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  1. Disney anyday. I love it so much. And Tussauds don't exist anymore . I'm glad now, I really did hate Tussauds. They cared about Alton to make their mark and then just added the minimal. Am glad Merlin bought em before they left Alton to rot. Money making scum . Merlin will be alot brighter IMO Dan
  2. A clone of Incredible Hulk to Thorpe will be good . Or Kraken Dan
  3. Erm, pretty much everyone says ERT over here. Extra Ride Time. I like Disney's Extra Magic Hours Dan
  4. People base that around Alton Towers and Air. It's not going to be a clone - it's likely to be a total different layout with a pretzel loop yet people seem to think Thorpe cannot get their own ideas and have no originality in their rides. Nemesis/Nemesis Inferno, Rita/Stealth. Even though those two are complete different layouts and themed with Nemesis and Nemesis Inferno, they still think the Thorpe ones are not original. Alton say they don't want Thorpe to get one due to technical problems, ever though Air has been fine this season. I put it down to Alton not wanting the negativity around Air as that's likely what will happen as Thorpe's is likely to be bigger and better than Air seeing as it was a prototype. Dan
  5. This was posted on TTF: Apparently that guy is very reliable! And also: Alot of negativity has already been discussed due to Thorpe not going for something original, but I can see it being very original. The lake, the trees and everything! I'm looking forward to this Thoughts? Dan
  6. If Mission SPACE is classed as a flat then a centrifuge . I'm not very good with all the technical names he he. ToT I rate highly aswell as the S&S Screaming Swing (Rush) I also love Top Spins Dan
  7. Am 16, not sure what my first coaster was. Is likely that it was Runaway Mine Train or Beastie at Alton Towers. Although, it could be Runaway Train at Chessington, not sure. I know my first looping coaster was Irn Bru Revolution at Blackpool PB. Was alright . Dan
  8. Well, in the past i've been very scared of riding new coasters IE Nemesis and Rita however, I don't ever get scared of riding new rides now, have overcome that fear. One coaster I reckon I would crap myself on would be X, does look fairly scary. Going down those drops at weird angles and all that. Also, any HUGE drop towers would scare me. Done ToT Florida and Detonator at Thorpe which I both love (ToT one of my top rated) but say the one at Port Aventura or Apocalypse, they look MASSIVE and I would probably get soooo scared, but would still go on them. Also, I do still get scared on Oblivion which is why it remains my no 2 coaster. The way it intimidates you and looking down that drop for 3 seconds is horrific. Found the best way to ride it a couple of months ago, hands behind ya back on the drop, fly out of your seat, major airtime Dan
  9. Gotta say, that photo is awesome! Taken on Eclipse aye? Dan
  10. Well, gigwise I last saw Ricky Gervais live at Brighton which was amazing - March 26th . Concert/band wise it was +44 at Brixton back in February who were also amazing. Was a shame there was no Travis cos of his arm Dan
  11. Will be interesting to see how Merlin do compared to ex-Tussauds . Great TR and includes some great photos. Don't worry, Charlie is terrible. They tried improving it this year but still, half the effects never work! It is a terrible ride and I honestly can't believe they spent several million on it. Hex is fantastic! Brilliant piece of art. Glad you enjoyed your day though, nice to see people enjoying my favourite UK park Dan
  12. It is now a terrible £7 and £3 more if you want Rita. Dan
  13. Age: 16 Middle Name: Mark Pet Peeve: Dunno Color of your bathroom: Blue. Best Movie of ALL time: I have a few, V for Vendetta and The Lion King are a couple Best Song of ALL time: Again, there are a few, blink-182 - Anthem Part Two perhaps Best TV Shows: LOST, Heroes, Friends Favorite Band/Artist: blink-182 Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Mission SPACE Yummiest Ice Cream: Chocolate If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Ricky Gervais Morning Person or Night Person: Varies Pets: A dog, Jen Favorite Color: Dark blue and pink Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Bowling perhaps Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Peanut, ew Best Vacation Spot: FLORIDA! Cook or Go Out: Go out! Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach Dan
  14. Think it was Rita Queen of Speed at Alton Towers. Was there Monday . Dan
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