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  1. One credit it dose deserves is being a Rip Off at £4 a ride which isn’t worth it just to get your whole head crushed side to side through out. This is one of the worst Custom SLC I ridden and no way in a hurry to ride again.
  2. This mega mint Drum machine called Percussion Master at Bowlplex Basingstoke, Had so much bashing around well pee off people playing Pool
  3. I doubt much will beat Nemesis for me*, whenever I ride another coaster whatever it gives you. Somehow the Beast still throws everything but Ten times better. This is why I like it too much and look forward to every visited I can get to Alton. I still rank it number one in my top ten as at the moment not many coasters I ridden haven’t beaten the Mighty G-Force Monster. Sure it will be beaten one day but who knows what coaster will beat it and whenever that will be. Arrr Pure G Force Heaven
  4. American Adventure for sure. Only went last year and spend like two and half hours driving up there, then spent no more than an hour and half max inside to then travel back home popping into Wicksteed on the way where I had more enjoyable time before it close of the day. Just wished I went to American Adventure when it was in its Prime time, as the Log flume did look very good and sure would of stayed a bit longer.
  5. Must say the theming dose look nice and clear, near on par with Tidal Wave theming (which is still better). Shame about the massive cattle pens just look bare in some areas. I for one won't enjoy queuing ages in them. Nice to see the acceleration speed is the near the same as Xcelerator minus 2 mph more.
  6. Wooo, Looks like they did't want to sale it, but rip the crap out of it , Still a bummer seeing it last year just standin there.
  7. After the getting into the traveling bug I got last year, near the same this year. Definite. Disneyland Resort, Knott's Berry Farm, Adventure City, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Blackpool, Botton's Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth, Pettits Animal Pleasure Park, Flamingoland, Oakwood, Barry Island Pleasure Park, Grove Land, Paultons Park, Gulliver's Milton Keynes (A 2nd try to get in), Bobbejaanland, Bellewaerde Park, Plopsaland, Boudewijn Seapark, Bagatelle, Walibi World, Tusenfryd, Grona Lund, Mirabilandia, Phantasialand, Amsterdam Dungeon, Lightwater Valley. 50 / 50 Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, Paramount's Kings Island, Kennywood Park, Liseberg, Drievliet Family Park, Walibi Lorraine, Legoland Billund, Fårup Sommerland, Sommerland Syd, Tivoli land, BonBon-Land, Bakken, Europa Park, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Heide-Park Soltau, Movie Park Germany, Holiday Park, Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten Cochem, Hansa Park, Fort Fun Abenteuerland, Parc Asterix, Tivoli Gardens, Pleasurewood Hills If I Got Anymore Spare Time Or Funds. Disneyland® Resort Paris, Carousel Amusement Park, World In Minature, Milky Way, New Metroland, Seaburn Fun Park, Coney Beach, M&Ds, Loudoun Castle.
  8. Great video, some nice footage. Can't wait to visted many other Danish parks soon.
  9. If I can fit in or can ride, I ride much anything I so can't wait for that day to come
  10. I don't mind screaming unless its the high pitch screaming you get from some people who think its fun to get on people nerves i.e. scream from start to finish.
  11. Nice report looks like you had a fab time. Your TR sort of helped to see what's there ect, knowing nothing about this park apart from its closing soon, till i visted it next month. Not sure how I’m going fit into the Freeway Coaster thou
  12. D.H.T Feat. Edmee - Listen to Your Heart (Furious F. Ez radio edit)
  13. Glad they finaly release the name after all this wait, Name sounds allright but not great. Still why remove a allright powered coaster for this I will never know Now waits for testing videos for a fairly poor ride. Toby 'Looking more forward to ride Xcelerator/Speed Monster! Than Stealth' Rush
  14. Last Coaster Of 2005, Was Dragon Khan at PortAventura (Thurs 29th Dec)
  15. Final batch from me. Cold Group Photo. Thanks Steven! Stop sayin Broken! lol Oooo cartoon boooo's ! Hey Bob you ride is half Broken! Am amaze you could get out! Alice injoying some vibrating. Mighty Mini Mega Time to grab the Hat in the bush. Barnstormer 1st drop Yay for Barnstormer takeover Barnstormer Helix. normaly taken fast. sadly that day was very slow at times. Barnstormer Yo Dude! Yay for the Whip. Wish I could of rode the one at Blackpool. I feel sick! Crazy Spinning Around again we go. Time for a spin
  16. More Pictures Y M C A 2nd Time Woshhhhh Whip! Thight Fit? Here you walk like your drunk all the time. I can shave and spin my neck at the same time. WOW Arrrr. Steep stairs like my pussy? whata cuppa A dead park! Ok I see 3 people. A mini rainforest Adventure Island Gerrr Cookie Monster!
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