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  1. I finished this project over the weekend, wanted to share some screenshots and the onride POV video. I wanted to design a compact floorless coaster that could, potentially, be a portable design. It needed to have a high rider per hour count, a long, satisfying layout in a small footprint, and a "wow" factor. Here is what I came up, it has 5 inversions, 1 and a half minutes of ride time, and lots of track-threading. It isn't themed very well, but it's still one of my all-time favorite projects. Let me know what you think, [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. TPS easy for non-coaster enthusiasts to use, some of the parks and coasters people share reflect that (not that that's a bad thing). TPS never really wanted to compete with NL in that regard anyway- the program was focused on ease of use. Well-themed parks and "realistic" coaster layouts are quick and easy to pump out, which is why it's my go to. I haven't shared many of my own creations here on TPR, but it sounds like this thread could use some new content. Here is a compact design I finished this week, I wanted to design a clone-able, off the shelf type of ride. An RMC re-build of a wooden coaster I built a year before Some shots of a coaster-heavy park I never finished A couple other of my favorite coasters And my favorite project I also have a handful of videos on my youtube account (BotanicalStig) if anyone wants to see some of these in action.
  3. I was hoping for a dark ride, but at least it's a new attraction and not a re-theming of boo blasters. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see why this will make you "wet your plants". No mention of water effects, something else I was hoping to see. Still a great use of the theater. Should be pretty fun, looking forward to trying it out.
  4. I don't understand either. The first year was supposed to be Harmony Hall (plus the funnel cake place etc.) making this the last year for the expansion. However, during the announcement they stated that Fury was the first year of the expansion, and that 2016 will be the second. Fingers crossed for more in 2017, the park really needs an over all clean up.
  5. From the clues in the pre-announcement, it's a "plants vs. zombies" interactive ride. I don't really know what that means. Great expansion for the waterpark, although, I still don't think I'll go. Really glad there is one more piece that hasn't been announced. Hopefully it ends up being something cool- I'm sure it will be. Cedar Fair is really turning this place around, hopefully 2017 brings a wave of flats and a refurb of the rest of the park- Carowinds is still pretty ugly.
  6. Carowinds is miserable on Saturday, just don't do it. It's like navigating the magic kingdom during a parade. I don't understand it. Rapids has long lines because it's hot out. From what I can tell, it isn't a particularly great ride, there just isn't much else you can do to cool off. Never been on it, though. The "dry side" could really use some of that splash. The Waterpark expansion does look great, though.
  7. Signs are there to protect the park, not to save lives. Idiots will do as idiots do. Regardless of how specific the signage is on the proper process of phone retrieval- if someone really wants their phone enough to risk their life, they'll do it. No sort of sign will convince anybody to stay out of the restricted area. They are posted for the safety of Cedar Fair, no one else. That said, I can't imagine this was just a case of a lost phone, ignoring signs, and somehow not knowing the train was coming. This man was in his 40s. I just can't wrap my mind around it, how could this not be intentional. I feel horrible for his family and anyone else who had to witness this.
  8. The park needs a log flume, but maybe one of these would be pretty neat too [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/Sxc0ab8C5Do[/youtu_be] I still don't think it will be slides, they just did an expansion last year. I'm hoping for multiple flats, plus a splash battle, Drop n Splash, or a Voyage to the Iron Reef. But, a few water/boat themed rides, one "big" attraction, and a retheme to Carolina Harbor wouldn't be a bad way to go. I'd be happy seeing the area get spruced up a bit. Similar to what they did with the knott's boardwalk or Gemini midway. Cedar Fair rarely disappoints. I'd hate to see the parks only good wooden coaster go for a water slide or two.
  9. Yeah I regret not going in the morning when I knew it was running. We decided to do the park counter clockwise. By the time we got there it was down. Did Apollo and it got back up, got in line, went down. Ate, got back up, got in line, went down again. Checked again twice that night and I'm not sure it even got back up after that. Oh well. I was there from 10-9. I had already ridden Sheikra, I knew what to expect out of Griffon. Fun ride, not a favorite of mine.
  10. Went to bgw Friday for the first time. Tempesto was down almost all day, didn't get to ride it. Got in line twice, but it kept closing. Bummer, Tempesto was the reason I chose to do bgw over Dollywood. Had a good time otherwise, lochness monster really took us by surprise. The other coasters were just what I expected, nothing too interesting. Curse of darkastle was great too. The food was pretty good and the show at festhause was good. Nice park, too much walking, not enough to do. Left the park feeling the same as I did when I visited bgt. May return some day, but I'm in no rush to return.
  11. Flat rides in general make me nervous (drop towers, strangely, are the exception). Rollercoasters do not. I don't know why, there's something about flats that I just do not trust. More so the things that bring you up high without much of a thrill, screamin swings, observation towers, giant frisbees, windseekers, etc. I will ride them (windseekers are some of my favorites, go figure) but they just make me feel unsafe. Maybe it's just the good sensations I know I'll get from a rollercoaster or drop tower that turns the fear off in my brain. It doesn't make much sense. My fiance wont ride drop towers with me anymore- you definitely aren't alone, but I can't get enough of them.
  12. BBQ is OK, the burgers at harmony hall are pretty good. Pizza is comparable to lunchables. I was at the park yesterday, everything but the wild mouse was a walk-on. Water park looked really busy. Heads up, I spent about $10 on water bottles before hearing over the speakers that cups of water were being given for free all day. First time I've been to a park that did this. It was great, available in all drink or food locations. This was dependant on the heat, but ask for a cup of water before hitting up the vending machines.
  13. They retracked most of the coaster 2 seasons ago. All but the last few airtime hills got fresh, smooth, delicious smelling wood. I've had a few "rough" rides on Fury, it just rattles your brain a bit and leaves you with a headache. Some times it's smooth as glass.
  14. My fingers are crossed for a water ride vs a new slide complex. We just got new slides and this park could definitely use a new way to cool down a bit. Shame to lose the parks best woodie, I'm sure they wouldn't toss a classic for no good reason. RMC doesn't seem likely due to the rides layout, and the obvious lack of a big splash (probably, unless they had something weird up their sleeves).
  15. 1. The crab fries at chickey's and pete's are awesome, don't bother getting anything else from them. I really liked the burgers at Harmony hall, but the barbecue wasn't very good. Also, the funnel cake place is insane, we went for the cinnamon apple and pecan and loved it. 2. Not yet this year. Yesterday was the busiest I've ever seen the park. Friday probably wont be much better. I'm seeing much bigger crowds this year, I'd plan on getting fastlane. 3. Don't miss boo blasters (do it at KD too, theirs is themed better) it's a little cheesy but a fun dark ride, also good to escape the heat. There are a few good rides in planet snoopy, too. If you want to park closest to the park, go all the way to the end of the parking lot to the south gate. You wont walk through Fury, but it'll be nice and easy to get to your car.
  16. Phase 7 went live this morning, here's the full announcement: steamcommunity.com/games/254590/announcements/detail/204128231993857453 Here's a coaster I made to showcase a few of the new particle effects, as well as the new partly-cloudy night environment. The new lighting is incredible, and the particle editor is excellent- easy to use and very flexible. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] I'm most excited over the performance enhancements. These were just touched on in the announcement, but it makes a huge difference. My biggest parks running ~10 FPS are running smoothly again, really happy with the new improvements.
  17. Had a great time yesterday, easily the best time I've ever had at Carowinds. We enjoyed ourselves last year, but at the end of the day we weren't even ready to leave. The new food was great, we ate at Harmony Hall for lunch and grabbed some fries and nachos at Chickies and Petes before taking two last rides on Fury. We ate at Harmony Hall last year as well, but the food was better this time around. Also, we caught a live performance this time, which was very fun. Both times eating there last year, all we had were football games, ugh. Fury is something else, doesn't even compare to any other hyper B&M has ever built. The only part of the ride I would consider drawn out/boring (barely so, it's rather insignificant... just being critical) is the transition from the over bank into the first airtime hill. You just kind of glide at an insignificant angle for a few moments. A double down element could have been much more exciting, but it is what it is. The helix rides better than it looks, not terribly forceful, but it isn't boring. The rest of the ride is very fast, and it really throws you around a good bit. The twist at the top of the "S curve" really throws you out of your seat (left side of the train, in particular). It's a short pop of airtime that shouldn't even exist, I love it, really took me by surprise on my first ride. The dive into the tunnel is fun too, but not my favorite moment. Now the airtime hills, the first and last rows are the best here. Not as strong as Maverick, i305 etc, but it's the strongest in the park. Again, I was pretty surprised by it. If you're sitting near the middle, the airtime isn't awesome- similar to the "good" airtime moments on the last row of intimidator. Got 10 rides yesterday, all over the train. Seats 1-4, and 8-4 are the best. I'm still ranking it behind i305, but before MF and Maverick (maybe that will change with those new restraints?). B&M really outdid themselves, great, great ride. On a side note, Thunder Road was a huge disappointment this season. Only two seasons since the refurb and the whole ride was running rough. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't be able to tell you where the new track ended and the old started. Bummer, this ride was great the past 2 seasons. Excited to see what the future hold for Carowinds, can't wait to make it back out to the park!
  18. Fury is really fun. Airtime in front and back is pretty strong, not maverick or i305 strong, but better than the other B&ms. Twists and turns are nice and quick, they will throw you around a bit. Fast lane was a must today, stand by was almost 2 hours. Too bad the park closes at 8 tonight!
  19. I've wondered why they never finished re tracking the ride. Seems unlikely that they would fix half of the ride only to scrap the whole thing two seasons later, though. I would much rather see them finish the refurb, much better than the other woodie IMO... Just a few more days until opening
  20. The early screenshots were promising but this was disappointing. Even after polishing up the rough edges, I can't see these graphics looking decent. The current game (with its real-life coaster styles and endless supply of user created content) looks infinitely better. I don't play RCT3 anymore, and this wont bring me back to the franchise. Parkitect is shaping up to be a nice tycoon game, and we'll see what Frontier brings to the table (hopefully something more realistic). TPS is a great game for designing coasters and small parks, it just doesn't have the huge amount of custom content to really make it shine.
  21. Yeah not sure what happened there, I was hoping to see it finished of this week. Up until yesterday the weather was gorgeous all week. Made some progress at the front gate though, nice to see it shape up. March 28th is coming up quick.
  22. I can't see it, but Carowinds previously stated the airtime hill would have a trim brake. Not sure why this would be a surprise to anybody. Totally normal. This thing is looking great, can't wait for opening day.
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