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  1. Liking the new mobile look! Honestly haven't used a pc for web browsing in years... I'll have to try out the main site some day Feels strange though.. I've been following this site since 06 or 07? Jeez, I know I was in middle school. The old design was nastalgic for sure!
  2. Frankly, there are many offensive/racist rides and characters at WDW (small world, peter pan, hall of presidents). If this had anything to do with removing offensive characters from the parks, they wouldn't have stopped with splash. And if they had stated publicly that they wished to do so, they would have no choice but to renovate many more attractions. Disney doesn't give a shit in the slightest about twitter outrage. The ride was due for an update. It's an old attraction, and disney has a newer movie which fits the original theming pretty perfectly. SOTS wasn't a great movie to use for
  3. I'd also like to say I've had a lot of fun trying out the new game. You guys might remember the live parks project for theme park studio. This takes the same concept into unreal (a much prettier world than tps ever offered) and adds many new features. I've had a great time with some old friends in your world. Of course I'm partial to the coasters and theme park aspect. But the go karts, hang gliders etc add a fun competitive aspect. Invite some friends and you've got a really great party game. I'm not sure if testing is open to the public (I know tps backers are getting invites). But
  4. I would argue that Woodstock express is already the parks only thrilling wood coaster.
  5. To compare it to something sort of similar that I've been on- I liked copperhead more than maverick. But I'm going to be in the minority on that one for people who've tried both. Maverick is much more rowdy, it throws you side to side and is overall more rough and forceful. If that is your ideal ride, copperhead does't fit that bill. Copperhead is a little softer. Airtime hits very hard on the hills, but the transitions are easy to take without having to brace for them. The launches are not very forceful, I do kind of wish they hit harder. The inversions offer a different experience than
  6. Thunder road had an entire retracking just two years before it was demolished. I see no reason to assume they have long term plans to keep hurler as it sits. On another note, rode copperhead twice today. Really loved the ride. Top 2 or 3 in the park IMO. Crazy airtime, fast twisties, lots of hang time moments, surprisingly nice theming... What more can you want? Carowinds and mack did a great job on this one. Hopefully the next addition will be a water ride.
  7. I rode LR last summer (June or July) and I could clearly feel the train slowing down at the top (I was expecting some ejector airtime at the top of the launch, but there wasn't much). The launch is only there for the rush of the acceleration... It's not there to throw you over the top. A lot of the time, you wont notice little things like this until someone tells you to. It never bugged you until someone here said the slowdown was new, now you're letting it bum you out of enjoying a great ride. Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't ridden it this year. But unless it damn-near stalls over the hill
  8. This looks truly incredible. Hats off to cedar fair for making this happen! The days of, "looks good for a b&m" seem to finally be over. RMC is on fire, and it's good to see innovation in the industry again.
  9. It is a little difficult but once you find where your gun is shooting it's not bad.I might do it two or three times a visit just to get away from the heat. I haven't been since October but the last time I rode it the paint was looking pretty much awful on the guns and seats. Makes me wonder how long they were planning on keeping it around.
  10. Can't wait to ride this. What a beautiful layout, there is just something about this style I love- it has that classic/boardwalk look and feel to it... With modern engineering and elements. I'm sure it will ride even better than it looks
  11. ^^My guess is a vaguely mine-cart looking train theme. I would be surprised to see the theming go beyond that. Something like white lightning... but more miney. The name is sort of a lame play on words... but that's ok. Hope to see more construction photos popping up, can't wait for my next trip to orlando!
  12. Unfortunately not. I seem to be the only person in the world who likes the stuff- I've tried my best to find it with no luck. They'll serve you a large one (they didn't even charge me, they felt bad that I wanted to drink it ) but no bottles or cans.
  13. Carowinds needs a water ride so badly. I'd be really excited for something like that concept... Hell, what about a small splash battle? I had a blast on (and off!) the one at dolly wood. It would be a huge hit at Carowinds in the summer.
  14. #1 has to be Magnum for me. The view and ejector air time hills are just great. I've never been on an Intamin in the 200ft range. Frankly, none of the B&Ms are worth sorting out. They've all been fine. None of then have been great, and none of them have sucked. IMO they all kind of feel the same.
  15. I almost wonder if the stand up train would work better on B&Ms newer, less intense ride style. My issue was always with the strong forces hurting my legs and feet. Along with the snappy transitions, it makes for a miserable ride. Actually, I think a B&M hyper with stand-up trains would be fun.
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