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  1. We get it, you have the biggest d*ck in the room because you keep track of different ride technologies. Aren’t you one of the guys on here that constantly berates “enthusiasts” that nerd out about random stuff? The pot shouldn’t call the kettle black.
  2. I really enjoy reading your reports! But I have to ask...what is it that you do for a living that sends you all over the country for what seems like non-stop work trips?? I can’t help but wonder every time you take a day trip to a random because you’re in the area for work
  3. Looks cool. Too bad I’ll never step foot on a Carnival ship. Here’s hoping a version makes its way to Disney, or even just one of the newer Royal Caribbean ships.
  4. I admittedly haven’t read the whole thread, so apologies if I repeat anything, but a few from the Orlando area for ya... -Just outside Universal on Kirkman Road is a great Venezuelan joint called Arepas de Cacao (or something along those lines) that serves huge, authentic arepas that are amazing. Next door is also one of the best burgers you’ll ever eat, Colombian Burger. -Also down the street from Universal along Vineland Road is a great little hole in the wall Mexican joint called Border Grill. -Down the opposite way from Universal, Gyu Kaku is a pretty great Korean bbq place on
  5. I don’t usually comment on these types of threads but I really enjoyed this report! You have a fun and engaging way of recounting your experience and I really like your photos from lesser-viewed angles as well. Hope there’s more to come!
  6. Ohhhh Boiler Bites right? Maybe that does ring a bell...on our last trip in passing it just looked like an expanded toppings bar lol.
  7. Great report...haven’t been to BGW since before Griffon was built, but it’s a beautiful park and one of my favorites regardless. Kings Dominion is totally underrated, and I don’t get why it doesn’t receive more hype from people. It has a stacked lineup, is clean, and in some sections kind of pretty. Easily second to Cedar Point in the CF chain for me and even though I haven’t been to a whole lot of parks in the Northeast, it looks to be competitve with the best of them.
  8. Love Disney Cruises...lost count on how many we’ve done but it’s got to be upwards of 20 since 1999. It’s been really cool to watch the ships grow and evolve, and though I’d probably say The Fantasy is “the best”, the Magic is probably my favorite. I was actually just on the same itinerary in January, and I don’t remember the shawarma place being there yet. What did it replace?
  9. I think you’re selling Universal short personally...the drive from Atlanta to Orlando, in my experience, takes roughly eight hours at least. I’d choose my half day at Sea World or Aquatica, and use two full days at Universal. Also some of the hotels in the area offer shuttles to Busch Gardens Tampa, so if I were you (as someone who likes to minimize driving on vacation) I would seriously take that into consideration when looking for lodging. Depending on where you stay and what you like, I know I and a lot of other posters here have good information on nightlife and non-theme park activiti
  10. If you're staying at that Wyndham, definitely consider the area around Orlando Eye for your chill drinking nights. Tin Roof is a great live music spot that draws a more fun crowd than your typical O Town tourist bar. Yardhouse also has a great happy hour after 10. Be weary of Sugar Factory--lots of money for little alcohol. Also, while I haven't been in the aquarium or wax museum, the Eye is a fun thing to check out at night while fireworks are going off around the area...especially if you find a deal on tickets. ETA: If you find yourself at Player 1, do yourself a favor and hit up Sea Dog
  11. Given all the wild speculation that New Mean Streak could be RMC's biggest/longest/greatest/etc... Maybe the reason for the weird timing of construction coupled with the lack of announcement is so CP can spread the cost of construction over several fiscal periods rather than just one off-season. Start it in 2017, finish in 2018, but avoid one big massive deduction to the 2016 off-season balance sheet. That would allow for one hell of a conversion .
  12. I agree with this 100% but will play devil'a advocate: the line of thinking also exists that they can dump a bunch of annual passes out now, then gain another big surge of sales after the Halloween push if they announce the new ride a month or so from now. I dont know enough about construction to tell if a conversion could be done in time for 2017 or not, but if it indeed could, it wouldn't necessarily *not* make sense to try to grab two big surges of annual pass sales, one in the closing out of the current season and another after the announcement of a big new ride to attract the casual CP f
  13. No you all need to stop. If you don't wish to participate then don't participate. But STOP with the comments that add nothing to the conversation except your dislike of post or thread. Thank you. Having thousands of posts on a theme park forum will never be cool, it's time people (myself included) stop pretending we are better than other posters for their certain messages. At the end of the day, I just wanna read some interesting park news from around the country but the weird superiority complex and "shut down" mentality among a select few around here has really been bugging me.
  14. I mean, yeah bro, clowns are getting shot now. If you wanna be the guy who tests paranoid people and takes that chance though, fine by me. Can't say I don't think it's prudent of the Tampa area to try and prevent that kind of thing from happening, though. And to the OP, I'm actually fascinated by homemade haunts. It's gonna be a ton of work (from what I hear at least), but I'm really interested in how it turns out. I hope you give us a good photo update and a play by play of how you did everything.
  15. Good idea. It's best to keep Haunted houses sensitive to people's feelings. Make sure you avoid putting things in them that people might not like because they might find them scary. In all fairness, clowns are a legit problem around the country for some reason I can't even begin to understand (thanks 2016). I'm scared of terrorists with guns, but I feel like it's reasonable to not wanna see that in a haunt lol. It's just a sensitivity thing.
  16. Depends on when in April. Easter is on April 16 next year so if you go any time before then or especially that weekend, you'll run into heavy Spring Break crowds. The proceeding weeks shouldn't be *as* bad, but I dont know the different school SB schedules. That being said, there's a lot of ways to get around crowds depending on where you stay, how many days you plan to spend, etc. without having to spring for fast passes.
  17. Oh yeah, that's another thing...it's gotten way too crowded for its own good. Not only does a $100 (give or take) ticket NOT guarantee you access to all of the attractions (unless you pony up for another $100 for a fast pass), but it makes the park sometimes unbearable to be in...even with an Express last weekend I didn't see everything. I agree that I'd pay more in exchange for a lot less people. Endless conga lines have been the norm for a while now...it's more common than not to see scares happening ahead of you (and by 'scares' I really mean startles). I will say, the set design gets bette
  18. I guess...if youre into chubby chicks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This year didn't quite do it for me. Little cohesion. Houses all good but not *great*. In my opinion, 24 was the best of all the "new era of darkness" years with Halloween being one of the greatest houses of all time. Still, nothing holds a candle to everything pre-2010. What was so different pre 2010? Basically everything in the top post ^^. The thing is, I didn't even start going until after they had done away with the two-park format, foam parties, modified rides, etc...and I STILL think something is missing. The event befor
  19. I completely agree, but I think we live in a different world now and will never see events like those again. Yeah, it's sad but I don't see any major attractions, at HHN or just Universal/Disney in general, opening without some sort of IP attached to them in the near future. Almighty dollar and all that. It just sucks because the crazy amount of creativity and originality is what put HHN on the map in the first place and allowed them to get to the point they're at now.
  20. I guess...if youre into chubby chicks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This year didn't quite do it for me. Little cohesion. Houses all good but not *great*. In my opinion, 24 was the best of all the "new era of darkness" years with Halloween being one of the greatest houses of all time. Still, nothing holds a candle to everything pre-2010.
  21. The funniest thing about these awards is you guys overanalyzing the results and bitching about them lol. It's a poll for people to vote for their favorite rides, not an advanced algorithm. For those of you that think certain rides are getting unfairly under-represented, I have news for you: thr only people looking into the top 50 roller coaster lists are people like you who have your own opinions about the rides anyways . The ONLY stat most people will see is the Number 1 steel/wooden and those seem pretty accurate. Seriously, I think you guys take this more seriously than the people who
  22. This is a great report, and even as a local and big Disney fan, I agree with a lot of your points. Fastpass is a huge pain if you haven't tinkered with it a little first...which is kind of stupid considering it's designed to make tourists' lives easier, but what do I know? I will say though, even when you get the hang of the process of linking/reserving/etc. there are some really annoying technical glitches that plague the parks to this day. I've been stopped at the gate so many times because they can't figure this technology out it seems like. More often than not, I get Fastpasses as compensa
  23. $50 extra per person is steep but the value is there, and not just for the train. IOA is, quite honestly, a half-day park unless you really do every single thing, and even then it won't take a full day (unless they close early for some reason). It's nice to be able to go back and forth when one park gets "old" (for lack of a better word). The Studios is also open later sometimes, so it's nice to spend an evening there when you're done at IOA. The Universal experience, to me, is both parks, because although they're working to fix this, neither park is 100% complete yet. Jumping back and forth i
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