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  1. The thought of more trims and boring airtime hills on Magnum makes me want to vomit. Magnum is a national treasure, and it shall be treated as such. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for sharing coaster freak. I hope the rumors are true. Epcot has become so stale, we pretty much only go for food and shopping around the world showcase at this point.
  3. ^Care to elaborate? I've been trying to figure out what you're talking about since yesterday, but as far as Google ccan tell me, there have been no announcements regarding EPCOT.
  4. ^I hope not. With this being the last week before the game launches "officially", I think they have much more work to do in the coming few weeks. The beta is buggy, really buggy, almost to the point where I'm surprised this was released by the same team building the alpha versions. I've had crashes, graphics glitches, not connecting with steam (running offline mode ATM), things I never saw with the alpha release. I hope they can get the game running stable before the weekend. Who knows what's next. I'm hoping for more free content in the coming weeks. When you look back to the old RCT series, PLC has so many fewer coasters, rides, building pieces, etc. I have no problem paying for expansion packs in the future (please Frontier, don't kill this franchise!) but I think the game is a little light on content.
  5. They also retracked thunder road 2 seasons before blowing it up... This one will probably be reusable, though.
  6. ^Enthusiasts buzzing about it really means nothing. No general park goer is reading TPR getting hyped about the secret construction. Nor do they care about what happens at IAPPA. Typically, they show off their new additions at the end of the year, when patrons are flocking in for their last rides or haunt events. This happens every year. Including this year, with the waterpark expansion. I'm sure most of their local patrons are on facebook and will see an announcement before the season if it is opening 2017... It just seems odd, not saying it's not possible. Just not really "the norm".
  7. 2017 certainly looks possible at this point. But 2018 seems to make more sense, seems odd that they would choose to hold off marketing the big new attraction. Who knows. I'm pretty much just glad to see CF is doing it. Sooner the better, but I'm not crying if it's 1 more season off.
  8. I could see them diversifying in the family friendly category. They have already expanded so that they could handle more projects, I wouldn't be surprised to see them expand their catalog. Even if they don't *need* it, people generally want to make more money. A mine train? Probably not. I think they will come up with a unique solution if/when the time is right. RMC isn't really a "me too!" kind of company.
  9. The ride looks great, would love to see this cloned (Orlando needs a thrilling coaster the kids can enjoy). Intamin really has a knack for quick twisty layouts, really glad they were chosen for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun! Even though it totally should have been an aquatrax
  10. Carowinds has always checked bags- at least since my first visit in 2010. They won't even let you bring in sunscreen unless it's the tsa approved travel size. Before fury, they had walk through metal detectors, now they use wands, on everyone. Their security is ridiculous, I don't know what you're talking about.
  11. This is a really cool concept. Similar ride experience to a super loop, but with a cool deuling design that's more visually appealing IMO. This might be an appealing option to a park looking for something like a super loop or boomerang. I dig it, it's simple, but a really smart design. I hope it's a success for them.
  12. This is huge. I still don't think it makes sense to announce next years improvements omitting the chains first RMC. But I'm not going to complain about what I don't understand. I seem to remember Maverick being half built before it was announced. Maybe there's a reason they want to do that... or maybe this is a 2018 attraction. Who cares. RMC is at CP, and I'm ready for whatever it is they're about to do. It will be excellent.
  13. They are kind of sprawled out around the whole park. I don't think you *have* to walk through any of them though. There might not be a way around London Terror over by Intimidator... I can't really remember. Scare actors do walk around the whole park, but there weren't too many. Just put on a smile and laugh when someone comes up to you- they'll leave you alone. The best part is everyone else's reactions Here is the Scarowinds park map.
  14. We did a Friday last year. Lines at the park were similar to a summer Saturday. I think fury was an hour and a half wait. The mazes varied from 20-60 minutes. I wouldn't pass on an opportunity to visit during scarowinds, but that's just me.
  15. Uuuuhhh. What? They've certainly come up with something interesting here. What the hell is this thing.
  16. B&M, who has been on a roll lately with Cedar Fair, isn't building anything new for CF this year. I guess Cedar Fair is fed up with them too. Cedar Fair will only build GCI's and refurb flats from now on it seems, only to use B&M for train replacements on those shitty coasters That said, I do wish Intamin was selling more coasters in the US. Maybe the parks don't like them, maybe CF got a deal to order multiple rides from B&m, maybe Intamin is too busy with other projects- but that doesn't really matter. B&M was their big supplier the past few years, we don't know why, but that's what made sense for them. I'm tired of seeing people talk about it like Intamin does a shitty job and ruins everything they touch. When intamin reliability is brought up, the only problems I can think of are the extraordinarily complicated launch systems having more downtime and maintenence than simple launch systems. Rides like Maverick and California Screamin' are some of the most successful installations at their respected parks... not to mention so many others.
  17. ^^The wording on that page is pretty vague. They state, "We anticipate that it will be open next year". This does not mean "It will reopen in a year, we are going to start the refurb this winter". They said at the event that they don't know if it will reopen next season. They could certainly do the refurb, leaving the thing dead for only one season, which would be great. But as far as I know, as no plans have been made public, the ride will remain SBNO. But that is just my understanding. The park has not stated, for a fact, that the ride will remain SBNO. They have not made a clear statement either way. You can look at it however you want, I don't mind. If they do a ninja-refurb this winter, I will rejoice by your side. But the way I see it, the ride is dead pending further notice.
  18. I'm just bummed that Hurler will remain SBNO. I just hate seeing a plot of land with a dead coaster on it in such a great park- I don't care what they do to it, but it's dead, it needs to be dealt with. How long can they keep an inoperable coaster standing before we call the park, "janky"? 2 years, 5 years? I don't know, I just hope they don't keep it around long enough to find out. These will definitely be welcomed improvements for young families (my wife and I do not have kids yet, but those who do definitely deserve to have fun too). I love what CF has been doing these past few years to spruce up their parks and make them more family friendly. I think it has paid off well for them, their parks are welcoming and we enjoy every visit. CF is my favorite chain, they've been "killing it" all around, lately. It's just weird to me that they don't care about the DEAD COASTER just sitting there, rotting away
  19. "There's only so much we can put in one announcement". So, they were only given only 15 minutes to talk about next years addition, and to fit that time frame, they chose to omit a big new ride? C'mon now. This is what we get for 2017, inexpensive flat rides, again. Hurler will remain SBNO. There is no more.
  20. I just don't get why they held a big announcement for this. What a let down.
  21. This is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. And it's awesome. This area desperately needed some beautifying. The new flats will add so much to do. I'll probably attend winter fest at least once next year. I hope they can keep the rides open, but it's not really worth crying over.
  22. I don't recall Carowinds advertising the retracking of Thunder Road, or the partial retracking of Hurler at Carowinds... Which I felt was a mistake. More recently, they did promote Ghost Rider... So who knows. I think Cedar Fair knows best how wildly successful Thunder Road's overhaul was. I'm going to bet that they wont take that path again, unless the public already loves the ride as-is. The public does not like Hurler. At both parks, you'll find single train operations and station-long wait times. Ghost Rider was always one of Knott's most popular rides. This is an important difference. We'll know soon enough, just my reasoning for why I think we'll see something new.
  23. They're running two trains today but they're stacking between 4-6 minutes before setting off from the station... I don't understand why operations are so slow here. Been seeing this all around- the ride ops here are so slow.
  24. Got a ride on lightning rod this morning... Wow. What a feeling this thing gives you. So many ejector moments. The people calling the wave turn lackluster, you're mental. Even that had insane airtime. This ride had the strongest airtime I've ever felt, this was my first RMC (been on i305, maverick, some others) . Nothing comes close to this. We got in line at opening and didn't get on until almost 2 hours later. With a growing line, we decided to just get one ride today. This is a beautiful park with a unique atmosphere. Operations were really slow all around, but we had such a great day anyway. The log flume and pathway around the splash battle were a real life saver today- can't wait to get back tomorrow.
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