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  1. Don't the Big Dipper and Rollercoaster count? They also very good Thorpe cannot support a fully wooden rollercoaster due to the structure of land, so the only woddie we would get I gusse is an hybrid. Plus Loggers is an good log flume also in that area is were the 2008/9 coaster will be.
  2. Great TR so far really enjoyed reading it. I seen you bump into the Xcelerator celebrity also (can't rembember his name now), as he was there when I visited back Feb. all in one bit weird at first I found then got used to his Go at the launch and was actually are alright guy when we chatted. Has Ghostrider got worst or something after the months? thought it was really good/mental but that was in the dark after getting of the plane 3 hours after. Think the only parts I didn't like about Knott's was some of the restrictions i.e nothing alowed in pockets on sliver bullet, too tall for Timberline Twister and did bump into 1-2 rude staff and some other things, Oh jsut remmber an other, people on mics going Blah Blah Blah on some rides did mine head in. Plus Xcelerator is what Stealth should of Been from the Start. ps. I see about 10 red Bin
  3. Nice video, see anyone had fun from what I seen on busy day it was. (i was also there that day.) LMAO at the Gypsie's part, countless number of times I seen that group, get up to mischief either queue jumpng/SRQ problems or something worst, mostly happens when busy or near fright nights.
  4. 5/11/06 - Nemesis*, last day of the season, Staff Ride * Won't be last coaster of 2006 thou.
  5. Weekend Just Gone! Sat & Sun - Katun - Mirabilandia Can't Believe How Fab The Drop Is
  6. Oh if that is the case, might cancel mine annual trip in December and visted sometime in January, with Rage open I hope
  7. How Disappointing Always had a great time and laugh when visited this park, last being 27th May 2006 which was ace. Hope somehow King Solomon's / Cyclone and Flying Mistral are relocated as they were the better rides there. Wouldn’t care less where the SLC goes (burn to metal for all I care) but for replacement for an ace log flume, I hardly doubt I renew mine BPB pass next year if it is for the SLC*. *As you can tell I'm not a fan of SLC'S Ohhh that what happen and not all this crap about Health & Safety, which mostly everyone said all this year. Shame as there so much better than Oakwood's
  8. Nice Pic's so far, for what sounds like a mammoth trek. Sounds like you were liking Rush, shame it wasn't running 2 swings (which is rare) as one swing only lasts about 45secs-1min which is pants. As for Inferno worst B&M inverter I think not (Best Coaster In The Park)
  9. Geometry Wars Evolved - Xbox Live Arcade, This game is so hard to get achievements, but so fun at the same time even if I die lots
  10. Credit Whoring Day Yesterday. Sea Dragon - Rainbow Park (Hunstanton, Norfolk) Strawberry Junior Coaster - Golden Palm Resort (Chapel St. Leonards) Rockin Roller - Botton's Pleasure Beach (Skegness)
  11. Ying Yang Twins - Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)
  12. Saturday Rocky Roller Coaster - Pettitts Animal Adventure Park Roller Coaster Great - Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Tyrolean Tubtwist - Joyland Amusement Park Sunday - Inferno - Thorpe
  13. After 2 month break of Thorpe - Inferno again , wasn't running great thou
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