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  1. my wife use to take care of the animals at SFDK before we moved to texas, but a fun fact, the same of the turtle is BAT...Big A** Turtle
  2. This is correct, trip got cancelled, all flights and hotels where refunded back to us, As you can imagine we are super bummed. One day we will finally maybe make it too Japan. Hopeful wishing that it's sooner than later.
  3. refrigerator$2400....Adulting
  4. No hate hear because I use to love new gen camaros, But over time I have lost all interest in them mainly because everyone and there mother drives one here in Texas, They all look the same to me. Besides I love when I I'm minding my own business at a red light and some boomer or teenager thinking he's hot shit pulls up next to me in his camaro or corvette and starts raving on me and I am now forced to hand him the Gapplebees menu in my "ricer". its actually one of my favorite past times to hurt there feelings..lol
  5. yes, plan on going to sfft and swsa I currently have the roro, do you or did you have it?
  6. Thanks for the response. So we are up to travel around Japan and even change hotels. We spent 3 weeks in China last year traveling to Hong Kong, bejing, Shanghai and a few other places so we are comfortable moving around by any means of transportation. But we are also up for just staying in Tokyo and doing touristy stuff and seeing all the things and eating all of the foods. Since this is our first time to Japan we are up for what ever would be the best experience for first time visitors. And yes we LOVE pandas so that would be awesome to see them. Thanks
  7. Hello and thanks in advance for the the help. Me my wife and her parents are trying to plan a 10-12 day trip to japan in March/April, we would like to make the most out of our time without feeling rushed. We all lover coasters and theme parks, also with both me and my wife being zoo keepers we also really love zoos. We love Disney so we are defiantly going to visit there, but out side of that we are kind of for a loss of what to do and how to break up and spend our time. So I guess my question would be this, do you have some sort of quick itinerary that you have used in the past you could share with me, or what places we should visit and maybe where would be some good places to stay. Thanks again
  8. As much as I love this site, sadly Ifeel like this whole site is slowly dying. I am probably wrong though.
  9. Anyone interested in doing a fantasy football league this season? I can get it started.
  10. Looks like the go cart tracks are below the coaster still. Do you think that they will leave them? zippin around on go carts while the coaster flys by a over you. Might be pretty cool.
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