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  1. Just have a Merlin Annual Pass vaild for UK Merlin attractions, Alton Towers Thorpe Park are where its used the most. My only dislike is when its time to renew, they add crappy restrictions like every year i.e £5 pre-booked ticket for Thorpe Fright Nights. (no Thanks) and when they added Sealifes/Sanctuaries which bump the price up. Do have a handfull of past seasons American Park passes (2006 to 2009), which were very usefull when coastering credit ticking. With the Sixflags one being the best value. It's crazy how cheap it sold for
  2. Nice Report. Shame Saw wasn't open, Nice of Thorpe opening Colossus and Rush. Hopefully Annual Pass Day Tomo Goes Alright P.s Nice Campness On Rush TPDave. Haha
  3. Reading from a other forum it's killed the Capacity as only two adults are allowed in each car due to the extra weight from the modifications. Plus with Lego adding these modifications the residents have still heard screaming coming from the ride, so the ride may be have to be removed. and H&S got nothing to do with this.
  4. Colossus is a coaster when i'm at Thorpe, I'm not borthed if I don't ride it or not. Personally I hate the vibrations during the ride, find the last 5 heartline rolls boring, and the hate the Assault course I have getting in/out of the train due mine height and the Bulkiness of the Restraints. It may of put Thorpe Park on the Map for Coasters, but it doesn't ride like it used to be back in 2002. The trains haven't been replace stance it been open in 2002 (apart from the otsrs in its 1st season), I think it to do with the certain type of wheels it uses in varied weather conditions
  5. Nice to hear Mirabilandia are getting something new to replace the ok woodie, might explain why it was running the red train as the white train wasn't to been seen at all. When I visted back in Septmber, whille it was running both the year before, round the same time Looked forward to another yearly trip sometime this year to see Construction and many rides of the fantastic Katun!
  6. Credit Whoring to some Extreme Fri The New Roller Coaster - The New Metroland (Gateshead) Big Apple - Ocean Beach Pleasure Park (South Shields) Sat (Today) Zyklon* - Ocean Beach Pleasure Park (South Shields) Some Log Coaster - Clifton Park (Rotherham) Caterpillar Coaster - Sherwood Forest Fun Park (Nottinghamshire) *was closed due to bloody rain so had to make a other trip *ger*
  7. Nice TR for Tibidabo, at least everything for open and you all had a laugh, unlike when I visited sometime in Dec 2005, spend hours trying to find the place, to go up a steep mountain. To find out selected rides are open all kids ones. Wasn’t best please. Dose seeing the gate count seeing the "plane on a stick ride " looks like some board game I had when younger where you had to hit the plane to stop getting your chickens *crazy* I thought they had 2 other credits being a powered Zamperla and Vekoma
  8. Some Hours ago Pastil Loco - Crealy Adventure Park (Devon) & Cosmic Typhoon - The Milky Way
  9. I believe it when it happens and officially too. They should have thought of that with Stealth, That gives Thorpe nothing but trouble since it be open. So if it will happen with this flyer I doubt nothing will stop then building it
  10. Yay for a opening date was waiting ages till they were bothering to announced a date, bummer I'm away, CP over Camelot any day Sometime in July I guess
  11. Nice report, how busy was the park today with the very wet weather? Can't see Detonator's music change back, hear it using the theme from Heide-Park drop tower (Scream). Thorpe been changing all there music even Inferno got some added tune in the station I must say its actually quite nice. As for rides not opening on time, common thing now days Thorpe’s rides reliability sucks arse. as for missing SRQ don't get me on that, More visits to Alton for there’s now.
  12. Nice report and photos and seeing some of the others rides at Mirabilandia. I never got to see much apart from credit whoring the coasters. Just couldn’t get away from Katun the 2nd best invert I been on as it never had a queue the two day I was there. I see Katapult has left, shame never got to ride that as it was close I look forward to next visit and try the others rides there again sometime in October, unless again the park is dead one’s again
  13. Sat - Oblivion (Alton) Sun - Grand National (Blackpool) Mon - Wallis's Wonderful Wriggling Wirral Wacky Worm - Wallis's Fun Fair (New Brighton)
  14. Uk Bank Holidays are In March/April (depends on the what year)/ May / August and Christmas. So you alright visiting sometime in September.
  15. Today on Telly, The winner of the Press Pack comp was on Newsround - sadly I miss it. A link of the report is below, I totally laughed at the rateing the kid made thou 11 out of 10. Also It’s the 2nd most expensive ride at Blackpool with Tickets, £7 for a SLC lol http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_6610000/newsid_6611100/6611139.stm I looked forward to tickin this off, this coming weekend
  16. Nice report, sound’s you had a very nice visit at a great park. I hope it the same when I visit sometime in the summer when the ECC are there . How busy was the park? As two trains running on Megafobia is an rare sight That was removed end of 2005 as it was decaying.
  17. The same thing happens to me on that ride. I even checked before hand and I was just on the borderline, But they got the stick out and made me stand next it. Funny how long tad of hair sticking up makes me not ride it as that was over the line . Weird really as Apocalypse Sit down side and Stand up don’t say anything about Max restriction. But Hurakan Condor had a max of 1.95m any sides, and I had no problems riding that. Just need to try a Vekoma Invert Boomerang, Which Stunt fall has a Max of 1.95m. On the thought of weird restrictions any reason Why! Black Mamba has a max of 1.95m, Never know a B+M inverter to have that. I think the most stupid ones are ages, when kids now day are like 9 years old and 1.4m, but rides like Expedition GeForce and Katun have this No Under 12’s allow when the ride has an 1.4m. (But then works in your favour sometimes I guess)
  18. Sound like I should of gone after Tuesday for Adrenaline week, as Sunday/Mon, When I went Nemesis was only open for like 4 hours max in the 2 days, due to the snow the sun/mon and cause people getting coved in rust. Thou riding Corkscrew/Oblivion in an heavy snowstorm was one of the mentalist things I done for ages. Rita other train was in bits, hence why it was running 1 train. Nice report anyway
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