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  1. I'm surprised this actually doesn't happen more often. But then again you need to have some theme park courtesy and know if you skip someone they're going to get mad!
  2. Langerado Music Festival! best 2 days ever.. even if I was in the middle of nowhere
  3. man, that sucks I'm surprised a ferris wheel that size could kill someone
  4. "confirmed dead" was alot better than the premiere in my opinion a polar bear in tunisia?! it seemed like charlotte knew what the hydra symbol was, how would she know about dharma? i've heard alot of rumors that the end of this weeks episode will be AMAZING it needs to be thursday already!
  5. I'm completely amazed by that video. The fact that an image of the degroots flashed, as long as a "god loves you as he loved jacob" And I don't understand when the other rabbit just appeared, like it was cloned or something. And you notice Dr. Candles name has changed yet AGAIN In the version they showed at comic con they cursed in it If only people on lost could curse...
  6. Dania Beach Hurricane! I was the only one NOT scared
  7. I was recently at Disney with my mom and two of my friends... We were in line for Pirates of the Carribbean and my friends and I got separated from my mom.. This man was blocking her from us, he wouldnt let her by, eventhough he could clearly see she was with us... So it turns out we were sat right behind him on the ride...To get even with him, my friends screamed literally at the top of their lungs at the drop.. I think it was the loudest scream I had ever heard..
  8. Stitches Great Escape at Magic Kingdom I'm sorry, that is just a waste of ride space.. I went on it once and will never go on it again They should've kept Alien Encounter
  9. I never got the confirmation email?!
  10. I signed up and when I went to check my email to finish the process, there wasn't any email... =(
  11. Ok, so, I ended up going and it was crowded but we managed... The longest wait was for Tower of Terror, probably close to an hour.. For the more popular rides like Rockin' and Everest, we just rode singles... We still got fast passes for Kali River Rapids and Space Mountain, so really all of our wait times were managable Star wars weekends was really a disappointment to me...Maybe just because I was there at a bad time, but I felt like there was barely any Star Wars theming... And as for the gay days, I think it just added to the fun My friends and I had an amazing time (considering it was my friends first time to Disney )
  12. I completely agree with you... Sure, the LOst Continent wasn't the greatest island..But, I'd rather see that than Harry Potter! This is mainly a money and crowds thing. Having a Harry Potter themed island will bring in loads of crowds... Who knows...If they build a new ride with some new technology, I might change my mind.. But right now I'm doubting Universals decision
  13. woah! I didn't even know it was that time of year... My mom wants to go to Animal Kingdom first..Is that a mistake?
  14. I'm thinking of going to Disney World this weekend for my birthday and for the start of star wars weekends ( ) , but I'm afraid summer crowds are already there.. Has anyone been to Disney recently? What have the lines been like?
  15. I'll just say I partially lost my voice during the finale because I was screaming so much... So much stuff happened I don't know where to begin... I was upset that Locke was in it for only alittle...But, what he was in..OMG! WALT!!! I knew he was coming back, but the question is, WHERES MICHAEL?? I think Ben is right about Naomi..I think she's part of Dharma and Dharma has been trying to get to the island for a while But, OMG, when the producers said there was going to be a flashback shocker, I didnt know it was going to be like this! Now we know why there can only be 48 episodes left Its kind of ironic that Jack has been in such a hero/leader position in these last couple episodes and hes a mess now.. Whose funeral do you think it is? My guess is its either Locke or Ben (but then again why would they leave the island?) Now we have to wait 8 MONTHS til season 4 I think in season 4 there are going to be flashbacks and flashforwards It will be interesting to see who leaves the island and who doesn't
  16. Awesome photos! Can't wait to go back to Disney for Star Wars Weekend!
  17. Jacob is a REAL person You saw him for a split second when the house was shaking I think that maybe you have to be truely special to see him (but why is Ben so special if he was part of Dharma, not the original people?) And what is with Richard?? He hasnt aged a day in 30 yrs! Also, it seemed like he was head of the hostiles, so why isn't he head now? OMG, ONLY 2 EPISODES LEFT!!
  18. Lets just say tonights episode is going to just reveal, reveal, and reveal more and more answers And we finally get to see who Jacob is!! But its odd that his name isn't in the guest list...
  19. Nice photos! The parks seem so crowded! And I was thinking of going soon... Has Universal done this before, for like the previous openings of Spiderman?
  20. The coasters seem so easy to operate in this... Is it me or are they actually this easy to operate if you're a ride op?
  21. How could the person NOT see a huge coaster train coming towards her?
  22. This actually makes me want to become a ride op! Except, I still hold that Spaceship Earth would by far be the easiest ride to work at
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