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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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The only way to combat this is if all Theme Parks had an x-ray system like in "Total Recall" si-fi film, you can see the human skeleton and anything they are carrying.


I hate Q jumpers ( if he did that and the victim told him off for pushing in), they should be evicted from the park if caught.


Could have CCTV watching the Q-lines and all the food areas.


I carry a camera in my car and if I am not driving and get "road-rage"

I photo/video their number plate and car.

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Stabby McStab-Stab strikes again!!


Stabbings must be the English equivalent of shootings in America. When I was over there, the news reported more on people getting stabbed than shot. Well, that, football, and drunken holligans!

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^ Yeah, we have to improvise because we aren't allowed handguns. Stupid government!


So, do we know anything else? Is the person alive/dead/KFC-phobic? Had a look for this on the news last night but couldn't find anything.

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Not to get somewhat-completely off subject... but has anyone been to a Renaissance Fair?


I go to the one in Lancaster, PA every year. They sell knives, shields, swords, and other implements of medi-evil destruction. Yet, I've never seen anyone gutted, sliced, stabbed, or what-have-you. Atleast, anything that wasn't scripted that is.

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Well gee, maybe it's just that sometimes theme parks brings out the a**hole in a few peeps - and then their old testosterone gets goin'.... Idiots.


Probably the person stabbed just 'looked' at this moron 'the wrong way', and that was enough to INCENSE HIM TOTALLY, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRgh!


What one goes thru for Extra Crispy, hmm?


Hope the 'attackee' was okay.


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  • 1 year later...

Overall plans in birds eye view of area including land fill area and queue line detail etc.:













Better views of ride, including colour drawings of some theming:








Station floor plan:





And if any of you really want to know just how noisy it's likely to be:






No name is currently there, just 'Canada Creek Coaster'. Canada Creek is the area of the park it is in.



Not sure how planning works in the US, but basically this is what the ride should look like, unless objections come from nearby residents etc in which case the design may be altered from this release.



Personally I think it looks like a good addition to the park, assuming any theming doesnt break and fall to bits in 2 years. Its also good that it isn't just another ride type Alton towers has, otherwise there's a danger people from the South may visit Alton less.


Also looking at DCSITEPLN8.pdf it looks as though the queue line (or at least the outside section) might not have very much to look at asides the lake, and I guess seeing parts of the coaster through the trees. Hope it isn't going to be too boring waiting to ride. I always think one of the things that helps the time pass whilst waiting is just watching the coaster twisting around you.

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May I introduce to you Mystery Mine Two - What If There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel?


Personally I think this is Thorpe showing they cant come up with anything unique to save their lives. This is like Mystery Mine version 2 really, I mean its a mine theme and also it has the moving cogs theming by the lift. Personally I think they could have done alot better but thats my opinion.


I will be reserving my judgement of the final ride until its complete and that is if the ride has planning permission granted. They will have alot of problems I think because they want to remove some tress and from what i've seen some of them are very very old trees.


Also can I please remind everyone what happened with Stealth theming such as the grandstand queueline. That had permission accepted then suddenly it wasn't there anymore. Thorpe have a habit of getting permission for something then doing something very different when it comes to theming.

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I don't know, Eurofighter seems like a step back from the other coasters they have added this decade.


I guess they do need something compact, and I've seen how busy the park gets. But when the park has installed plenty of B&M/Intamins, I was expecting them to really get something nice this time.


Someone mentioned Thorpe may be getting a Eurofighter a couple months ago on another site, and I honestly thought it was a joke!

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As much fun as a Eurofighter is, there's nothing great about it other than the first drop and loop.


Gah! This is almost as bad as putting Stealth in. It's a fun ride, sure, but after the launch, it's all a bit 'bleh'.


I don't like it. They're also getting rid of the trees behind Samurai. I always thought I'd end up getting hit by the trees any time throughout.


I hope I'm wrong about the coaster.

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