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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...
The only problem is its opening day is during school, it is a wednesday.


Where's the problem?


No kids, no queues, I'm really tempted to go down for the day!


There will be few off school, but hopefully the park will give the truancy taskforce a call to sort that out.

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/\ One problem, how many schools will be planning trips and also what about colleges aswell, even though it is a school day I garuntee you it will still be packed out. Hopefully they will sell fast pass tickets online for opening day.


1. Not many schools book trips to theme parks in March. I'm sure some do but not many.


2. I doubt schools plan there trips around a new rollercoaster opening.


It will be moderately busy, but it won't be packed.

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Stealth has made its first maiden voyage, safely and smootly,


Below is what the project team have wrote on the thorpe park website.


Stealth Update, Friday 16th December 2005!


Just to let you all know that at 7pm on Friday 16th December 2005 the first Stealth train completed its maiden voyage and safely returned to the station. This has been an amazing day for all of us working on the project and to say we are all very happy would be an understatement. It looks superb, very smooth, very quiet and it is sooooo quick!


Now this milestone has been reached we will be giving the Intamin engineers their passports back so they can spend Christmas with their families.


See you in the New Year.


The Stealth Project Team

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I wonder why there's a walkway at the top of the top hat. I hope there aren't brakes up there.


Also, the brakes on the camelback start before the apex, which is disappointing. I wonder why they couldn't just make a longer brake run.

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/\ It is nothing to do with having a longer brake run. It is to to with the g' forces on the camel back, if there was not them brakes before the camel back the train would be going to fast and the negative, G's would be to extreme for human riders, unless you want to be knocked unconcious by negative g forces, I suggest those brakes are kept there.


Also there are no brakes at the top of the top hat, the platform up the top is just for general maintenace uses.

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I wonder why there's a walkway at the top of the top hat. I hope there aren't brakes up there.



Maintenance, and probably so if the train got stuck at the top, cause I've seen that happen to the dragster before.


Comforting to know that it might 'stick' at the top, lol. :? I'm just glad I am not maintenance who'd have to climb up there to that walkway, etc. etc.


Lookin' pretty nice there, I must say.

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1. I will put money that this doesnt get stuck. Why? The parabola is much wider than TTD's. TTD's is narrower and allows for the train to vary in speed over the top but it also allows for the train to teter as weve seen it do. This is much more like Xcelerator and wont happen. It could, but chances are far less than on Dragster.


2. The catwalk is at the top for maintenance reasons. Haux, you worked at CP but you missed something cool unless you did see this. I saw it before the season even opened and I know you dont get there till schools over but I was there getting my pass processed and walked into the park through an open gate (yes..I know...bad me. Hey, everyone said hi to me!) and I walked by Dragster which had workers climbing THROUGH the track tethered by lines linked somewhere around the 200ft mark. they did have a few cherry pickers there but they were mostly climbing in and around the truss track by themselves. They could easily work their way up to the top and use that platform at the top to inspect that area.


3. I doubt the brakes reduce the G's from "lethal" to "Tolerable". To me, it is that they just needed a smaller footprint and opted to throw the brakes earlier on the hill rather than drag the footprint out more. While the hill is small, the parabola is WIDE. I highly doubt that those brakes just before the apex (which seems to be 10-20 degrees worth) take off enough speed to drag the ride from lethal, or even hurtful negatives to tolerable negatives.

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