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  1. "he would be unable to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the employees in at the park committed crimes of criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter" Unless they have proof that the kid was checked properly and of the correct height range... This wouldn't make sense. So they must have been fastened according to the rules?
  2. I'm seeing a lot people agree with me that CF is far superior. Glad to see not everyone here is some weird BGW fan boy.
  3. BGW is beautiful. But it did not impress, nor did BGT, nor have any of the SW parks. Over rated, beautiful parks though. CF is consistently great. I've been to many of their parks across the US and you just can't beat them (besides the intamin thing). You will not change my mind.
  4. Come to think of it, as much as I dislike Busch/SW. I do like intamins. OK I'd let them buy intamins, but I don't want their food, employees, operating procedures, trash cans etc. Keep those CF. Just let us have intamins.
  5. Obviously they'd have no choice but to close down Knotts. For the sake of the parks, I hope this doesn't go through. I generally find Busch & SeaWorld parks pretty terrible. Money is always the #1 objective so who knows.
  6. Thanks for sharing! This was enjoyable to watch. Reminds me of the parks I visited and the rides I loved to watch as a kid. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  7. Monty doesn't use the weight tower method. Regardless, I think they could 100% match the speed and force of the launch. I can't see how that makes the ride pointless... Even if acceleration force was completely different.
  8. My guess is magnetic retrofit or just a modern cable retrofit. Either is better than demolition. I love the shuttle loops, but I can't say I care about HOW the launch happens. I mean, as long the contractor doesn't make the ride inoperable.
  9. I don't work for a coaster company, but it's unlikely that the park foots any of the bill for the design process (until the project is purchased). Generally it's a bidding process - here's what we've designed, here's how much it costs. Not - give us $20m and we'll design something for you. Again I'm not a designer in the coaster business, but that's generally how this works elsewhere. Keep in mind that these are just leaked docs. I wouldn't expect a company like CF to cancel a project after *announcement*. But until then, it's fair game. For other companies, I will believe it when I see it. Remember those RMC, s&s & Intamin colab skyscraper coasters from like 2015? I think 3 were officially announced but never built. Just because something has made it to paper, doesn't mean it will come to fruition. I have high hopes for CF and Knotts, my fingers are crossed.
  10. ^you can't think of a single plan that has ever been canceled? Cedar fair should be able to afford this, but who the hell cares. Plans get canceled all of the time. Maybe I'm missing something, but why are you getting your panties twisted over this. Can't freaking wait for this announcement. I love this park so much, and this coaster will be an awesome addition!
  11. Honestly looks terrible. Not that it matters, but that is a seriously ugly color scheme for a roller coaster. The park seems pretty proud of it, though. Hope to get back to this park someday and see it in person. Knotts was my favorite when I lived in socal.
  12. Wow.. Lightning rod still doesn't work? I went for a 3 day trip opening year and rode it twice (lucky us!). Everytime we saw it go, we RAN to it. Got denied a ride countless times. What a POS. I really wonder what the issue is... I know it was speculated to be electrical/sensor issues at the launch & station. I wonder if RMC even knows what's wrong with it at this point.
  13. Back in my day (early aughts) I would go with my friends when we were all around 8-10 (sfgam) . I didn't have a phone until I was 14, we kind of just decided where/when we would meet. We also had quarters and pay phones at the front of the park if we needed to call someone. Have times changed? I don't know, parenting definitely has. I wasn't raised to be overly dependant on my parents, and I had been to these parks several times. I have a 10 year old nephew who's never been to any amusement park, I wouldn't expect him to know how to get around on his own or deal with people. I also have a coworker with a 14 year old who stays in the office after school because she's "too young to be home alone". Maybe she is, but what will they do when driving lessons start? Do you trust your kids to be safe on rides? Are they comfortable getting on rides by themselves? Paying for food on their own? Not afraid to approach staff if they're having an issue? Stranger danger? They're probably fine. IMO a little freedom will do them good.
  14. The only retirement community that puts Gam Gam to work. Maybe something has changed since I've been to dollywood, but I don't remember many of their employees being of the sort of age to live in a workers dorm. Man I miss dollywood
  15. In the minority? Yeah, probably. Does that make me wrong? Meh Also.... I'm not trashing the place. Just saying I'm in no rush to go back. I like BGT, if that eases your mind. On the other hand, the park I want to revisit most is Knotts.
  16. Overhyped park man. I get that the scenary is nice, but there are hundreds of hiking trails near me I could go to for free if I wanted to see a nice tree. I think we went on a bad day-operations were terrible and there was a lot of downtime. We spent most of our time running around trying to get on something. I'd much rather go to KD than BGW if I was making the trip...
  17. I would be willing to go back, but the closest for me is BGW. Too much walking and not enough to do. Went.. 5 years ago? It isn't very far from us but we've had no desire to go back.
  18. Still miss the ticket machine style fast passes. First come first serve, walk up and come back later. If you wanted to ride the hottest ride in the park, you could do it. I get the "everyone else charges for these passes why shouldn't Disney" argument. It's just a shame to see them do it.. Getting a few chances/day to skip the line for free has been a Disney perk for a very long time.
  19. I don't know if it *has* to be up charge but the article pitches it as $10/rider. As far as gokarts... I've seen plenty of empties in theme parks. Not so much at your average mini golf place or fun spot where you can buy a band and ride as much as you want. I'd argue that this is quite different and appeals to a wider crowd, regardless. I guess we will see. Maybe people will be more willing to try given the seating arrangement feels more secure. Something like a slingshot may be more popular than a sky coaster for the same reason.
  20. I've never seen an up charge attraction with a line. They're expecting full capacity at $10 a seat.... Where? This won't work in any park I can think of. Maybe some random outdoor mall in Myrtle Beach? Even then... 24 seats to fill per cycle at $10 a pop? I think their 220,000 riders/year sounds... Optimistic.
  21. I love the jungle cruise, but it *definitely* needs some sprucing up. Not just because of the problematic depictions, but because the scenes are just so dated. It sounds like they have a good plan in place, but I worry about the "we aren't changing the whole thing" statement. I hope they do change the whole thing. Doesn't need a movie-retheming, but it needs attention. Timber mountain log ride-style retheme would be great. Replace every scene and animatronic to bring it up to modern standards.
  22. Ideal: Carowinds spring & summer, WDW fall, KD Halloween. Realistic: Planet Coaster & Youtube. I'll be happy if it's safe enough to visit *any park* at least once before 2022. Fingers crossed.
  23. This is an interesting topic. I don't have the answer, but -2 seems awfully painfull and I really don't know if that could be true. I'd also like to know what counts as floater VS ejecter. I would say 0-1g would be floater and anything stronger than 0g is ejecter. But I really don't know. We could really use design specs from B&M, rmc and intamin, maybe their engineers are browsing TPR
  24. Let's rethink the theming here. We have a "fast and thrilling" spinning coaster--for epcot. It's themed to an action/superhero movie (I think). How do we retheme this to make it "educational". What other Disney IP makes more sense for this ride? Or do you just want a non-thrill ride teaching you about the benefits of LED light bulbs and low-flow toilets? I think Disney wants something to draw people into the park. I'm pretty sure this will do it. Curious about your ideas, though.
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