition GeForce

- Intamin Mega-Lite

- Millennium Force

- Nemesis

- Raven

- Shambhala

- Superman: Escape From Krypton

- T-Express

- Voyage

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- X2

- Kingda Ka

- GateKeeper

- Intimidator 305

- The Beast

- Verbolten

- Roller Soaker

- Radiator Springs Racers

- Bizarro

- GhostRider


Ticked all of these off in the last couple of months - except for Roller Soaker which is gone. Not sure how Verbolten or GhostRider made that list, but no matter.


So I guess I need to add some rides:

- Mystic Manor

- Hair Raiser

- Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

- Projekt Helix

- Kumba

- Gravity Max

- Incredible Hulk

- New Texas Giant

- Gold Striker

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Top 5 Steel-

1. Bizarro SFNE

2. New Texas Giant

3. Skyrush

4. X2

5. Intamin Megalite


Top 5 Wood-

1. Balder

2. The Voyage

3. Phoenix

4. Boulder Dash

5. Hades 360


Top 5 Other Rides-

1. Falcon's Fury (when it arrives!)

2. Lex Luther's Drop of Doom

3. Harry Potter ATFJ

4. MaXair

5.Texas Sky Screamer

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-Nemesis (Alton)

-Goliath (Holland)

-Expedition GeForce

-Blue Fire

-Anaconda (Africa)


-Intimidator 305




-Bizarro (SFNE)






-Colossos (Heide)

-Tonnerre de Zeus

-Wood Coaster (Knight Valley)

-Dauling Dragons (HV Wuhan)

-Fireball (HV Shanghai)

-El Toro (SFGAD)




-Coney Island Cyclone

-Outlaw Run

-Jackrabbit (Kennywood)


Pretty long list but hey, one can dream.

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Thunderbolt (Kennywood)

Comet (Great Escape)


Wood Coaster (Knight Valley)

Joris en de Draak

Tonnerre de Zeus







Phantom's Revenge

Expedition GeForce

Intimidator 305



Shockwave (SFOT)

Iron Rattler

Dragon Khan

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Speed: No Limits

Something else with "speed" in the name

El Toro


Screw it, all of the Intamin prefabs

Screw it, all of the Intamins

Black Mamba


Grona's Twister

Gold Striker

Joris en de Draak

Pretty much all of the Gravity Group and GCI woodies

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El Toro


Wood Coaster - Knight Valley

Bolder Dash

Outlaw Run



Expedition GeForce






New Texas Giant

Iron Rattler

Gravity Max

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Hopefully I can knock off some of these within the next few years.

There's no particular order to this list.



- Nemesis

- I305

- Kinda Ka

- Tatsu

- Bizarro

- Expedition GeForce

- Kawasemi



- Boulder Dash

- Phoenix

- T-Express

- El Toro

- Balder

- The Voyage

- Ravine Flyer II

- Raven



- Tower of Terror (DisneySea)

- Radiator Springs Racers

- Harry Potter Forbidden Journey

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This is just the parks that I find ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to visit in my lifetime.


-Alton Towers

-Canada's Wonderland


-Cedar Point

-Kings Dominion

-Kings Island

-Nagashima Spa Land

-Six Flags Great Adventure

-Six Flags Magic Mountain again (just four more credits!)

-Six Flags New England

-Walt Disney World's parks


In terms of rides for those parks:

-The Smiler and Nemesis

-Leviathan and Behemoth

-Stealth - erm, Nighthawk, Intimidator, and Afterburn

-Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster

-I305 and Volcano

-Diamondback, The Beast, Banshee, The Racer, and Firehawk

-Steel Dragon 2000, Shuttle Loop, and Ultra Twister

-Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Nitro

-S:EFK and Apocalypse

-Bizarro and Goliath

-Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, RnRC, Expedition Everest


2014 Edit: Finished off Knott's except for some "meh" rides, and I still have BTR, Apocalypse, SEFK, and GR left at SFMM.

Edited by The49er
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In no particular order:

*Cheetah Hunt

*Montu (should knock this and CHunt off this October)

*Manta (Orlando)

*Iron Rattler



*Superman: Escape from Krypton


*Goliath (SFMM, but I'd be fine riding Titan at SFOT too)




*Boulder Dash

*Kingda Ka

*El Toro


*The Smiler



*The Swarm

*Nemesis Inferno


*Psyke Underground


*Furius Baco


*Fluch Von Novgorod


*Blue Fire

*Projekt Helix

*Steel Dragon 2000

*Knight Valley Wooden Coaster (does that thing even have a name???)

*Gravity Max


Long list, but I'm just 19! I've got time!

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Knocked out a handful of my highest-priority new parks this year, but still have plenty more to go. Currently my list includes any park in the US with at least one wooden coaster as well as most parks owned by a major corporation. There are a couple exceptions plus some other interesting parks I have yet to add to the list.


25 parks make the official list...and most are helpfully in the middle of nowhere!


Arnolds Park

Bay Beach Amusement Park

Beech Bend

Belmont Park

Camden Park

Cliff's Amusement Park

Darien Lake

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Hollywood Studios


Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Frontier City

Fun Spot America


Lakemont Park

Legoland California

Legoland Florida

Magic Kingdom

Martin's Fantasy Island

Michigan's Adventure


Stricker's Grove

Universal Studios Hollywood

Waterville USA

Wild Adventures

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This is a very obscure Bucket List item. But...


I want to live long enough to see (and ride!) whatever they put in the

currently big un-used corner of Tokyo Disney Sea! It's located between

Port Discovery and the Lost River Delta sections of the park.


Who can tell, how long from now? But it's a big space, worthy of

something like Expedition:Everest, etc.


I'm hopin'


What the space looks like from the monorail going around it, before getting to TDS Station.


Here's what it looks like, inside the park. So much space. So many possibilities. (o:

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I have done many of the east coast parks and most of the California parks, and a few in the mid-west, but there are also parks that have built new coasters since I last visited that I would want to hit again to take in all the new stuff.


At the top of my list for parks in general:

BGT - I haven't been to this park since the Carter administration! Yeah, most members of this forum probably weren't even born the last time I visited BGT.

WDW - Let's put it this way - the last time I visited that park, Pac-Man was the hottest video game out there (and if you didn't have an Atari, you had to play it in an arcade). And, that 3-d Michael Jackson movie was the newest thing in Epcot.

SFMM - haven't been there since 01', when the original X was brand new.


There are some other parks I'd like to re-visit in various areas, but these three are tops. The good news is I am planning a trip to WDW in 2014 and hopefully I can also hit BGT.


As for parks I've never been to:


Any of the southern/mid-western parks I've missed - those parks located in Texas and Missouri especially. I also have yet to do any of the new England parks - never been further northeast than NJ to ride coasters. And I'd also like to have some non-US credits under my belt. I may be able to also get to Canada's Wonderland this coming summer, so I may be able to remedy that problem soon. I'd also like to leave the whole continent behind to get some credits in Europe at some point. I have been out of the country several times, but never got to do any coastering.


As for specific coasters, other than those that are found at the parks that I have mentioned, the ones I'd like to ride probably aren't as realistic as far as me actually getting to do them, but I can hope. I'd like to be able to hit some of the parks in Japan to do some of those coasters (like Dodonpa, since I did get to ride its defunct cousin, Hypersonic), and I'd like to get to ride an Intamin Mega-lite, since I hear a lot about those but sadly there are none in North America. I'd also like to ride the Ferrari coaster in Dubai, but I can't imagine I will ever be able to get there (I guess that's one good thing about living in North America - while we don't have the world's fastest coaster, we do have the world's two tallest coasters).

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To add to my obscure post before,

(previous page w/photos!)

I also want to be able to come to back to

both Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai DL,

after it opens in 2015, as they've had

some more time to build on, etc.


Hong Kong already has. Outside the berm.

And is adding Marvel in a few years.

I hope SDL will do the same after it opens.


And I hope I am still around to go to it all, lol.

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This is the cream of my bucket list, since the entire list would contain just about every coaster I haven't been on or park I haven't been to.



Intimidator 305


Walibi World Goliath



Any Megalite



Atlantis Adventure

Mountain Flyer

The High Five Woodie in China

Anaconda @ Gold Reef City

Formula Rossa

Gravity Max

Olympia Looping

West Edmonton Mindbender



Tokyo Disney Resort


Busch Gardens Williamsberg

Alton Towers


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Grona Lund

Happy Valley Shanghai

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I felt like ive posted on this thread before, but it I'm sure it has really changed since than.

Coasters in no real order:


All of the notable Schwarzkopf rides(Olypmia Looping, Dreier Looping, Bullet, Shockwave, just to name a few)



All the Intamin wood's

Mega lite



Expedition G-Force

Goliath (Walibi)


Boulder Dash

That crazy high five woody

That crazy GCI on a mountain in China

All the Intamin Launch coasters

All old school B&M's( 2000 and back)



All Disney Properties

All Universal Properties

Europa Park

Grona Lund

Tivoli Gardens




The Merlan parks

The Seaworld parks


That's all I can think of now.

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I would have liked to finish off all the US parks this year but the new job and grad school limited my funds and time.


I look at my bucket list in terms of parks not coasters, I want to visit every major park sometime in my life.


So I still need to get to all the new RMC woodies. After that the parks I still need to visit to are:


Bay Beach



Western Playland



Frontier City



Elitch Garden



I still have copy of US coasters built in the pat 3 years to ridebut I'll get to them all.


As far as parks outside the US, with major coasters, the bucket list is as follows:

Ferrari World - Formula Rossa

Alton Towers - Smiler

Port Aventura - Shambala

Grona Lund - Twister

Liseberg - Helix

Connyland - yes, I do want to ride their stupid Pax coaster

Europa - Wodan

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