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  1. Sound's like you had a nice bank holiday weekend break visiting all those places, minus Fantasy Island. Going by the photos most people were at Bottons due to how overprice ripoff island is I guess? (same happen when I visited last year - Fantasy Island was dead = Bottons half price wristbands after 5pm-10pm = Lively Place) - just wish Fantasy Island could think of doing wristbands then maybe it be busy. Must say the Hyper Blaster at Pleasure Island, I was laughing when I saw the height until I rode, amazing airtime better the taller ones, also shame Pendulous isn’t run to its fullest as most chavs can't brick it and make a mess. (lost count when I went at least 8 times) any sign when the Fabbri Spinning coaster is arriving?
  2. Bank Holliday Weekender. Fri - The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley Sat - Kumali - Flamingo Land Sun - Ladybird - Wicksteed Park Mon - Stealth - Thorpe Park
  3. nice report. the weather look pretty good that day with all the nice blue sky which showed in your photos Was running two trains on sunday just gone
  4. Just found a little off ride video taken on Media day on Thursday, looks pretty good. Look forward to rideing next month after it worn in a bit. http://www.ukrides.info/oakspeed.htm
  5. Nice reports and added video, bummer half the park was close thou, like the pov for Tarantula looks a great ride. Looks like the Spanish don't know how to queue also. Look forward to the WBMW update. Toby "hope everything is open when I visted in 2007" Rush
  6. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Live)
  7. Sounds you all had a big hoot, Paulton's is a nice place for laugh which looks like you all did that, did you try the Magic Forest with lots of wacky nursery rhyme like Humpty Dumpty ect? Shame you didn't go to Thorpe, looking on a other forum Stealth did open later on. Next time I gusse
  8. Friday Night Poss - Alton Towers Theme (Happy Harcore Remix)
  9. Two day Weekend at The Towers Sat (1st)- Rita: Queen Of Whiplash Sun (2nd) - Nemesis
  10. The few fav's - mostly all Mondials & KMG Any mondial Topscan thats run right i.e Top Buzz 2/The Beast (not Samurai at Thorpe) any mondial inferno i.e (Airwolf) Pendulus (Huss Frisbee) - Pleasure Island, sadly they can't run it at full speed, due to peope being sick lots (Need to ride a better one) KMG Afterburners the 4/6arms only. KMG Move It's (not done the 8 arm yet) KMG Booster's Huss Breakdancer's
  11. Mine was: Barnstormer at Adventure Island, back in cold January
  12. Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Feat The Ying Yang Twins - Get Low
  13. I went on Sunday had a fairly alright time, must say running from the Annual Pass queue to stealth is hard work to then get told Stealth might not open and get told don't start a queue up then one builds one anyway seen by the photo from the gate where I was. as for Tidal Wave its close, due to there no chain on the lift hence why its close. they ordered the new chain last year, don't think its come yet. If your hate advertising, just wait till you do the new rethemed Bubbleworks at Chessington. Taken from Stealth Gate last sunday before it opened about 9:45am.
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