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  1. Never got to visit this park, even though I always wanted to. I grew up in Chicago, and I was always intrigued by the sister park in California. Hope they slice up rail pieces off the demon, I'd love to own a part of it. Carowinds gets dibs on the RMC.
  2. China? Dude, no... Japan has been closed off due to the pandemic. Foreign residents (who live there permanently) haven't even been allowed in if they leave (until very recently). It was just a joke, but a very real situation. I say this as someone who really loves the country and has been slowly saving up for a trip- years before the pandemic... Unfortunately
  3. 2027? Maybe Japan can get their borders open to general tourism by then. Not holding my breath Cant wait for more info!
  4. It's surprising to me that anyone could have the ability to adjust the restraint sensor system, other than the manufacturer. I wonder if the manufacturer signed off on that. I hope not, but I still have no clue how that could happen. Could have been some physical tampering? Modifying safety systems like this doesn't sound legit. I guess we'll see when more info comes out. Hopefully those responsible will be held accountable.
  5. ^ The people saying "yeah well he's fat so he's just going to die anyway!" or "yeah well fat people are snowflakes, if the park rejected him he'd just cry about it!" Are insane. Kind of like your bullies in childhood, if you don't feel good about yourself, you have to find a way to put that on someone else. Some people just don't grow up, unfortunately. Really sad to see so much of this as a response to a teenagers death. I feel so bad for him, his friends and family. You can't bring him back. Think about what the people who were on that ride him are going through right now. You think they need stupid opinions about society being snowflakes and having heart disease? Is that how you'd feel if your child, brother, or friend died in a tragic accident? This world we live in right now is just so sad. I'm holding back a lot of words towards people in this thread, maybe you guys should try doing the same before you say something stupid.
  6. If the ride couldn't be designed to keep him safe, it should have been designed to keep him OFF. This is such a basic safety concept. Unfortunately we've seen this issue time and time again. Reputable manufacturers have put in the effort to fix mistakes and keep people safe. You can't just put up a sign with a max weight limit and expect employees to stay on top of it. Automated systems need to do the work. Safety is the first priority when it comes to designing rides, it can NOT be an afterthought. Ride engineers need to be extremely careful if they don't want a death on their hands. It doesn't sound like they put in the work to make these towers fool proof. I'm not morbidly obese, I just have empathy.
  7. Unless we find out that the restraint check system told them that the rider wasn't secure, I don't think we can say it was the operators fault. I would like to think that people would know that he didn't look safe, but come on. This is so sad. A belt between his legs could have saved him. It wouldn't have been fun, but it should have been there. Honestly, the safety systems and engineering behind these restraints just seems sloppy. I know that other manufacturers have made mistakes, but we need to learn from them. I don't mean this to be rude, but they need to consider the safety of larger passengers. Either make sure they're safe, or make sure the ride won't let them on.
  8. Part of hurler was retracked, and it is more *smooth* now. It isn't more fun, though. It's a really boring layout, it could be helped if it had some airtime.... But those hills just don't do it.
  9. Meh. Especially on a low intensity ride like this, most of the fun is gone if you can't communicate with your friends. Sitting silently between a group of strangers is much less fun. Just try to take the whole train, nobody is going to care. On second thought. Just assess the situation. Does it feel appropriate to take up the whole train? How will people judge you? Do you want to sit in your friends lap. What will happen if you ask to sit in your friends lap? Can you still be friends, or is this a road you can't go back on? Think this over very carefully, it could change your friendship forever.
  10. Glad this part of the park is finally getting love. Avalanche is one of the best rides in the park (definitely the best family ride). Thrilled to see that they are working on it rather than ripping it out.
  11. Your job is to check restraints. You half-ass check and don't see that someone isn't secure. The rides safety system says something is wrong. What would you do, figure out what you did wrong, or send it? I think ignoring the safety warnings and sending someone to their death is "acting significantly different than most people would under similar circumstances." That's all I'm trying to say. You can tell me I "don't understand" all you want, but that doesn't mean this makes sense.
  12. "Failure to ensure proper utilization of the passenger restraint system or seatbelts, and A lack of understanding and resolution of the alarm conditions on the control panel." I just don't understand. If not checking a child's restraint, and ignoring safety alarms do not qualify as criminal negligence. What the heck does? How do they describe, legally, what happened here? Just a "Whoopsie"? If they can't charge the kid operating the ride, why not the park? Aren't they responsible for their employees actions? Is it not negligence to hire the dummy who ignored safety protocols? Everytime I come back here I get more irritated by it.
  13. The mega-malls heydey ended 30 years ago. From what I've seen, the indoor park looks really cool, and I'd love to visit (sans-covid). Probably should have just built a big(er) indoor theme park, without the vacant store fronts.
  14. I can't see how there could be any doubt if that old report was correct. There is no way this ride doesn't have cameras recording the loading process. Regardless of if the operator tugged the belt and saw it was locked... If it wasn't *on* they didn't check it properly. That report must have been wrong. She must have met all ride requirements, and been properly restrained. Making this fault of the restraint system/manufacturer, or whoever sets the safety requirements. That, or this was thrown out when it shouldn't have been.
  15. I had to go back to the prior report. Sounded like she wasn't fastened correctly, or at all. I think speculation was that she was sitting on top of the belt (IE the ride was sent empty, and she hopped on the belt, which would have been locked in). If this were the case, the op would have checked the belt and saw it was clipped in (but not on). Isn't this still negligent? It may not have been on *purpose*.... But isn't that... Negligent? I'm so confused by this. Of course nothing will bring her back, but there has to be an explanation as to what happened.
  16. "he would be unable to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the employees in at the park committed crimes of criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter" Unless they have proof that the kid was checked properly and of the correct height range... This wouldn't make sense. So they must have been fastened according to the rules?
  17. I'm seeing a lot people agree with me that CF is far superior. Glad to see not everyone here is some weird BGW fan boy.
  18. BGW is beautiful. But it did not impress, nor did BGT, nor have any of the SW parks. Over rated, beautiful parks though. CF is consistently great. I've been to many of their parks across the US and you just can't beat them (besides the intamin thing). You will not change my mind.
  19. Come to think of it, as much as I dislike Busch/SW. I do like intamins. OK I'd let them buy intamins, but I don't want their food, employees, operating procedures, trash cans etc. Keep those CF. Just let us have intamins.
  20. Obviously they'd have no choice but to close down Knotts. For the sake of the parks, I hope this doesn't go through. I generally find Busch & SeaWorld parks pretty terrible. Money is always the #1 objective so who knows.
  21. Thanks for sharing! This was enjoyable to watch. Reminds me of the parks I visited and the rides I loved to watch as a kid. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  22. Monty doesn't use the weight tower method. Regardless, I think they could 100% match the speed and force of the launch. I can't see how that makes the ride pointless... Even if acceleration force was completely different.
  23. My guess is magnetic retrofit or just a modern cable retrofit. Either is better than demolition. I love the shuttle loops, but I can't say I care about HOW the launch happens. I mean, as long the contractor doesn't make the ride inoperable.
  24. I don't work for a coaster company, but it's unlikely that the park foots any of the bill for the design process (until the project is purchased). Generally it's a bidding process - here's what we've designed, here's how much it costs. Not - give us $20m and we'll design something for you. Again I'm not a designer in the coaster business, but that's generally how this works elsewhere. Keep in mind that these are just leaked docs. I wouldn't expect a company like CF to cancel a project after *announcement*. But until then, it's fair game. For other companies, I will believe it when I see it. Remember those RMC, s&s & Intamin colab skyscraper coasters from like 2015? I think 3 were officially announced but never built. Just because something has made it to paper, doesn't mean it will come to fruition. I have high hopes for CF and Knotts, my fingers are crossed.
  25. ^you can't think of a single plan that has ever been canceled? Cedar fair should be able to afford this, but who the hell cares. Plans get canceled all of the time. Maybe I'm missing something, but why are you getting your panties twisted over this. Can't freaking wait for this announcement. I love this park so much, and this coaster will be an awesome addition!
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