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  1. Nice video, really injoyed watchin too, makes me really want go there again even if it just for Villa Volta & Vogel Rok and the fab themeing.
  2. Nadiya Feat. Yanis - Quand Vient La Nuit (When Comes The Night)
  3. Yay was ever wondering if this was going to get announced in the end and not get built. Glad it going ahead, A other coaster at good old oaky.
  4. Ninja Gaiden: Black - So glad the easy mode is added
  5. Two rides I wouldn’t bother if the queue line were long are both at Alton Towers - Air and Rita. Air - I would even bother if it was 10min as it bores me to death and rather ride Nemesis which is next to it. Rita - Wouldn’t even bother waiting 1 hour + for this now, for a short 15-20sec ride when standing waiting thinking I could be riding a world class B+M with a good moving SRQ and have many rides
  6. Just come back from a great three days at Tivoli Gardens for some close season rideing 8) (Look forward to a Photo TR soon) Fri - Rutschebanen Saturday - Odin Ekspressen Sunday - Dæmonen
  7. The Outhere Brothers - Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)
  8. God Of War, Having just bought this of mine friend as he doesn’t want it anymore. God this game is great, very bloody 8)
  9. Last game I played was Far Cry Instincts. Good game and bit differnt to pc version.
  10. Having not seen much updates till now. Look's totally cool and better seeing more and more than a computer design 8), a other launch coaster I hope to enjoy like I do with Kanonen.
  11. Shame they had to rip out a other Scwarzkopf . Dosen't look to great but then I haven't riddin G-Force yet :?. Hopefully visted next year
  12. Weekend Just Gone! Both Day's - Mmmm Inferno. No more Inferno till Feb/March time. Won't be the last coaster of the season thou 8)
  13. Great report there Carl, really enjoy reading it but what a smashing video thou 8). Really brought all the enjoyment we all had out again .
  14. Busta Rhymes feat. MOP & Rah Digga - Call An Ambulance (Remix)
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