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  1. Newsround: Report from a rollercoaster! Nice to see PPB are going to give some kid some lovely Vekoma brain damaged early in there life by entering this competition for some 2nd hand SLC. Earlyer when I flicking channels saw some ad at the start on a programme called Newsround for some press pack thing. By doing a report and testing some coaster so carried on watching quite interested, thinking it be something pretty good until it showed Blackpool and said “Infusion the only rollercoaster in the world which is completely over water”. I so had an good laugh.
  2. Back at the Towers again. With Nemesis behaving it self this time, unlike last week. Saturday - Nemesis Yesterday - Nemesis
  3. Two quiteish Days At The Towers Sun - Nemesis Mon - Corkscrew (Would of been Nemesis again but it snowed and the beast thought lets gets people covered in rust/grease so close )
  4. Just come back from an week from sunny Florida. Some great coasters, shame some are an tad overrated. Sun - DD Fire Monday - Montu Tuesday - Hulk Wednesday - Kraken/DD Fire/Mummy/Windstorm Thursday- Montu Friday - Triple Hurricane / Hulk Saturday - DD Ice/Mummy
  5. Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung - Ein kleiner Indianer.
  6. Yesterday - Rage again - Adventure Island Today - Stealth - Thorpe - Still no flipping Inferno Open *ger*
  7. I hold mine judgement till I ride this on Saturday (do kina wish i went here on the Saturday as Thorpe was quite poor with no Inferno ) All this bumpiness talk sound like what happens on Speed, around the bankturn and helix that half shakes I thought. Ouch!
  8. Saturday - Stealth - Thorpe Wanted Inferno - But Thorpe can't be arse to opening rides on time
  9. I think this picture explains quite well this Idiot Ride Op jumping across the track of Shockwave. Me and some friends I was with at the time was so hopein he would trip or something. Saw it countless number of times that day bak in October. Lets Jump Across!
  10. No Idea what the workers are on, Helix and Half of the Lift now up. http://www.adventureislandguide.com/rides/construction/rage/jan07x4.htm
  11. Gerrrr! Looks like an other visted to Flamingoland again for some Credit that dosen't even last for long at American Adventure.
  12. I'm sure travelers Coasters count Last coaster of 2006 was The Wild Mouse at Hyde Park Fair on Thursday.
  13. I go with much of what you have said also. Only best thing about the newer train, there are heaver so go faster and got airtime in places the old trains never gave. Also lapbars do kill yeah, there an way to stop that happenin. Just pull up on the bar all the way round. I'm sure after time they become stiffer like Megafobia I hope. The only thing I miss about the old trains, were only havin an single lapbar and gave lots of mine friends the best Airtime ever. I think Grand National been ruined by Kumbak personaly with the new System. 1. What used to be an quick loader now takes an age to line up in the station, which make the Q longer. 2. Magnetic Brakes at the end take the bite of the what was fab ending before.
  14. Went on Saturday and the area was bare. Today, An Special delivery Arrives! http://www.adventureislandguide.com/rides/construction/rage/dec06x1.htm & Should be opening February sometime for Half Term.
  15. Been a while since I last rode an Coaster ^ which on the last post. (about 40 days) Today was Barnstormer - Adventure Island. as for Last coaster 2006, Still unsure
  16. I'm glad the Fish is comin back with an new fresh style. As its something else to go on again and means I can miss out Rough Colossus and boring Stealth out time to time. Just won't be the same without the Bushes at least it have some good Lateral forces sat at the back again.
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