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  1. This sounds interesting http://www.mdjonline.com/view/full_story/23413379/article-Economic-impact-of-Six-Flags--%24175M?instance=home_top_bullets here's my favorite quote.
  2. I found this cool video on the Skyscreamer media day. Also I got a survey the other day and it asked about what type of characters you like to see the most and what type of themed family ride you would like to see from choices were scooby do, looney tunes, hot wheels, even zombies.
  3. One of my friends is going to SFOG on Saturday May 4 and I was wondering if anyone here knows if it will be crowed that day and if I should avoid going. ^^ sorry to hear about that, from my one experience at SFOG in the rain, all but GASM and ninja were running for coasters but most of the small flat rides were running and it was raining pretty hard at times.
  4. What a terrible call from the refs again! and that wasn't the first of the game, so thanks a lot refs but anyways I think it will be the Ravens vs. Niners in the Superbowl go Ravens
  5. I recently purchased my PS Vita about a week ago for a great deal of $150 from a co-worker that sold hers because her boyfriend said that he wasn't going to use it very often. So far I'm really liking my Vita although I only have one real game for it at the time, Need For Speed Most Wanted which is a great game IMO. I also have the Uncharted demo which seems like a great game to buy since I've played both Uncharted 1 and 2 and there at the top of my all time games. I still can't decide what I want to purchase for it next especially with two new games coming out soon for the Vita that I am very interested in Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Killzone Mercenary(although I have never played a Killzone game before). I'm really interested in the cross buy games and how some work, I know PlayStation Allstars battle Royal you can play online on your Vita against other people on their PS3. I personally would take Black Ops 2 over MW3 but sadly Black Ops 2 has gotten boring recently. I went back to playing Black Ops 1 and I have been having a great time and have almost never had a negative match. In fact I played a free for all match and went 30-0 I also had a team death match where I went 17-0 (no I'm not a camper). ^^^nice avatar by the way.
  6. Hope everyone has a very safe Christmas today because it looks like today could be a historic day in weather. Looks like the deep south could have a severe weather outbreak with possible long track tornados with the highest risk areas being in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Even here in northern Georgia we might have some bad weather at the worst time, night (hate when bad weather comes though at night). So stay safe everyone and I hope that you have a Merry Christmas!
  7. Sounds great, I'm a little confused with the 3G/WiFi differences which one do you own. Also can you connect online with the WiFi version where ever you are and how does that work exactly. My problem with the PsVita is that it is to expensive and that there aren't enough great games IMO and the memory cards are too pricey for what they are but overall the Vita looks great and looks to be very addictive. I used to have a psp and use to play it all the time because I loved how you could play anywhere same with other portable game systems.
  8. I thought the world might be ending the other day when I thought I saw a zombie but then I realized that most people are like that these days. Later in the day I thought that Skynet finally became self aware and that it was going to take over but then realized I had forgotten to charge my phone. Exactly, now I have to actuality buy people Christmas gifts.
  9. ^ Actually I was just watching a video on it and it looks really fun, I personally liked the first one better than the other two because they just weren't as fun to me but yeah its been a long time since the last Sly. I think my younger brother might get this game for his birthday, that or Uncharted 3. Also I have a question for those who have a PS Vita, how is it and is it worth getting, I'm thinking of buying the WiFi version.
  10. All my friends would say the same thing about Georgia weather but I don't mind it that much its warmer here than other places in the US and I hate the cold. Currently here its been rainy lately and now its starting to get really windy and cold, its very boring weather right now.
  11. ^ That and when they get a coaster that everyone loves and has no complaints about
  12. Yes, to get away from an ACER (jk) Do you like roller coasters and theme parks or are you just here for the donkeys? (v dang it I knew it was too confusing but yes it was a yes no question, sorry)
  13. Had a Coke lime today from a Coke freestyle machine and it was actually very good, it tasted like spite and coke!
  14. Happy end of the world day everyone, wait a minute. Oh, well it looks like the world won't be ending, never mind wait whats that in the sky!!
  15. ^ No offense but I305 and Dominator seem to beat all the coasters at SFA IMO, besides doesn't I305 count as 37 credits! I would say that SFA has improved lately and Six Flags overall has improved IMO. Just read (and laugh) at some of these past experiences. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1090
  16. ^ Small world. On the topic I believe that the right to own a gun is a way of freedom that should not be taken away and with a gun ban crime will increase just look at places with gun bans the crime there is very high (Chicago comes to mind). A gun ban is just a way of taking your freedom away and a way of control in my opinion. Here is my second rant, I work for a call center that does follow up calls about a customers recent service visit or purchase experience at a dealership. I call a lot of people around 200 sometimes over 300 a day and lets just say not all of them are nice smart people. The other day I called a person from Mississippi and he said that I first needed to learn English and called me an arab then hung up. He meant Indian but hey he is from Mississippi nuff said . I get other annoying callers but that one stood out and I found funny.
  17. ^ What town are you referring to? If its Kennesaw that's were I live.
  18. I get what you are saying but I did say that they are usually close games. Also the Panthers have lost alot of close games this year and their team seems to find a way to lose when they have the lead, not saying that it wasn't a big loss. The Falcons defense needs to learn how to tackle better their defense is one of the worst against the run and we saw that against the Panthers. I agree and disagree with what your saying, the Falcons have been tested against good teams and prevailed. Their defense is good enough to stop the other teams progress and at anytime can get an interception and the offense is great they just need to keep Matt Ryan protected. I'm not saying the Falcons are the best team but I do thing they could win the Super Bowl. Because the refs have been doing a terrible job lately in the games I have been watching. Missing big calls and making stupid calls that have changed the game.
  19. ^ Not too much, it is a division match and they are usually close games. Also the Panthers should have beat the Falcons during the first meeting but Cam fumbled the ball which lead to a winning field goal. The Falcons for some reason like to start playing great towards the end of the game on both the offense and defense. Also did anyone else see the 2 point play taken away from the Falcons.
  20. I finally got to try a Coke Freestyle machine at a Burger King today and I have to say I was very impressed
  21. Just found this from Yahoo sports. Sounds interesting but I don't think I would like it.
  22. Chuck Norris and Superman once made a bet on who would win a sparring match between them.The loser had to wear his undies on the outside of his clothes.
  23. Six Flags building a giga coaster before the year 2020. The other question is what park would it be?? my bet is that Great Adventure would be the first Six Flags park to receive a giga coaster.
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