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  1. Love how someone saw this and thought "quick! Get a video!" Glad someone told the park before something bad happened. Amazing that the track held up to that kind of stress WITHOUT SUPPORT. B&M has a great reputation for a reason, they know they're doing.
  2. The ride needed some sprucing up. I hope the change will be good. I'm not always terribly impressed with Disney's recent attractions... But I'm sure they will do a good job. Really sad to see it go. This ride meant a lot to me when I was little. Love the theming and music, brings me back to those 2 hour queues in the summer with my family (many of which have since passed). So many great memories.
  3. Hopefully they're finally going to use all of those aquatraxx parts for maverick that they forgot to install. Aquatraxx is the first idea in this thread that makes losing TTD OK.
  4. Such an iconic station to me I remember my first ride on TTD. My best friend I (back in my high school days) went to cedar point together back in 07. We risked the ride going down (again) to sit in the front row and do it right. What a rush that was. Only got 3 or 4 rides on that trip. Only been back twice since then, really wish I could get on it again.
  5. Meh. $250 or $300 maybe. I'll still buy one. Really not much for something if it has great sentimental value to you. I love my WT piece.
  6. I think if CP wanted to convert the ride to LSM (and it could be done) - they would do it. Regardless of any potential infrastructure challenges. I doubt they're converting it to an LSM launch, but maybe the technology has evolved to a point where they could do that. Regardless, wasn't the accident related to a brake fin? Wouldn't it make more sense to convert the brake system? Just leave the sort-of-reliable launch system in place? In order to reopen TTD as is (as was) would mean to fix the ride so that the brake fin system couldn't fail again. My guess is that they couldn't do that, or didn't want to do that. Hence TTD being converted into Top Thrill Observation Tower.
  7. Hoping for something minor (retheme, repaint). But I don't think they'd say it's "retired as you know it." Would they bait everyone like that for a paint job? Changing the brake system? Kind of half expecting some sad use of the structure with no more launch coaster... We'll see.
  8. The redurb doesn't sound bad but those restraints look awful. Even without the OTSR I'd take the original trains any day.... Bummer. I'm sure it was either this or full removal so the real question is... Was this a win?
  9. I haven't been to CP in quite some time but I never had more than ~15 minutes with a fl+. If times have gotten that bad it's time to price people out. We paid for the quick-pass-thing at Universal FL a few years back and were absolutely pissed by the wait times. Some of the queues were split evenly at an hour wait each.. Totally not acceptable when you're paying extra for it.
  10. Never got to visit this park, even though I always wanted to. I grew up in Chicago, and I was always intrigued by the sister park in California. Hope they slice up rail pieces off the demon, I'd love to own a part of it. Carowinds gets dibs on the RMC.
  11. China? Dude, no... Japan has been closed off due to the pandemic. Foreign residents (who live there permanently) haven't even been allowed in if they leave (until very recently). It was just a joke, but a very real situation. I say this as someone who really loves the country and has been slowly saving up for a trip- years before the pandemic... Unfortunately
  12. 2027? Maybe Japan can get their borders open to general tourism by then. Not holding my breath Cant wait for more info!
  13. It's surprising to me that anyone could have the ability to adjust the restraint sensor system, other than the manufacturer. I wonder if the manufacturer signed off on that. I hope not, but I still have no clue how that could happen. Could have been some physical tampering? Modifying safety systems like this doesn't sound legit. I guess we'll see when more info comes out. Hopefully those responsible will be held accountable.
  14. ^ The people saying "yeah well he's fat so he's just going to die anyway!" or "yeah well fat people are snowflakes, if the park rejected him he'd just cry about it!" Are insane. Kind of like your bullies in childhood, if you don't feel good about yourself, you have to find a way to put that on someone else. Some people just don't grow up, unfortunately. Really sad to see so much of this as a response to a teenagers death. I feel so bad for him, his friends and family. You can't bring him back. Think about what the people who were on that ride him are going through right now. You think they need stupid opinions about society being snowflakes and having heart disease? Is that how you'd feel if your child, brother, or friend died in a tragic accident? This world we live in right now is just so sad. I'm holding back a lot of words towards people in this thread, maybe you guys should try doing the same before you say something stupid.
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