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  1. Bank Holliday Weekender Sat - Cyclone - Pleasureland Southport Sun - Big Dipper - Pleasure Beach Blackpool Mon - Rollercoaster - Pleasure Beach Blackpool Tues - Inferno - Thorpe
  2. Bit harsh saying it’s a kiddies park, I always had a laugh with groups I been with when I visited, plus its open in the winter which is a bonus for all the people who have trouble with close parks season and it's cheap. As for Adventure Island getting a new coaster, nice to hear there getting something new and look forwards to ride sometimes next year Toby " Oooo I can see mine foot in that Claw Photo" Rush
  3. Yesterday Nemesis at the Towers was so near getting into three digits due to how dead the park was due to the rain.
  4. Nice report and pov's. As for Antelope it’s a OK woodie shuffles a tad, but mostly found the cars very uncomfortable and getting a few wacks on the keens due to the low wooden hand rail. Great! A other credit to tick off at that park again oh well need to get the hardest credits at Gulliver's Milton Keynes (Need a child to enter)
  5. The Ordinary Boys - Girls Will Be Girls (Lady Sovereign Remix)
  6. Mahahaha nice photos, injoy Blackgang Chine then The opening periods must of changed for the coaster, did't close when I visted last year.
  7. The Ordinary Boys Vs Lady Sovereign - 9 to 5
  8. Nice Video. Now I see what type of animals they have on the Safari part, after mine visited last year had to miss the Safari due to mine car breaking down just after entering the park in the car park as for the park its pretty good.
  9. Getting a roll back on stealth was pretty easy at first when its eventually open the 1st train with 20 riders would make it over, 2nd train wouldn’t make it then roll back as the computer couldn’t calculate the average launch speeds and weight. But a way Thorpe have done now so no roll backs happen when its opens is load the train a bit at a time so its can calculate ect. So rollbacks are going to become hard now. I nearly got one on Bank Holliday Monday (17th April), As I knew the 2nd train wouldn't make it (hence the video), but due to everyone in the queue ahead of me went to the front row line so was forced onto the 1st train of the day oh sorry did't know it would stream as I did't zip it oppes Stealth Roll Back.wmv Taken from start to finish on offload station. (2nd Train Of The Day)
  10. After riding the new rethemed bubblesworks back in March on Annual Pass day. I wasn't impress one bit and no idea why they bothered, the onride video I did below shows. (Bit of mild bad language near the end, Just gets away with an PG-13 rating I think) http://www.mgprouk.com/may/Bubbleworks2006.wmv (Right Click Save As) The Only One Bubbles Machine.
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