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  1. Hi there Hanno ! I really had fun joining the group with Nicolas for Parc Astérix and Disney. It was awesome to meet and talk with all the TPR members. We really appreciate helping the group for the Parc Astérix's ERTs and showing some hidden mickeys or Disneyland's small details. Thanks for posting a selection of the thousands of pictures you've taken during the trip ! They're just great ! --frederic
  2. Hi there Superdasher ! I used "Sirius" of The Alan Parsons Project which is the opening track of their popular album Eye in the Sky (1982). --frederic
  3. Hi there ! Thanks for all your constructive comments on my Week-End AIRTIME 2006 video which takes place at Phantasialand. I do agree that it is too short and I would like to explain why we had to do so : we had lots of video problems during the trip so that we came back with not enough good footage for a "full lenght" video. So I've chosen a short music from Alan Parsons Project to edit kind of teaser rather than a "regular" coaster video. In the end, except a few more Black Mamba shots, I've really put every good shot we had. I'm sorry if I frustated some of you who wanted more coasters, Phantasialand and fun antics The contest have interesting and unusual videos. I so love Hoodie the Movie ! Moreover, I really appreciate this year all the comments and reviews on the forum, sharing points of views, ... Again a nice contest this year ! BTW Robb, the last entries seems to not have been announced yet on the TPR website index. --frederic
  4. As usual, great update ! It was a great day and fun to join the TPR group for a few hours. By the way, it started raining hard after you leave the park ! I'm glad you liked Hollywood Tour that much. It's a nearly 20 years old dark ride. And yes, it's so bad today that's it's good ! --frederic
  5. Hi there ! We'll be at Phantasialand on July 11th ! See you after your ERT on Black Mamba at the park's opening !
  6. Your video is is very unique, original and awsome ! Great ideas, I loved it ! Congratulation for your work and look forward for more videos from you.
  7. Hi there, this is a 3:55 min video taken in Efteling during a 2 days trip organized by the french not-for-profit organization Parcs Passion. You'll see the beautiful landscape and flowers of the park, a few footage of dark rides and also on-ride/off-ride of the coasters such as Python, Bobbaan and Pegasus. This video doesn't contain sheeps but gooses walking with a music band It's a 25 Mo file with DivX image and MP3 sound --- Download the video --- I hope you'll enjoy the video. --frederic
  8. Hi there, I got my DVD last week-end. This last issue of Coaster Expedition is excellent. The POV are better (the camera is sometimes fixed on the car of the coaster) and slow motion is well used in the editing. I also liked the references to Volume 2. Congratulations for this awsome work and thanks again. --frederic
  9. Hi there ! Sorry if you're not able to read the file. It's a DivX 5 video file with MP3 sound. Be sure to have the right version of DivX (5.1.1 minimum). Try the last DivX player for instance, it' free. --frederic "hard to find an universal video file format"
  10. Thanks for all your comments ! That's why the TPR forrum is made for This ride has 105 years old ! At that time bikes were pretty new, expansives and high techs so a carousel with bikes was a way for most of people to test it ! Great ! This is the official website of the place : http://www.pavillons-de-bercy.com/ Try the last free DivX player at http://www.divx.com/divx/player/ Or the free VLC Media Player under GNU General Public Licence at http://www.videolan.org/ Again thanks for all these positive feebacks and enjoy the video ! -Frédéric-
  11. Hello everyone !!! This is a video taken in "Le Musée des Arts Forains". It's a funfair museum located in Paris that showcases old stalls and rides. This museum is not open to the public but only to groups on demand. One more particularity : you can touch what you want and test all the rides ! I used DivX Pro 5.1.1 as video codec and MP3 as audio codec. The file size is 14.1 Mo and the movie lasts 2:28 min. Enjoy the video !!! http://www.parcspassion.org/VIDEOS/DATA/PARCS_PASSION----MuseeDesArtsForains.avi Pictures gallery is also available on www.ParcsPassion.org -Frédéric-
  12. Now I see what is Acrophobia Thanks for the video ! I've ridden the same model of tower in Warner Bros Movie World Germany It was called The Wild Bunch Hurakan Condor's stand up cars are less painful than The Wild Bunch's ones pgathriller, Hurakan Condor isn't an extra charge ride A one day pass for Port Aventura costs 43.50 USD (36 EUR) --frederic
  13. Lorie - "Week-End" A very happy and fun song with french lyrics and female singer Les Beadochons - "A Walibi J'Temmène" You can't miss this crazy song for a Walibi segment !!! The translation of the title is "I bring you to Walibi" It's a special cover of "I want to hold your hand" from the Beatles but with new, special and funny lyrics in french Robb and Elissa, just ask me if you would like these songs and don't find them --frederic
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