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  1. Nearest from park entrance would be X:\ but that rubbish so dosen't count,then Stealth which is getting boring fast, So the extra run near the back for Inferno
  2. Ribena Rumba Rapids at Thorpe, why did they bother the classic Thunder River was so much better, Oh and anything to do with Imperial Leather (AT Flume and Chessie Bubbleworks) look better than they do now. Its still has a sponsor but now by Ice Blast which is a ice drink with frizz in many flavours
  3. Nice photo's, looks like you had a nice Party!, I got to ride Stealth in the dusk on Sunday the view from the top was great, looking towards London just seeing all these orange lights
  4. From one's I can remember are, Flying Fish (Space Station Zero) - Thorpe Runaway Train - Paultons Park Zyklon - Harbour Park (Littlehampton) Zyclone - Funland Amusement Park (Hayling Island) Magnum Force, Bullet, Thunder Mountain - Flamingo Land Wild Mouse - Margate Klondike Gold Mine - Drayton Manor Clown Coaster - Chessington Black Hole, Mini Apple - Alton Towers Mouse Trap - Pleasurewood Hills Storm - Botton's Pleasure Beach
  5. Having just this min come in back from Paulton's. Was worth going for Cobra as this is what this park needed a decent coaster. Coaster wise the swooping 1st drop and the helix of death were great, 2nd half was fairly all right but needs to wear in as the airtime wasn't very noticeable really and was dead quite and smooth. After all that well glad I rode it and looking forward to more Gerstlauer Bobsled fun with G'sengte Sau / Heiße Fahrt and Vilda Musen sometime this year. must say the shed dose give a good megaphone effect for shouting random stuff Took a pov when I got time will posted it in the correct part. edit - Link for pov here http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23412
  6. Don't get what you mean about chuck , but as for airtime from the tophat you get a bit and get pulled over when returning in the back seats. It was running one train out of the 3 it has. (can only run 2 at a time)
  7. Stealth open today. Luckily it open at lunchtime for the ride it 1st winners before the public could ride (about 45min later). Was one train all day but the queue went quite quickly. The ride it self was all right (not going to blah about the layout) just ends so quickly when it’s about to get good. The launch isn't that bad quite enjoyed it. But for me Xcelerator still the best for me. Best bit of the day, an pigeon getting hit dead on over the airhill Below some pic’s I took from today and Stealth mini be update with some more photo from today. - http://stealth.thorpepark.com/photo_diary/photo_diary.asp?css=2 http://nemesisbloodzone.fotopic.net/c891715.html (more pic's I added) Airtime hill, you get a bit, but the brakes kick in quick. Down to earth! Train Launch - 0 to 80mph in 2.3 sec's You get a nice view that the top.
  8. It’s your normal family leisure park, still the same with the odd new ride with birds/Meerkats and the Land of the Dinosaurs dotted everywhere the park, downside no more petrol powered bumper-boats (which rocked) Here are some photos I took when I last visited in April last year. http://nemesisbloodzone.fotopic.net/c517576.html
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